Reset Your Body #shorts #podcast

The 10-Day Reset addresses foundational gaps missing in our modern diet, explains supplements that support our natural detoxification systems, minerals and amino acids that promote relaxation and deep rest, and a dietary protocol that serves as the foundation for your 10-day journey. 

The goal of this reset is to support healthy blood sugar, break your dependency on sugar and processed carbohydrates, and reclaim your energy.

I explain it all in greater detail in my new episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy. You can listen to it on your favorite podcast app.

Dave McKinnon

  • Karen Aldridge says:

    We’re skinny cause we eat vegetarian diet & bike ride , 🚴‍♀️ it work’s ☕️ 🍯 🍶 & coffee !

  • A HAMMER says:

    I need red meat

  • B Huss says:

    What is good, clean protein?

  • Patricia N Smith says:

    I need a reset, Starting today. I’m on blood pressure medication, energy low how should I start

  • yosef sugi says:

    thanks doc ❤❤❤❤

  • Elizabeth Bouche says:

    What are the best sources of fiber?

  • 123lOVELiFE lIFELOVE says:

    Love these shorts. Thanks Dr Hyman.

  • Skyler says:

    ❤thank you

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