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This is one of my favorite books on D3: Vitamin D is worthless, so there’s no need to do any more research on it. Of course, I’m being sarcastic! Watch this short video to find out the truth about vitamin D. DATA: 0:00 Introduction: Vitamin D research 0:40 Professor Bruce Hollis and vitamin D 2:49 […]

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Your Body Is BEGGING For Vitamin D!!

Check out this fascinating interview with Professor Bruce Hollis, a pioneer in vitamin D research and an expert on vitamin D deficiency. DATA: 0:00 Welcome, Professor Bruce Hollis! 0:53 The 2 systems in the body that use vitamin D 2:40 The forms of vitamin D 8:30 The problem with vitamin D research in the United […]

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The MOST Unhealthy Ice Cream EVER

Did you know that ice cream can be healthy? Find out about the worst ice cream and healthiest ice cream you can consume. Plus, I'm sharing my homemade ice cream recipe! 0:00 Introduction: The best and worst ice cream 0:34 The worst ice cream 1:21 Breyers ice cream 2:22 Breyers low-carb ice cream 3:18 Haagen-Dazs […]

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7 Stupid Health Mistakes

Don’t sabotage your health by taking the wrong advice! Avoid making these 7 stupid health mistakes. 0:00 Introduction: Common health mistakes to avoid 0:05 #1 Accepting bad health tips and the worst diet advice 1:13 #2 Consuming protein powder 1:48 #3 Treating symptoms alone 2:30 #4 Reducing sodium 3:04 #5 Consuming unsaturated fats 3:38 #6 […]

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I Had NO Idea This Spiked Blood Sugar

Justin Richard's Channel: Recommended Signos continuous glucose monitor: Find out about the food that causes the most significant blood sugar spike in this fascinating interview with Justin Richard. 0:00 Welcome, Justin Richard! 1:56 Justin’s health history 4:58 Which food’s effect on blood sugar surprised you the most? 13:26 Other factors that affect blood sugar 16:57 […]

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This Can’t Be Real…Magic

Find out about the sore throat remedy that can provide relief within 60 seconds! Check out Dr. Berg's Massage Tool Here: 🛒 0:00 Introduction: How to get rid of a sore throat fast! 0:42 Fascial connection to sore throat 1:33 Sore throat relief technique 2:59 Please share your results! Today, I’m going to share step-by-step […]

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