The 15 Causes of ITCHING You’ve Never Heard About

Discover 15 causes of itching that you’ve probably never heard about. Number 13 might surprise you!


0:00 Introduction: 15 deeper causes of itching
1:38 Itching and diabetes
2:25 Itching and the parathyroid gland
3:03 Uremia
4:22 Remedies for itching

In this video, I’m going to share 15 underlying causes of itching. Pruritus is the medical term for itching. Itching usually involves a superficial nerve that is aggravated to some level.

Here are 15 causes of itching:
1. Body lice
2. Scabies
3. Hookworms
4. Herpes
5. Insect bites
6. Yeast infection
7. Poison ivy
8. Tick bites
9. Diabetes
10. Polycythemia
11. Problems with the parathyroid glands
12. Uremia
13. Liver issues
14. Cholestasis
15. Dry skin

Itching is often a symptom of diabetes because of circulation problems. Poor circulation causes the nerves to die, which can feel like itching or burning pain and even cause severe pain.

Polycythemia is a condition where you have too many red blood cells. This can decrease circulation and the amount of oxygen in your skin, causing itching.

The parathyroid gland consists of 4 glands around the thyroid that control calcium. If the thyroid works too hard, you could develop too much calcium in the blood. This can lead to calcification of your skin, which can affect your nerve endings.

Liver issues like cirrhosis, hepatitis, or cholestasis can cause itching. You can develop cholestasis if the liver’s function is impaired and it can no longer make bile salts.

Dry skin is a common cause of itching, often caused by a lack of vitamin A or vitamin D.

There is a high correlation between people who have itching and people with liver or gallbladder issues. This is typically caused by irritation to the gallbladder and decreased omega-3 fatty acids.

Dietary changes can help eliminate itching. TUDCA, a bile salt that helps thin the bile, has been found to significantly decrease itching in people with cirrhosis.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this increases your awareness about the potential causes of itching. I’ll see you in the next video.

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    00:14 🐜 Itching, medically known as pruritis, can be caused by various factors such as lice, scabies, hookworms, herpes, insect bites, yeast infections, and poison ivy.
    01:35 🕵 Tick bites, diabetes, and polycythemia (excess red blood cells) can lead to itching due to issues with circulation, nerve endings, and blood flow.
    02:42 🩸 Problems with the parathyroid gland, liver conditions like cirrhosis or hepatitis, and kidney issues (uremia) can contribute to itching, affecting nerve function and skin health.
    04:05 💊 Itching may be linked to gallbladder or liver problems, causing irritation and a decrease in omega-3 fatty acids. Dietary changes and bile salt supplementation can alleviate itching associated with liver issues.
    05:00 🧠 Scratching an itch stimulates serotonin and dopamine release, providing relief. Understanding the underlying causes of chronic itching is crucial for effective identification and management.

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