The 4 Causes of Air Hunger / Difficulty Breathing (Dyspnea)


Discover the top causes of breathing problems that aren't directly related to the heart or lungs and the best natural remedies for these issues.


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0:00 Introduction: Difficulty breathing
0:32 Unexplained breathing problems
1:04 What causes air hunger?
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Today, we’re going to talk about the best natural things to do for difficulty breathing, air hunger, or dyspnea.

Traditionally, people may have heard of this symptom being caused by asthma, pneumonia, COPD, lung infection, anemia, or a heart condition. But what if you rule these conditions out and still have problems breathing?

This is called pseudo-dyspnea. With pseudo-dyspnea, you may feel better with exercise and worse with rest.

Top causes of pseudo-dyspnea (difficulty breathing) and natural remedies:
1. Silent reflux
Natural solutions:
• Chlorophyll
• Wheatgrass juice powder
• Betaine hydrochloride (if there isn’t irritation to the gut or esophagus)
• Apple cider vinegar diluted in water and consumed through a straw (if there isn’t irritation to the gut or esophagus)

2. Alkalosis
Natural solutions:
• Betaine hydrochloride (if there isn’t irritation to the gut or esophagus)
• Apple cider vinegar diluted in water and consumed through a straw (if there isn’t irritation to the gut or esophagus)
• Healthy Keto® and intermittent fasting

3. Costochondritis
Natural solutions:
• Massaging and stretching the spine
• Using a mobility stick

Natural solutions:
• Thiamine (vitamin B1)

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Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis and intermittent fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals®. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! Try these natural tips for breathing problems. I’ll see you in the next video.

Dave McKinnon

  • CN says:

    Happy Monday, everyone! Today, I will decide if I want to gain a couple of pounds of muscle this week! 🎉 I know one thing.. it won’t be by eating bromated carbs, fructose consumption, nor drugs/steroids. Healthy Keto for the win! Thanks, Dr. Berg! 🇺🇸

  • Linda A says:

    Very interesting and well presented topic. Thanks Dr. Berg!! 🩷

  • Olivia Occult says:

    Asthmatic as heck myself, I haven’t honestly ever heard of it being described as ‘air hunger’ before. I also haven’t had difficulty breathing in months, but I do also work out seven days a week, aim to keep a very balanced diet and understand emotional control these days. I also know how to use breathing exercises, didn’t need the pure chlorophyll or other things but appreciate the protip. If I think about it objectively, I’m also yawning a lot less. Learnt a few things about myself. Thank you.

  • Mr. Feliz says:

    I associated my air-hunger/excessive yawning with possibly having COVID back in 2020. Come to find out I didn’t have COVID and it was likely due to anxiety !? I still suffer from this when anxious. I’m going to give these remedies a shot. Thank you Dr !

    • Kiersten A says:

      Yeah well they claim EVERYTHING is anxiety!! When they don’t know, can’t figure it out, or just don’t feel like bothering, it’s anxiety!! 🙄 Get another opinion.

  • Helene Vion says:

    Your data on chlorophyl, in some of your earlier videos, definitly helped me! Thank you so much!

  • Kim C says:

    Since I started taping my mouth shut at night I’ve become a nose breather all day and night! It’s reduceded my anxiety dramatically and I no longer struggle with air hunger! Thanks for that life changing tip Doc! ❤️ along with hundreds of other of your tips!
    Could you please do another video on RA- and trigger thumb and finger? Boy, I’m struggling. I have a digisplint for my thumb, because of my trigger thumb, but now my whole hand is ceasing up and triggering.😫 TIA Dr Berg!❤

    • SimplyHuman says:

      Yes!!!! Nose breathing has helped me tremendously. Mouth tape at night 🌙 and conscious nose breathing all day. It helps so much.

  • Anthony Alvarez says:

    Incredible, truly wonderful information. For a few years now I’ve been noticing some throat issues and digestive issues and spine issues and lastly breathing issues. I will look more into all, but this is tremendous 👏👏👏 Thank you.

  • Barbara Banks 1 says:

    Yes! Vitamin B1. I’ve read about NAC that contains high levels of B1. Could you do a (or have you done) a video on NAC, and is it safe to take long term? (As it would be for taking b1.)
    Thanks again Dr Berg. You help a lot of ppl with your videos. 💯😊👍

  • Mini bakers says:

    Thanks for this video – I was told by 2 GPs and a chemist I had an allergic reaction – expensive allergy test of 300 different substances all negative! I think it is one of the issues mentioned in this video.

  • canister says:

    Funny, been talking to my GP about how bad my breathing is. I broke my back at T9 and said how tight and restricted it makes my in breath. She said there’s no relationship between the spine and breathing! Thanks, now I know a name for the condition

    • Kiersten A says:

      Unbelievable!!!!!! I am beyond fed up with doctors and the entire medical industry at this point!!! Yet they think that they’re above everyone else and so much smarter!

  • 💫Raya says:

    Thank you so much ~ I’m asthmatic and you’ve absolutely been a Godsend. I know this will help me! Blessings 🙏❤️

    • Allison Lee says:

      Everyone I know with asthma that I have told to take an organic whole food B vitamin complex has had great results! Just thought I would share with you! Good luck 😊

  • Lisa Hause says:

    Thank you…Mr. Eric Berg, yes…agreeing w/ stretching…wowza, completely change my world! Feeling better every day …keep stretching everyone! Major good feel difference!👋☺️

  • Jane Wray says:

    Thank you for such HELPFUL information that would be extremely hard to get at the drs office. It is WONDERFUL to think that with someone like you we can take charge of our own health care 🤗🙏☺💞

  • Pa says:

    I knew that my liver swelling was effecting my breathing but you are the only one to acknowledge that. Thank you, Dr. Berg.

  • Kiersten A says:

    I’m new here but I’d REALLY love if you could cover mold illness and how to get well. Even for this topic mold causes air hunger. Actually mold causes so much damage you could almost mention it in every video! 😫

  • Jos Sho says:

    As Thanksgiving approches it’s important to reflect on those people in our lives that contribute positively to our overall wellbeing. You Sir, are one who I am thankful for. Your passionate professionalism in the attainment of health does not go unrecognized.

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    I sometimes get the feeling that God speaks to me through Dr. Berg, I’ll get a notification to one of his videos when i find myself dealing with an issue he is describing the solution for. I love this guy!

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    Thank u Dr. Berg, you’re sure the inspiration for many people from different walks.

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