Prevent Alzheimer’s: Brain Health Warning Signs And Anti-Aging Techniques | Dr. Leroy Hood

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What if we could predict diseases before they occur? Dr. Leroy Hood joins me on this episode of “The Doctor’s Farmacy” to shed light on the future of brain health and scientific wellness. We examine the crucial role of regular exercise and diet in maintaining brain health, and how early detection methods like metabolic PET scans can identify changes in brain metabolism years before symptoms of disease appear.

In this episode, we discuss:

The significance of tracking biomarkers to understand what's happening inside the body and how it relates to health and disease.

How big data and AI are transforming medicine by enabling highly personalized care through tools like knowledge graphs, digital twins, and machine learning.

The concept of biological age as a metric for wellness, with the potential to reverse biological aging through personalized health interventions.

Tom Brady's use of Brain HQ to improve his reaction time and depth of field, showcasing the practical benefits of cognitive training.

Don’t miss our conversation on groundbreaking advancements in personalized healthcare, including how phenomics, AI, and brain health innovations can transform your wellness journey.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @michelesnoopy says:

    I don’t understand why you scientifics interested in the renewal of the cells don’t talk about REDOX from ASEA, i.e.
    the signaling cells created by this American company…???

  • @christinaregan-qv1ok says:

    Can we please have the cliff notes on what one should take the first supplementation for Alzheimer’s or the risk of getting Alzheimer’s please

  • @kathylong8589 says:

    Such wonderful info!

  • @kyebo1776 says:

    All that well and good. But until you rein in the system that controls our health, pharma. Insurance, govt, it’s all for naught. That’s what I read.

  • @Brownnproud91 says:

    Take mct oil and or coconut oil daily.

    • @RabbitWatchShop says:

      @@Brownnproud91 coconut oil (all cooking oils for that matter) is unhealthy for human consumption on a regular basis.

    • @rustybales6826 says:

      @@RabbitWatchShopwrong. Lowered my A1C and many blood markers during an Intestinal and liver repair program using MTC oil.

    • @RabbitWatchShop says:

      @@rustybales6826 subjective opinion and placebo. Personal experience isn’t a scholarly source, either.

    • @RabbitWatchShop says:

      @@rustybales6826 Let me try it. WRONG. I can do that, too.

    • @Brownnproud91 says:

      @RabbitWatchShop  youre wrong. Coconut oil is healthy oil and contains MCTs which are beneficial

  • @tymom9313 says:

    Woohoo 👏

  • @joball6479 says:

    I am definitely a hot bath person! At 60+ years old is still makes me sleep better.

  • @KJSvitko says:

    Most elderly people have problems getting up off the floor. As a child you spend a lot of time on the floor, adults do not.
    Doing yoga / stretching exercises on the floor can improve balance, mobility, flexibility and the ability to get up and down..
    Just getting up and down to the floor in a controlled manner is difficult for many older adults.
    Play with your children on the floor. Bend over, get down and pull weeds in your garden. Play with a pet on the floor.
    The more effort you make to work on balance and flexibility will pay dividends as you age.

  • @KJSvitko says:

    Processed food manufacturers need to hear from consumers that less ADDED chemicals, sugar, oil and salt is wanted in their food products.
    Why is there so much ADDED sugar in everything, even bread. That’s just crazy
    Email, text, tweet or phone your favorite producer of poison and let them know consumers want less salt, oils and sugars in their products.
    Let their customer service department know that all the extra added salt, oil and sugar is not necessary or desired and is causing health issues.
    Reduce or eliminate highly processed food from your diet if you can.

  • @marciaclark7072 says:

    You kept talking about the importance of our gut health etc, but we didn’t get too many specific ideas. I mean, you must pepper it with what foods and specific exercises and so on.

    • @debramcmartin905 says:

      Dr Mark has a few videos addressing gut health,and what to eat to get good gut health. Hope my comment helped..😊

  • @GreenTurtle181 says:

    Very interesting and exciting to see how health is going to be kept in the future.

  • @rnancyp7986 says:

    thank you so much Dr Hyman, i appreciate the treasures you bring us! Be well and blessed

  • @lauriekeikkala9937 says:

    Awesome!!! Thank you Dr. Mark! Love this!!!

  • @pplusbthrust says:

    The image of a paradigm shift.

  • @valeriebishop561 says:

    Will MD Specialists be accepting of all MD’s becoming so able to take care of all care?

  • @okronk says:

    Thanks for this video. However, no doctor “practices medicine”. They all adhere to protocols and standards for which they can get paid by insurance companies.

  • @mikanmini9966 says:

    150 push-ups a day at 85? What an inspiration

  • @JessieBogenrief says:

    Such significant information on testing. Thank you for posting.

  • @cristhiandecastro464 says:

    Can we please get the links to all these tests? The info is no good if we can’t find the answer. Thank you!!

  • @Utini_1 says:

    Where can we learn more about the digital twins?

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