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Look & Feel Younger: How To Increase Lifespan & Healthspan With Age | Drs. Nathan Price & Lee Hood

Get my FREE guide 3 Steps to Reverse Aging when you sign up for my weekly health picks 👉 Recent technological advances are completely changing the way we understand the body. Revolutions are happening on multiple levels–the “omics” revolution, the digitization of data, and the systems biology medicine movement. Today, I’m excited to talk to […]

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Hidden Dangers of Nightshade Vegetables

Learn more about Gundry MD: Take 25% off any regularly priced item with coupon code: YOUTUBE25 ———————- Discover the hidden dangers of nightshade vegetables and how they can impact your health. 🍆🌶️ Uncover the truth behind the term "nightshades" and learn why these seemingly harmless vegetables can cause serious health concerns. 😱 In this video, […]

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