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Drink Your Morning Glass…Burn Belly Fat & Slim Down Fast! Dr. Mandell

Incorporating apple cider vinegar, lemon water, and cayenne pepper into your morning routine can significantly enhance your body’s fat-burning capabilities while offering a wealth of additional health benefits. Apple cider vinegar is known for its acetic acid content, which can boost metabolism, reduce fat storage, and suppress appetite. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels […]

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The Reason You Feel Bloated

Stomach bloating is one of the most common signs of a leaky gut. Find out how to get rid of bloating by addressing gut health. 0:00 Introduction: What is a leaky gut? 0:50 Leaky gut symptoms 1:27 What causes a leaky gut? 2:58 How to get rid of bloating and fix leaky gut 3:50 Fasting […]

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