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Belly fat, or visceral fat around the organs, is the number-one cause of aging. It drives inflammation, increases the risk of blood clots, changes your hormones and brain chemistry, and more. It’s a recipe for disaster in the body. Not only does belly fat surround the organs, but it’s an organ of its own that produces dangerous inflammatory cytokines that may lead to a cytokine storm. In short, we want to do everything we can to avoid belly fat.

In this episode of my Masterclass series, I am interviewed by my good friend and podcast host Dhru Purohit about belly fat, or visceral adipose tissue. We discuss how this form of fat is the most dangerous and why it’s so important to take steps to reduce it.

Dhru Purohit is a podcast host, serial entrepreneur, and investor in the health and wellness industry. His podcast, The Dhru Purohit Podcast, is a top-50 global health podcast with over 30 million unique downloads. His interviews focus on the inner workings of the brain and the body and feature the brightest minds in wellness, medicine, and mindset.

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Dave McKinnon

  • Peter Kruse says:

    I’m on a plant based diet and organic pea protein has been great for me. My morning smoothie has flax seeds, carrots, 50 grams of organic pea protein, sugar free organic almond milk and blueberries. I don’t get hungry again until 3pm or 4pm usually.

  • Aayiah aka LadyLuck says:

    I believe what Mark says bc I was a, T2D. i avoided grains, sugar, seed fat and process foods. It changed me when i changed my diets. Yes i am off my diabetes meds. My weight from 165 to 115, A1C from 8.93 to 4.5, glucose from 199+ to less than 100, and from dress size 16 to a 1. Its so good being med free!!!

    • Aayiah aka LadyLuck says:

      @L’aurelle at some point in our life your body may not be able to support the high carb diets. You will notice some changes and see the results if you pay attention to your body. Sugar are empty caloric. You do not need sugar to survive, eat real foods. By eating real foods and low carb diets, you will see results of your overall health and wellbeing. For years I thought eating high carb diets didnt do harms to my health and eating sugary foods but over time my body gave out. It could not support such diets but i didnt know any better so i did diets to loose weight but none helped. I was obese for many years and gotten a disease from it. I had to take meds for the rest of my life. After learning what cause it and how to go about changing my situation, i changed my diets. I quit eating the same foods that got me to nowhere. I avoid sugar, seed fats, processed foods, bread, grains, and corn. Yes i quit eating them and my health seem to improve. I am no longer on any meds. My bp is norm 117/70, A1C 4.5, glucose 100 or less, weight 115, and dress size 0-4. To me i will continue this diets bc it works for me. It takes dedications and focus. Our body can tell what works or nor, just look at the end results. Now friends, coworkers, and people see me, they ask if i am sick or what is wrong with me, why i am so skinny…? I just tell them i changed my diets and eating real foods none of them highly processed foods. They tell me they will not quit bread or sweets for anything. I see diet coke or diet soda they consume to loose weight but takes their meds daily too and still has pain but they could not figure it out why they are where they are and the pain never go away. I am 50 at 5′ 1″, 115 pounds and med free. All i did was low carb diets, fasting, and exercise to maintain this body. I do what works and eliminate what doesnt work for me. Good luck

    • Harold Johnson says:

      That is awesome!!

    • Foxie Dog Itchy Paw's says:

      Great! Share how hard it was to change your diet or what do you do to help get it off
      . 🤗🐕☀️

    • Dreaming of Tacos says:

      Great job! You’re disciplined with your diet. I eat low carb/keto OMAD 4 days a week and water fast the rest of the time. I feel fantastic! Already lost 8 pounds fat in a few weeks.

    • RCB says:

      Do you mind me asking: How long did it take you to lose the weight and what kind of exercises did you couple that with the diet change ?

  • Gregarious Antithesis says:

    This was exactly my diet issues for the majority of my life but it really didnt manifest itself highly until i became 45. Mountain Dew by the gallon daily, bread, pasta, rice, modest meat and vegs. I quit the Mountain Dew largely a few years prior but then drank every evening craft beer. Two consecutive years of pre diabetic A1C of 5.7 and fasting blood glucose of 96. Family history of cholesterol issues snd type 2 diabetes.
    Oct 11, 2021, i quit the beer, sugar, starch, grains and high glycemic vegs and fruit. Began eating meat/fish/eggs, modest high fat dairy, nuts, seeds snd low glycemic vegetables and fruit. I am now 165 lbs my fasting blood glucose is in the 60s-70s and my average daily is 87 or an A1C of 4.7. I got a cgm snd blood glucose meter and tested various foods alone and in a meal with meat. It is now sbsolutely obvious especially if pre or type 2 diabetic you should not be eating bread, rice, root vegetables, sugar beverages, beer, pasta, oatmeal snd most fruits. There is one word that explains beyond metabolic syndrome snd type 2 diabetes and its symptoms and issues. The word is Glycocalyx, everyone needs to google the word and read up on why it is so important to the integrity of you blood vessels snd how we end up getting heart attacks and strokes.
    Lastly, while the carnivore diet is a great elimination snd weight loss tool, it is not a long term solution.
    I found and its a common issue with meat only folks they have high fasting glucose around 95 and high daily average glucose of around 115. Adding in low glycemic carbs for some reason optimizes the liver and pancreas funtion putting you fasting and average glucose down in the 70s-80s. When you eat only meat the liver upregulates glucose apparently when it converts protein to glucose. The low glycemic carbs prevent this buy providing a low slow release of glucose so the liver doesnt have to convert protein to glucose. The meat and low glycemic carbs are a complimentary combination for health and longevity. The carnivores advocating eating high glycemic carbs like honey with a meat diet do not understand the dammage done to the Glycocalyx from high blood glucose levels habitually especially spiking blood glucose as part if your daily diet msny times a day.
    Now eating a piece of fruit on occasion or spiking blood glucose on occasion is a good thing just like doing intense exercise can make us more resilient and stronger. Doing intense exercise every day leads to damage and injury and its exactly when spiking blood sugar and high habitual blood sugar does to your body.

    • Healing_Decibels says:

      Could you give an example of low glycemic carbs?

    • Gregarious Antithesis says:

      @Healing_Decibels most vegetables, mushrooms, fruit like avocado, tomato, olives. Typically if it is a sugar, starch, grain or fruit it is moderate to high glycemic including vegetables like corn, potatoes and most grains.

    • Healing_Decibels says:

      @Gregarious Antithesis thanks that makes sense. What about bell peppers?

    • Kim Butler says:

      Very helpful comment , thank you

  • Helena SF says:

    Truly illuminating, practical and helpful. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us ❤️

  • C V says:

    Sadly my sister-in-law passed away from pancreatic cancer last year. There are many causes, but I do think sugar plays a huge role. If 50% of people are insulin resistant over the age of 65, i think we all need to be careful. Insulin resistance is basically pre-diabetes. The key is to become insulin sensitive. If you’re menopausal, you’re chances of becoming insulin resistant goes way up. Good luck to everyone! Thank you Dr. Hyman for an informative show.

    • jj says:

      It’s mind boggling how people can’t stop eating sugar. I can’t even take a small bite of any type of cookie because it makes me sick, the sugar is poison, so it’s hard to imagine how people eat sugar even when they know it can kill them.

    • Kathleen King says:

      Sorry for your loss😢
      I’ve heard, that smoking also causes pancreatic cancer.
      I know someone NOW who has it.
      Shes hanging in there..but may have a once in a while😵
      My sister died from lung cancer at 58

    • Kathleen King says:

      @jj sugar is ONLY for certain times NOT EVERYDAY
      I think green tea🍵 also helps with insulin resistance

  • Denise B. says:

    I believe part of the nutritional crisis in this country is the fact that to eat healthy here is expensive. I’m a vegetarian, drink very little, rarely touch bread and it’s amazing what I spend. When I look at peoples shopping carts it is astounding the disastrous food piled in them (coupons are always for the high sugar items) A lack of real nutritional information is a key issue.

    • Janet Gies says:

      Yes, even Internists/MDs lack nutritional information. They know nothing about nutrition.

    • Christine Green says:

      If you only buy food in it’s natural state it shouldn’t cost that much. Ie raw fresh veg, raw fresh unprocessed meat & dairy. And plan your meals and shop accordingly so you dont buy extra. Also helps to do batch cooking, so you buy in bulk, cook it fresh and freeze it

    • Bonnie Benz says:

      Totally agree. Most people have no clue regarding nutrition. Very sad. Everyone should be taught this in high school.

    • Richy Akuoko says:

      Yeah that’s true but the amount of money spent on diabetes meds, high blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, bypass surgery etc. Is more. And if they cooked more at and stopped eating out they would save money. Trust me I know I used to be 339 pounds and I’m only 5″11 feet tall. I have been vegan for 7 years and now weigh 197 pounds. Instead buying french fries families can buy a sack of potatoes and bake it without sour cream and bacon. It can be done, and yes it can be difficult in the beginning. But after a few weeks your taste buds will change and the junk food will taste gross 🤢. Because your taste buds will be used to the natural real whole foods. I’m 42 now and am about 10 pounds away from having six pack abdominal muscles. I haven’t had and since I was 18. People need to eat real food. We need to feed our body with high quality fuel like a Ferrari and not treat it like a Pinto.

  • Karina53 says:

    thank you, Dr Kyman, thanks to your competent advice i lost 8 kilos in 6 months & took off 2 pills, one for the high blood-pressure & one for the antiarrhythmic problems…

  • Christina Duncan says:

    Thank you — this is an interview to keep and refer back to again and again! My dear military commander dad had a runaway appetite for sweets and when he was finally hospitalized, blabbering away in some ancient language, his blood sugar was 590! He would go out and eat sweets of all kinds (candies, cakes, pies, cookies, etc.), then slink back into the back bathroom and inject himself with an unknown quantity of insulin. My mother did everything she could to help to no avail. Perplexingly, he wasn’t overweight even a little! He died of Alzheimer’s disease seven years later, so yes, I understand why Alzheimer’s is often called Type 3 diabetes! Wikipedia discusses this at length. Thanks again!

  • Nilima M says:

    Excellent podcast. Very helpful. I noticed your guest shared waist to hip ratio for Caucasian women and men, Asian and India women and men, but not African American and African women and men. That information would be helpful for the many who are in that category. Thank you!

    • Thasha Miller says:

      I noticed that too! Struck a mild nerve!

    • Armando ruiz says:

      The U.S government is actually using the name of the continent to its citizens and country. We are U.S. citizens. Citizens of the United States. The United States is a country but America its not a country America its a continent of 35 countries. The whole entire continent was already named America 269 years way before the United States of America became a nation or even existed. Everyone on the American continent is an American likewise Asia are Asians, Africa are Africans and Europe are Europeans

    • Leighanne Woodstock says:

      @Armando ruiz but she specified Caucasian – a term used to describe people who are of European descent and often associated with the racial group characterized by fair skin.

    • Indigo P says:

      @Thasha Millerit struck a huge nerve for me. I am a black American and have long noticed the skewed and unrealistic “body standards “ don’t include the average body types in my phenotype.

    • Ladybugblu says:

      Yes I’m not understanding why she singled out certain groups of people. I think IMO what she could have done was just said what it is for men and what it is for women period. I guess we will never know her heart but I definitely believe there was a better way.

  • Tom Aprigliano (The Wizard of Prog) says:

    In twenty eighteen I almost died i had a quintuple bypass And a partial foot amputasian I was on insulin three times a day and seventeen pills I had been diabetic for at least 30 years and never really took care of it. I was extremely heavy at 1 time, well over 300 pounds. I am 6′ 4 I changed my diet in 2016. I became vegan. I dropped so much weight it was incredible, but I did so much damage to my heart. And my body that I had to go through what I had to go through With my heart disease. I continued on my plant based journey, and now i’m 195. I’ve been that way for the last 5 years. I used to wear a 4X shirt now in mediums. I went from a 46 down to a 32. My only regret is. I should have done it a long time ago. I would have saved myself all this heartache. I left the hospital, and I didn’t look back for 3 years. I recently went back to the heart specialist, and they put me through so many tests and after 2 weeks of going through all their tests because they were certain I Was Gonna have problems not seeing a doctor for so long that they confirmed that my heart disease was totally gone. They were totally amazed. Fast forward 2 weeks later I fell playing with my dog and I broke my hip. I went into the hospital, and they were looking at my records, and the Surgeon came out and asked me if I was the person that was in this hospital back in 2018. And I confirmed it was me. I asked him why, and he said when they ran some test, they didn’t see any heart disease. I told him what the other doctor had just told me. He was also amazed. It’s amazing just changing with you put in your mouth Can change your life. I feel better now than I’ve ever felt in my life. Although I am Still a couch potato But I guess that still makes me plant based..😁

    • Tom Aprigliano (The Wizard of Prog) says:

      I forgot to add I’m not on insulin anymore. i’m down to 3 pills a day and working Towards not having any pills.😊

    • Omonike MM says:

      ​@Tom Aprigliano (The Wizard of Prog) 🎉Congratulations 🎉🎉

    • 17 Hinton says:

      Amazing journey! You’re an inspiration. Keep up the amazing lifestyle 🙂

    • Santosha Padfield says:

      Wow! Thanks for sharing that amazing journey! So pumped for your lifestyle changes and continued success!

    • Mike B. says:

      Working out is hard to do while sitting on a couch is EASY. Being in shape is an effort that is WELL worth it! Okay, now that you have gotten this far, time to NOT be a couch potato!

  • Arthur says:

    I think it’s also very important to point out that very little of the fruit we eat today is natural fruit. It has been cultivated to be extra delicious and contains much larger amounts of sugar than its original counterparts. Wild apples are sour little bastards!

    • Bob says:

      Actually wild apples are not all sour. Plus, apple trees that are over a hundred years old are very sweet.
      It depends on what kind of apple you are eating.

    • Arthur says:

      @Bob-fk8vd  100 year old apple trees are still very much domesticated and bred for flavour and sweetness. There aren’t different “kinds” of wild apples. If they are bigger than a golf ball and taste in any way sweet it is a domesticated sort.

  • Ahmed says:

    DR Hyman is very realistic when he talks about himself. I really liked when he said that he can’t fast for more than 16 hours considering his life style. This is why we need advice from an experienced informed knowledgeable Medical Doctor. And I insist, they have to be a true medical doctor

    • Djr says:

      I think everyone can fast more then 16 hours…i mean of course they can its just if they want to or not. Fasting is not easy especially for the uninitiated…i get really tired if i dont eat,i get irritable, i have low blood sugar, i cant function. We were designed to fast for many days and without harm to ourselves.

    • JPJ says:

      ​@Djr that’s just it. I get incredibly shaky without eating. I’m continuing to tweek my diet and I found that olive oil is my new best friend.

    • Tami Zorge says:

      Try to fast for at least 17 hours as that is when autophagy sets in which is a good thing. Also make sure to get electrolytes in your water when you fast and a little mct oil is acceptable.

  • Marci S says:

    I am so glad to see this! My husband has been trim most of his life. Over the last 10 years he has gained a lot of belly fat. He is 72. I look at his golf buddies (in same age bracket) they all have big bellies. He says none of his doctors have said anything to him about his belly. He knows he eats too many sweets and bread. I hope this video will help him to make some important changes to his diet. I don’t say much to him because he never criticized me when I was overweight. I also know I could not stick to a diet until I got scared. That was my motivation. I went on Keto and lost 60 pounds in a year.

    • SongsofThe Century says:

      If you fasted you could have done it in 2 months.

    • Aimee Sacks says:

      Did you use keto strips for checking you were in ketosis?

    • Marci S says:

      @Aimee Sacks I used the strips the first time I went on Keto. I’m not sure how accurate the strips were. I never did go into ketosis. However I did lose some weight and my labs improved. This time around I have not checked for ketosis. I have stuck to my diet for just over a year. I know I should have lost the weight faster and would have if I had done more fasting. Still I am happy with my results. I am learning to maintain now.

    • Wendy Freeman says:

      ​@Marci S brilliant Marci. I love reading people who beat the unhealthy food trap. I went carnivore as the veg and salad foods were messing with my RA. The amount of simple carbs in food today is a silent killer. Best wishes to you and much success, you deserve it ❤

    • DakotaRepublic says:

      I would hope my wife would say something to me if she noticed i looked unhealthy and overweight.

  • Marcia E says:

    Thank you Kendra! I love your truth and fearlessness. You are absolutely right- there is NO perfect nurse out there. Keep the content coming. What you’re doing is definitely valuable!

  • Scott Bles says:

    Thank you once again Dr Omole on Youtube for this information. Since following you (for some years now), my kidney stage results has decrease from stage 3 to stage 1. You saved me from dialysis. Thank you and please keep the videos coming!! God Bless 🙏🏽….

  • BJusreal13 says:

    Finished walking w/you! You’re amazing!! Finally someone who is exactly shaped like me! Someone who makes the workouts fun! Thank you, for sharing your secret and only the best and safe workouts with us all! You’re a gem! ❤

  • Jeffrey Davis says:

    Absolutely loved this helpful insightful information.. I am fortunate not to have a weight problem. However because I am older my metabolism is slower and I notice that I have to control my belly fat..these reminders will reinforce my efforts to maintain and improve my health in a reasonable balanced way..again thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge.👏👏👏👏

  • CLooLoo says:

    That’s so true what you guys said about doctors focussing on calories! About 15 years ago a doctor said I was pre-diabetic and that I had to restrict my calories to under 1200 or 1500 a day (I forget exact number) and to get a calorie book and track what I ate. I knew I wasn’t eating too much so first I ate as usual and did the calorie counting and it turns out I was already eating less calories than what she recommended! I was cranky and confused about what to do. I was eating healthy but I now know from watching your videos is that the problem was sugar and starch. I ate a lot of potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc (thinking they were healthy) and gluten free food which I now know is chock full of sugar etc. And I have a sweet tooth so maybe had a sweet treat once a day. I wish I knew 15 years ago what I know now. Thank you so much for educating us so that we can now take charge of our health in an informed way.

  • Alicia Smith says:

    The story about the 55 yr old woman that turned her health around was very Motivational to me. Thank you for this wonderful information ❤

  • wanda wells says:

    I was a t2d and now I’m at my a1c I at 5. Something. I was taking insulin in the beginning as my a1c was at 11.4 . I’m now off insulin and lost about 30 lbs, thanks to keto. It really helped, following that way of eating.

  • >