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1 Simple Move Increases Blood Flow and Circulation in Legs & Feet! Dr. Mandell

Engaging in calf pumps while seated offers an array of health benefits that extend far beyond simple leg exercise. Firstly, this activity significantly enhances circulation by utilizing the "muscle pump" mechanism. When the calf muscles contract, they compress the veins running through them, effectively pushing blood upward towards the heart. The one-way valves in these […]

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Scientifically Proven: Destroys Cancer Cells, Heals Fatty Liver, Clears Arteries | Dr. Mandell

Turmeric, and its active compound curcumin, have gained recognition for their remarkable health benefits, particularly in fighting serious medical conditions. Curcumin has been scientifically proven to possess potent anti-cancer properties, helping to destroy cancerous cells and inhibit tumor growth. Its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects make it effective in healing and reversing fatty liver disease […]

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I Had NO Idea This Spiked Blood Sugar

Justin Richard's Channel: Recommended Signos continuous glucose monitor: Find out about the food that causes the most significant blood sugar spike in this fascinating interview with Justin Richard. 0:00 Welcome, Justin Richard! 1:56 Justin’s health history 4:58 Which food’s effect on blood sugar surprised you the most? 13:26 Other factors that affect blood sugar 16:57 […]

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