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    Thanks doc for sharing this information

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    God bless you, doc.

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    We have a Dr who cares about us. Thank you for sharing 🤝❤️❤️

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    ❤THANKS DOC!!!!

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    Thankyou for sharing this video I love to watch you Godbless you n your family

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    Dr Mandell, upmost respect to you sir and thank you 🙏🏼

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    I’ve been doing this for years 😊

  • Nancy Frycklund Chan says:

    This is spot on true!!! Yes lemons have worked like a miracle for me especially when I had horribly painful kidney stones (one even causing a blockage!)….so I started drinking lemon water everyday and the stones basically dissolved. My results are so excellent that my urologist’s office says instead of seeing them every 3 months, they now only need to see me once a year! I am going to keep on drinking lemon water everyday because it really does work!!

    • Herbie says:

      I passed a stone and decided to soak it in pure lemon juice to see if it dissolved it. It did absolutely NOTHING to the stone. 7 days later, still nothing. Then I tried apple cider vinegar. Exact same thing. Nothing.

    • Nancy Frycklund Chan says:

      @Herbie As Dr. Mandell says in his video, this only works for calcium based kidney stones…which mine were. I can only guess that maybe yours were not calcium based stones which is why it didn’t work for dissolving yours.

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    Thank you Dr we appreciate

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    Lemons are so good for you. I go thru about 20 and month. As always Dr Mandell is doing us a great favor
    Thank you Dr Mandell God bless all.

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    Again as soon as possible. Thanks for more on lemons 😊 Doc

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    Yes Sir ,I drink lemon water on a regular basis!! This is another way of staying healthy!!!

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    I just love lemon water! I drink it everyday, it’s so refreshing 😊

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