Dave McKinnon

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    Should we practice empty stomach or any time

  • @adi1017 says:

    Buna ziua!Multumim! 🙏Cei ce sufera, cred ca pot incerca acest gen de masaj,succes ! Ramanem sanatosi si
    veseli ! 😉O zi buna tuturor !

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    Thank you Dr Marv.

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    You’re amazing! Thank you for all your info!

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    Thank you Dr. Mandel.. you’re great❤

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    Something New Every Day. I can’t even tell you how many things I’ve added to me Daily Regimen. These tips are so Greatly Appreciated❤❤❤

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    Yes, rub it with castor oil and that really helps

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    You’ve helped my life so much! Thank you

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    Great Doctor

  • @carleneclark1702 says:

    lol 😂 ❤. I actually used to do this with my kids 👧🏼 when they were younger.

  • @lishalatmin6765 says:

    my dad did that to us when we were kids and when we were older he taught us that too!

  • @punxofficial3130 says:

    What can you do to alleviate diarrhea? I had my gallbladder out years ago and ever since I have it every day. Have a hard time going anywhere.

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    This guys awesome, he needs a t-shirt to say, ‘Your Body’s Gonna love ya’ 🙂

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    Thank you Dr

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    I learned this as a massage therapist and I have to do this almost daily without a genuine probiotic. It’s really frustrating to have this issue all the time! 😢

  • @lindalyte7307 says:

    Bless you,Dr.Thank you!

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