Dave McKinnon

  • Mr Floyd says:

    Positive expectations retrieves positive results from the Universe! Love you 🙏😇🤗🦋❤️❣️

  • Anthony Tate says:

    Great enlightenment Doc! Keep us ALL healthy & inspired! We love you. 💯

  • Jinger Hughbanks says:

    Yes, indeed, thank you, doctor ❤️

  • Douglas Brannon says:

    God is my shield

  • ronieGirl327 says:

    I have… and I’ve found the freedom and peace I’ve wanted! And I’m living my life for me now and LOVING it!!!

  • angeleav says:

    Straight fire🙏’attitude defines altitude’

  • MargieMargo says:

    Thank you Doctor. ❤

  • anne gillespie says:

    Amen 🙏 Thanks for this reminder! 🤗🙌😎🥰🤗😇

  • Martha WASHINGTON says:

    Jesus is my shield, my Savior and my Lord.. All the glory to God Almighty! Keep up the good work Doc ❤

  • Susan Y says:

    That’s soo true Dr we can handle ourselves better as we get older I reckon but also the younger ones should be able to do the same with will power and determination. With love and well Blessings to everyone ❤️

  • Sharon S. says:

    Thank You for the helpful true encouraging words! I’m glad you speak positive words to us all.

  • Kettly Payne says:

    My day started with a low key. Shortly after I had to shift my thought immediately and get out of that mood. If I wanted positive result I need to walk the walk. So I took my dog for a long walk while talking to my positive friend. God already set the stage for us to be positive. All we need to do is to believe it and to walk in it by staying positive Thank you Dr. Mandell for covering such a great needy topic. Many people struggle with that. This video is ike finding a bottle of cool water in a hot desert.

  • jackie a says:

    PREACH! Doc. Can’t dwell in negativity and expect positivity. May God continue to bless you and your family 💜

  • Blessed Forever says:

    The Lord surrounds me with a shield of favor (Psalm 5:12)

  • Azita's book and grammar channel says:

    Thank you dear Doc ❤

  • Bunnies and Roses says:

    yes, Bless God every day, positive thinking respects God.

  • Kimmy B says:

    Your a wonderful person. I hope in time your great attitude fully enters my heart. Thank you, again your wonderful!!!! ❤

  • Mei Lin Liu says:

    Dr Mandell, thank you for your good reminder, appreciate you for this, God bless 🙏

  • Dorothy Lee says:

    Good Morning
    Dr. Mandell I I totally agree with you having a positive mindset is the way to go and I just did a speaking on this this past Sunday at CI correctional institution in Cambridge all negative mindset does is keep you in the dark. it takes away your Joy and peace and much more 🙏🏾
    blessings and peace to you 💕


    Awesome day Dr.Mandell!!!
    Thanks for being a great Doctor!!!!

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