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Prevent the #1 Killer: Beetroot Boosts Circulation, Reduces Clogged Arteries & BP | Dr. Mandell

Discover the incredible cardiovascular benefits of beetroot! As the number one cause of death worldwide, heart disease is a serious health concern, but beetroot is here to help. This nutrient-packed superfood is rich in nitrates, which convert to nitric oxide in your body, effectively dilating blood vessels, improving blood flow, and reducing blood pressure. Beetroot's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties play a crucial role in preventing the inflammation and oxidative stress that can lead to artery-clogging plaque formation. Additionally, its soluble fiber helps lower harmful LDL cholesterol levels, further reducing the risk of atherosclerosis. By incorporating beetroot into your diet, you can support better circulation, maintain open arteries, and give your heart the love it deserves. Embrace beetroot and take a natural, powerful step towards a healthier, stronger cardiovascular system!

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Dave McKinnon

  • @KimberlyMartin-bg8ji says:

    Love your style, keep rocking it!

  • @nubianking4203 says:

    The nitric oxide is the truth. I’ll be juicing beets for the rest of my life. Been doing it for 3 yrs. Blessings doc

    • @dr.manhattan4537 says:

      Beets are high in oxalates.

    • @knightrcer says:

      I’ve never eaten beats. I don’t even know how to prepare them. Can you please give me a guide as how to get the most out of this vegetable?

    • @TheGamer-eh2uz says:

      Eat on your food as well nothing not that hard. ​@knightrcer

    • @nubianking4203 says:

      @knightrcer  juicing them is the best way for me. I also juice a few apples, carrots and a piece of fresh ginger to cut down on the gritty earthy taste of the beets.

    • @knightrcer says:

      @@nubianking4203 Do they need to be cooked before throwing them in the blender?

  • @rosefenton3005 says:

    I drink a glass of beetroot juice every day to try and keep my b.p. Down,

  • @HypothyroidismWeightLoss says:

    Wow great video.
    I started at 420lbs lost 140lbs I have 100 lbs left to lose. These videos are great guide videos. Thank you Dr.
    I’m about to get me some beet root.

  • @yettaguado9060 says:

    Wow, what a powerful veggie. I love it as salad. Thanks again, Dr. Mandell.

  • @elenabetancurbernard6943 says:

    Dr Mandela: You are doing something great for the humanity. Your unconditional love is showing through your videos, your dedication to help others. Thank you for being like you are. You are Angel. Your videos are saving people’s lives. I am very grateful for your videos 😍

  • @deerichardz says:

    Beetroot is one of those drinks you can taste, just by looking at it ^^ It’s very unique!

  • @daleromo2830 says:

    Shopping List:
    Fresh Beetroot.
    Thanks Dr M.

  • @Tony-ot2ch says:

    Dr Mandel you are a Credit to your Profession a True Blessing . Thank you

  • @Trinity25Apr says:

    Have you noticed how much a beetroot can resemble an actual heart?😉

    • @ClaraJones2 says:


    • @lorrainebarnes3225 says:


    • @tharaswarysatheesh4286 says:

      Not only this vegetable, many of the fruits and vegetables which are good for our organs have some resemblance with them….. either as a whole or at least their cross sections . It’s very interesting… who can decipher the secrets of nature ?

    • @nubianking4203 says:

      Yep and the color of beet juice is near the color of our blood

    • @JohnDavis-yz9nq says:

      Are you schizophrenic? Do you see things that are not there sometimes? Hear voices? My guess is yes to all.

  • @jpl0202 says:

    I love them so much I started growing them so when I want one fresh I go and pick it out of the ground.

  • @judyglaud5765 says:

    God’s Abundant Blessings On You Dr Mandell ❤❤❤❤

  • @user-ce4ce2yj7j says:

    Friends we Need a Doctor like Dr
    Alan Mandell, for better health and Well being?❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • @user-zv4vz6ic3w says:

      Agree 1000percent!! Dr. Mandell teaches in a manner that getting healthy sounds great and why shouldn’t we ,w such great teaching and makes it so that you are loving it?( In church we say that when you are inspired greatly, it’s possible!! And it works for your better,and others if you pass what / who you learned from!! Inspires!!!( anointed by God to do such !!! For the good of humanity!!!!! GIFTED!!!!!!AND EDUCATED!!!!!

    • @user-zv4vz6ic3w says:

      Yes he is amazn gifts to humanity!!! What a blessed Mom!!!!

    • @user-zv4vz6ic3w says:


  • @breathofaloha5588 says:

    God’s blessings upon you. Reviewed last night my lab results of bld work ordered by cardio. Didn’t like the numbers I saw. And, here you are popping up on my phone early this morning. MaHAlo for this Divine moment. AloHA Nui😘🌺🙏🏽🕊️

  • @mnp870 says:

    There are several ways to eat beet roots. Salads, baked, juiced. Yummy!

  • @AlaG-vr1mv says:

    Went for a bike ride the other day after a glass of beetroot juice and it was a little easier on my legs

  • @mjcreadingvideos8079 says:

    I I use the capsules daily and do not need BP medicine any more. My BP is 130/75 to 134/87 usually and I am in my 70s. Add to that a good diet.

  • @AH-my7kj says:

    Dwight was wiser than we thought

  • @JohnDavis-yz9nq says:

    I take beetroot in either gummies or capsules. My blood pressure hangs around. 135/71. The top side has risen to 140. I was able to go off meds by taking beetroot supplements. I am very lucky to have a primary care doctor who is open to natural remedies. He doesn’t like to force meds on people without trying special diets and natural supplements first. Meds are his last resort. I changed primary care physicians last year because the other doctor was all about meds. He is the one who started me on blood pressure medication. I absolutely love my new doctor. By the way I turned 70 recently.

    • @succeedinlife7572 says:

      Happy belated birthday 💐💐💐

    • @maryhuzzz803 says:

      Happy belated birthday!!

    • @debant9557 says:

      Hi. Can uou tell me gummies you use? Every BP med I have tried has caused terrible side effects.

    • @marilynray5797 says:

      Your comment has me looking into beetroot. Thank you.😊 I recently was put on BP meds had a major side effect to the 1st one. I had 5 test done to check my heart wasn’t causing the high BP all other organs were checked not the problem. Was given the explanation “there’s no reason we can find on why your BP is high” so for 4 months now I have been taking BP meds I hate taking them.

    • @user-zv4vz6ic3w says:

      W h ere do you get gummies????

  • @iamteamthinkbig says:

    I juice Apple, Beets, Carrots, w/ ginger and lime every morning and I juice celery, lime, spinach, arugula, and cucumber w/ lime and ginger every night. I run every day and feel amazing.

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