Rub VICKS VapoRub on Your FEET and Feel What Happens | Dr. Mandell

If you're ever congested and coughing, you will find this video very helpful!

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Dave McKinnon

  • motivationaldoc says:

    Wishing everyone good health with many blessings! 😊🙏❤️

    • Nathan Blake says:

      Wishing the same to you and your family Doctor Mandell! Really appreciate you! 🙏🏾☺️💛

    • Elizabeth Letsoso says:

      Wishing you the same Doc and your family 🥰🙏

    • BarbaraRomano says:

      Wishing you and yours the same. Enjoy the holidays, be blessed and thank you for all you do.

    • AMDG_0914 says:

      Thanks 🙏 doc. For all of your great and supportive helpful hints and words of wisdom. Mary Christ Mass. Happy Holy Days. Happy birthday to baby Jesus. Christ our Lord. May we all remember The Reason for the Season. 🎄🌞🌷⬆️🕯️🕊️

    • Andrene Walters says:

      Thanks Doctor Mandel, God’s richest blessings be with you and your family Happy holidays ❤️❤️

  • TheSeaweed64 says:

    Vicks on the feet is something past down from my grandparents in my family. Nice to hear the medical explanation. Vicks has always been the cure all in my family. If your head falls off, just put some Vicks on it and you’ll be fine. 🙂

  • TallyWhackerRacing says:

    When we were kids in the sixties and had a cold or flu, Vick’s vapor rub was applied to our chest and sometimes our back at night, then we were loosely wrapped with ace bandages. It not only helped topically, but it opened up our nasal passages as well. This had been done in our family since Vick’s was made. Worked every time!

  • John Poore says:

    It’s too bad all doctors can’t be as helpful and caring as this guy. Thank you doc.

  • Ivette says:

    I am from Mexico, this stuff is in everyone’s cabinet and when sick we rub it in the neck, back, throat and feet, it works great. Now I know why. Thank you.

    • Frank Mains says:

      Where in Mexico?

    • carmen martinez says:

      Vicks is for us what duck tape is for anglos in every household.

    • Abe Fehr says:

      @Frank Mains lol I was gonna ask the same my family is from there as well

    • Sal_xoxo says:

      @Frank Mainseverywhere in Mexico. All of us grew up with Vicks being rubbed on us at the first sign of illness 😅

    • May Toeme says:

      I am from Samoa in the South Pacific and we also grew up with Vicks n tiger bum besides coconut oil a natural therapy if we didn’t have money to buy vicks We just warm it up in the sun n apply on your chest back and all over if need be n it works! These were the only things we ever had There were no doctors n only 1 hospital that u go there to die instead of helping you! Thank God for natural resources n general knowledge!

      Sadly we’re in Australia n my kids refuse to use vicks on their kids they think I’m nuts they always run to the doctors that only write out prescriptions without checking NOW I was shocked my granddaughter said their daddy who is my son bought vicks ! Prayers answered Their doctor only wanted their money ! Terrible

  • Es Les Lirons says:

    Dr Mandal, thank you for your positive contribution to mankind, I am Dutch, living in Portugal. I have not seen any dr in Europe doing what you are doing. It is of tremendous importance for all of us!
    I bow to you Sir. May the Spirit be at your side and protect you and your love ones. Be blessed! Esther

  • Shelley Sparks says:

    It also helps eliminate toenail fungus. I recommend applying it to your feet & cover with white socks after bathing & a trim. It takes a while as the nails grow out, but it’s easier on your system than the oral meds. I’ve personally known several people that it worked for.

  • Why Ask says:

    My grandmother rubbed this on our feet , chest and a little under the nose if you were congested or with cold. I honestly didn’t know the scientific reason behind it. All we knew is grandmas old remedies worked💜

  • Parimal Desai says:

    Really appreciate all the efforts you are doing for us patients all over the world! I am here in Mumbai, India!

  • Claudia Camama says:

    Greetings from San Diego, I just want to thank you for all the health information we need in our daily life. Dr. A. Mandell you truly are the model for all the doctors.

  • DustyRose Lansall says:

    Vicks was the ‘go to’ treatment when I was growing up, and it remained so with my own children, and continues to be my first ‘go to’ treatment today – I am entering my 82 year so it has been a part of my life a LONG time.

    • Donkey Mama says:

      I’m 62 and when I was a child, my mother would put some Vicks in a pot of boiling water and we would have to put a towel over our head and lean in to breathe in the steam. It worked every time to break up congestion and make breathing easier when we had a bad cold.

    • Ann says:

      Yes, we did too , vick is a wonder ointment.❤love it

    • Jan Blackman says:

      Same here. I’m 74

    • Maria Hardy says:

      I’m 2 decades behind you and I ALWAYS keep a jar of Vicks in the bathroom!

    • Socrates 19 says:

      I an 85 year old Caribbean fellow and I remember our beloved mother using Vicks Vapour Rub on us whenever we had a cold or any kind of sneezing going on! She always massaged under our feet with the Vicks also and that got rid of that flu or cold in no time. I have used it on my own children and the pattern contiues to this day on their kids. It[s a Miracle cure for almost any kind of pain or even itching any part of the body!

  • Ada Davis says:

    You’re awesome Doc!!! I was searching for a home remedy for my 101 yr old dad who’se had a dry cough for the last couple of days I found this video so after rubbing that stuff on his chest and on his feet following with putting his 🧦’s on…phlem started loosening up. Thank you so much for what you do! May God continues to bless you!

    • Pea J says:

      Give a nice dose of vitamin d as well (research it). more than recommended does wonders. That was the remedy big pharma didn’t want us to know about when covid first hit. Ex: my uncle & his wife are very loving & always up under each other. His wife takes vitamin d religiously & he didn’t. He caught covid & she did not. Now they both take it every single day

  • Krish Vk says:

    Super natural helaer, when most of the doctors only concerned or bothered about chemicals and the medicine company’s and expensive tests you re helping many people around the world as a doctor , a lecturer and a human lover.. stay blessed to upload even more videos doctor… Love from India

  • JustMeJT says:

    I’ve been using Vicks my entire life, on my feet, neck and chest. It does everything the doctor says.

    • Poshlady43 says:

      YES….very true

    • ROBIN HAYS says:

      I believe whole heartedly in Vicks…It has got me thru pneumonia, bronchitis, flu, & nasty colds throughout my lifetime. I wonder if Vicks on your feet will help w/ detoxification too? In all seriousness though you should still go see your Dr when your sick in case you need antibiotics or something else…Vicks isn’t a cure all, but it does help you breath better & open up airways. 👍

  • C MW says:

    I’ve had severe burning feet at night for 70 years, like I just walked barefoot across the desert. I have always had to stick my feet out from under the covers no matter how cold the room was. Definitely going to try this.

    • Shirley Andrews says:

      😂me too. Hand lotion helps but now with peripheral neuropathy I think the Vick’s will hit the mark. Good luck🥰

  • Phillip Mulligan says:

    As a Canadian, I would love to get my hands on Vick Vapor rub gel. It was so versatile and not just for sinuses and achy muscles. But no one in my province will sell it for the past 5 years. I don’t know if it was banned or if retailers just felt it wasn’t worth selling anymore. Awesome stuff

    • Linda Corbin says:

      I wonder if you can order it off of Amazon and get it where you live?

    • Al Hutchinson says:

      I bought it at Shoppers in Wpg 2 days ago. Sobey’s also carries it a buck cheaper.
      There is also a lemon scented Vicks. I prefer to stay away from anything with added scent.

  • Charmaine Nelson says:

    You are the wonder doctor Ive ever come across in my life. Thanks for all the genuine efforts taken to heal the world of the sick. I totally agree that Vicks is an age old medicine that does miracles. Your detailed medical explanation on how it works on the body was really enlightening. Lots to learn from you. I simply love the way you explain and your voice alone heals us. A bottle of VICKS was a MUST HAVE in every home from days of old. It does wonders. Ive tried it many a time. All what you say is TRUTH. May God take care of you and your health too. Stay blessed doctor. I have my utmost respect and love for you.

  • illicious says:

    I’ve been using Vicks vapor rub for almost 50 years and it is the one of few products I couldn’t live without.
    Invented in 1864 and introduced in 1905 going strong for over a century.
    Wearing a little right now on top lip under my nose out of habit and has greatly helped dealing with covid.

  • James Miller says:

    I love this doctor. He has such a compassionate personality. Doctors like him are few and far between. He is dedicated to health and not his wallet.

  • allykatharvey says:

    Amazing! It works. Thank you, lovely Dr Mandel! What would we do without you? You bring us so much relief and good health.😍

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