Dave McKinnon

  • @LynetteCorn-dv1zt says:

    Doing the bump!

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    I Love this guy, he always wants are better and healthy life for us ❤️ ❤❤

  • @OLDE_SHYTE says:

    Was that the door jamb or your hip? 😬

  • @StormCaller5 says:

    Both hubby and I tried this. Very nice. Thank you! ❤

  • @conniebangle139 says:

    How wonderful that you showed this today. I’ve just started having pain there. Now I know how to relieve it. ❤

  • @lindaludeke2284 says:

    Just what I needed at this time! love this self sacrifice doctor Mandel

  • @DonnaGarcia-ul6ke says:

    Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!

  • @SarahJones-ik6jh says:

    Love your creativity, it’s inspiring!

  • @johnwitte9620 says:


  • @denisefromherz3512 says:

    Thank you i needed this today did yardwork this morning…1 ruptured disk surgury years ago.
    Im off to find me a door jam thank you for taking good care of so many people. God bless you😊

  • @user-ds1yd2nj3w says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell. I needed to know this move . You are a magician !❤ you God bless

  • @obangmariano6702 says:

    Another easy stretching 😍thanks for sharing to us .God bless You😇☝🏻❤

  • @user-em3wn9qv8v says:

    You are so Awesome Dr. Mandell 🫸🏾❤️🫷🏾
    Thank You so much

  • @kevinchaves2166 says:

    Thank you sir! Have a good day ✌️😊

  • @cheesang5894 says:

    Twist to the left and then to the right. Left.. right.. Left.. right. Ahh..definitely my body’s will love it! ❤❤❤

  • @user-rl9rl8ge7y says:

    Wow amazing. I always suffer..
    Now no more..
    You are an angel sent from heaven.
    Tnx Doc a million times over

  • @user-zv4vz6ic3w says:

    Doctor you are the most gifted Doctor ,Teacher,explainer,revelation I know!!!! Bless you greatly!!!!

  • @user-zv4vz6ic3w says:

    Revelator!!!! Knowledge, Wisdom, Educator,Wow!!! Gggggggod Thank you!!!!!!

  • @adi1017 says:

    Sa vorbim ,sau sa auzim de bine si de oameni ce au grija de ei! 👍Multumim!
    Deci sanatate tuturor!
    Noapte buna ! 🙏

  • @normamorales1568 says:

    You are a blessing with all you info we are getting healthy everyday ❤.

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