Root Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction & Best Ways To Help Reverse It Naturally | Dr. Mark Hyman

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A decrease in libido or difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection during sex are tell-tale signs of erectile dysfunction, and they can be uncomfortable to address. Sure, aging and performance anxiety are part of the story, but believe it or not, erectile dysfunction is not just about sexual health. It’s often the first clue of bigger health issues.

In this episode of my Health Bites series, I explore the root causes of erectile dysfunction, delving into the limitations of conventional medicine, the little blue pill, and how we can utilize the power of Functional Medicine by making changes to our diet, lifestyle, and even trying things like supplements, peptides, and hormone therapy.

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In this episode, I discuss (audio version / Apple Subscriber version):
The prevalence of erectile dysfunction (4:34 / 2:04)
The root cause of low testosterone (9:38 / 7:08)
The conventional medicine approach to treating erectile dysfunction (11:51 / 9:21)
How do Viagra and ED drugs work? (16:34 / 14:04)
The Functional Medicine approach to treating erectile dysfunction: diagnostic testing (18:58 / 16:28)
Root causes of sexual dysfunction (29:42 / 27:12)
Diet, lifestyle, and supplements to improve sexual dysfunction (42:22 / 39:52)

Dave McKinnon

  • @StephenLovesPasta says:

    Some of it is natural aging and the reduction of testosterone that comes with such. The blue pill is a miracle in that aspect. Erections, while unstoppable when young, require more effort when older. Biology

    • @tawana2inspire says:

      It’s definitely the bad diet and not age. It’s not normal for blood to not circulate. Low testosterone is due to diet. That blue pill eats men kidneys up. It’s better to juice and take ashwaganda to boost testosterone and drink and tea with gingko biloba and gotu kola for circulation.

  • @amarvoice6471 says:

    Please anybody summery here?

  • @RedneckHillbilly-ho9md says:

    Try Ginko Biloba guys. No I wasn’t having any problems with ED but I started taking Ginko Biloba to try it for inflammation and it made my 42 year old self start acting as if I was 20 years old again down there lol so I’m sure it will help maybe.

  • @andreinachacin3 says:

    How about after prostate removal?

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