The 6 Foods You Should NEVER EAT Again! | Mark Hyman

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Eating ultra-processed foods—made primarily from wheat, corn, and soy—increases your death rate by 75 percent. How’s that for a sobering statistic! Unfortunately, American grocery-store shelves are monopolized by foods that contain ingredients that you should never eat, like partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and more. These foods have been scientifically proven to cause disease and death, so why do we still keep reaching for them?

In this episode of my Masterclass series, I am interviewed by my good friend and podcast host Dhru Purohit about foods that you should never eat again, foods to limit, and the food industry’s role in why these foods are so pervasive in our supermarkets.

Dhru Purohit is a podcast host, serial entrepreneur, and investor in the health and wellness industry. His podcast, The Dhru Purohit Podcast, is a top-50 global health podcast with over 30 million unique downloads. His interviews focus on the inner workings of the brain and the body and feature the brightest minds in wellness, medicine, and mindset.

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  • Mark Hyman, MD says:

    Get my FREE guide 3 Steps to Reverse Aging when you sign up for my weekly health picks 👉

  • Sandy says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if we had a mandatory class in nutrition and food ingredients in high school or college ?

    • Kanu Gupta says:

      Yes I agree specially with the changing scenario .. GMO’s and preservatives .. as a layman people don’t want to know and even understand and also want to put effort to understand how much bad food can damage the gut and specially teens they do not listen at all .. !! School should propagate the mandatory nutrition education or I should say they should make it a mandatory part of education!!

    • Isabel C.M says:

      100!!! Also on growing your own food – herbs, plants, veg

    • R.C. Miller says:

      For the PARENTS.

  • ManInTheBigHat says:

    Grandpa lived to 98 and worked until the last two weeks of his life. He grew most of his own vegetables and avoided sugar. Never drank.

    • Sally Lawson says:

      Good for him. He lived a good life. Instead of sitting in a recliner eating and drinking himself to death like so many do.

    • ManInTheBigHat says:

      @Sally Lawson Well, he did have a recliner. A 1950’s model. It vibrated with a powerful motor. But he didn’t spend all that much time in it.

    • Grayson4life says:

      During the 1000 year reign on earth of Christ, it will be said they died early if they die before 100! Isa 65:20 Never again will there be in it an infant who lives but a few days, or an old man who does not live out his years; he who dies at a hundred will be thought a mere youth; he who fails to reach a hundred will be considered accursed. (21) They will build houses and dwell in them; they will plant vineyards and eat their fruit.

    • Elizabeth Recco says:

      That’s awesome! I’ve been growing my own food for about 30 years. All my vegetables taste like there suppose to, grocery stores vegetables taste horrible! I’m trying to live like people did 100 years ago. Good luck and maybe grow some food.

    • S CL says:

      My Mom lived to 97 and she ate tons of sugar her whole life. She did not have diabetes but her sugar was always on high end of normal.

  • Kc Taz says:

    My Grandmother was a LPN. Way back in the 1940s and 50s, she was telling people to eat butter, not margarine, not to smoke, don’t let doctors take out your kids’ tonsils because they are there to fight infection and eat and drink real food, not processed food. This was at a time when doctors were smoking in ICUs, when docs were routinely removing kids’ tonsils and cardiologists were telling everyone to eat margarine, not butter.
    She was right about everything. It turns out, medical science was way behind her. Amazing woman.

  • Thomas Anderson says:

    Avoid completely:
    0:50 hydrogenated vegetable oils, such as Crisco
    2:30 high-fructose corn syrup and other products high in fructose
    5:30 additives of which some are toxic or come with toxic byproducts
    6:30 ultra processed food
    7:50 artificial sweeteners
    8:55 pesticides

    9:35 flour
    10:15 sugar
    10:35 refined oils
    11:05 GMO foods

  • Adrian van Wijk says:

    My Mom was given a book on nutrition by my grandfather in the early 70’s there is a page on the adverse health effects of hydrogenated fats. So we’ve known for over 50 years. I recall reading it in my teens when questioning my Mom on why we couldn’t eat nice things like my friends.

    • TheCynic says:

      Yes! My mother was the same. She made homemade desserts 😵 … the horror! We didn’t know how good we had it.

    • linda reboh-king says:

      Read a book by Adele Davis a nutritionist 50 years ago started reading labels and stopped eating anything with transfat
      Educate yourself. Dr Hyman is the most doc out there

    • linda reboh-king says:

      Dr Hyman most knowledgeable doc out there

  • Cyndi Jones says:

    My husband was a chef, so our kids didn’t eat a lot of processed foods. Picture this, end of the first day of school, I start to ask the usual how was your day… My oldest son, “Mom, I think the school is trying to kill us. That lunch was not food”. They never bought lunch at school again. If they forgot their lunch at home, they would refuse to eat. Bonus tip from hubby: want your kids to eat veggies? Blend them into sauces. Lol, they never knew they were eating tomatoes, squash , carrots, onions, etc. in their spaghetti!

    • Susan Lilley says:

      Still doing this and my kids are 24 ,23 and 19

    • Natalia Busko says:

      I mean pasta sauce is not sauce without onions, carrots and celery

    • Natalia Busko says:

      You know I don’t like the texture of carrots and onions since I was a kid, but I understand that food especially meat just is not tasty without onions and carrots, so I blend it or dice it into very small pieces

  • Wayfaring Gal says:

    I lost 120 lbs. in 1-1/2 years and never ate a single thing that was low-fat or fat-free! I stopped eating refined sugar completely and starches for the most part and did intermittent fasting. I have stage 4 COPD and wasn’t able to exercise and still am very limited, but I married the love of my life at 70 years old : ) That all happened two years ago and I’m still amazed…PTL

  • Michelle S says:

    Dr. Hyman is such a gift to the world such a book of knowledge and to tell you not to eat this garbage hidden in our foods . He has done our homework for us. Again he is such a gift! Thank you Dr. Hyman for all you have taught me!!

  • Debbie Martinez says:

    My grandmother was not a schooled student. She lived through the Great Depression in the 1930’s. She always made soups and meat with at least 3 vegetables. Also, she made fish. We ate corn tortillas and rolls. She had her own garden, and cooked vegetables from her garden. We ate spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, zucchini. She had orange, apricot, and walnut trees. She made Spanish rice and pasta in the soups. Any sweets where treats like once a week. We would buy sweets from the bakery. Everything was homemade. I was a child in the 1970’s and was taught to be grateful and appreciate the food I was eating. My grandma lived to be 87 years old.

    • Sticks Bontop says:

      She probably lived that long (may she rest) because she ate a lot of plant foods and limited animal products. What you might call a ‘plant-forward’ diet. She would probably have been healthier and lived longer if she cut out meat, dairy and eggs entirely, though. Of course, there are a lot of other factors including genetics, lifestyle and place of residence, and some people have lived until a ripe old age despite smoking cigarettes all their life. They are the exception, not the rule.

      Similarly, people in Greece often live until old ages eating a mostly ‘Mediterranean’ diet with mostly plant foods and only minimal animal products. That doesn’t mean the animal products weren’t bad for them, and there are other factors in their success; these people generally live much healthier, more active lifestyles than in other cultures, and get a lot of the freshest air in the world. Their plant-forward diets definitely are part of it but they could be better if they were fully plant-based whole foods diets, proven scientifically to be the healthiest for humans.

      Regardless, plant based foods are proven to produce better health outcomes in almost all cases, and are necessary for the environment and stopping climate change, and to prevent unjust and unnecessary animal suffering.

      Go vegan for the planet, the animals, and your health.

    • Sticks Bontop says:

      Go to nutritionfacts for tips on eating and getting nutrition on a healthy plant based diet.

    • Sticks Bontop says:

      And if you’re interested, Dominion, What the Health, The Game Changers, or Forks over Knives

    • Sticks Bontop says:

      Those are documentaries. Sorry my messages are getting auto-removed if I format them in certain ways

  • DJ says:

    For me, once I reached 60, a bad diet affected me negatively really fast. My health started to decline at 35 from eating wrong foods. A naturopathic doctor got me turned around.

  • Life Is NOW. says:

    This is one AMAZING podcast. There is no PERFECT diet, there is no PERFECT system. We all age and decay regardless, but I really think that Dr. Hyman is pretty spot on with his guidance. He really came across sincere and humble and for me that says a lot regarding the direction for his wisdom. He truly seems to care for the people and not completely about his profit margin. And that very last piece of information regarding STRESSING over ones diet cannot be reiterated enough. Again, there is no PERFECT diet. Even the ancients, thousands of years ago when everything they ate would have been “organic” had diseases, ailments, inflammation, stress, cancer and yet each and every one of them died regardless. Do your best and take the baby steps you need to make the small gains that can get you on a better path.

    • Sarah Nevhutalu says:

      I’m 70 & have very high BP, I got this information recently and I am trying to follow the instructions, I have yielded positive for results, doctors pile us up with medicines, increasing mg every time te blood pressure goes up without finding the root cause.
      Thanks a lot for this information

    • Thomas Sanders says:

      There are other ways to get the energy your body needs to function. Eating is addictive, and requires your energy to process.

    • Stefan says:

      i hear very very good things about the strict carnivore diet, preferably grass fed beef, when health “things” start to suck and nothing seems to be able to fix the situation. especially the leaky gut, and the insulin resistance, high bp and such. all over youtube.

  • Melody’s Melody says:

    What a great host. This was one of the best informative post cast I’ve listened to in a while. The guest was able to not just answer questions, but actually speak freely without interruptions. Thank you

  • Patience Falters says:

    Just met Ethiopian native whose father & grandfather lived to 110 & 120 YEARS & they ate ONLY natural NEVER touched PROCESSED food. THIS IS SPOT ON.

  • Miss Babycakes says:

    First person/ professional I’ve ever heard equate the body to a car. I’ve always done this. I was diagnosed with MS and I was 18(39 now) and after years of studying and dying it just goes hand-in-hand. In good health now compared to what I was during all the years taking pharmaceutical medications witch almost killed me It’s messed me up in some area’s for ever. I really wish I could sue the pharmaceutical industry. He is right. We are very disconnected from our bodies we do not listen to it at all. One step further we need to connect all three the mind the body and the spirit then start to move is one then society would change because we’d treat each other equal and so many different aspects with love then the vibration of the world with change.

  • sunshinelizard1 says:

    When he mentioned that a family can cook a dinner of chicken, potatoes and salad for less money than eating at McDonald’s, I thought about another factor – we have become a country that for a large percentage of the population, both parents need to work in order to pay for raising a family. This is where parents don’t have time to cook. I think that’s a large contributing factor to the issue of eating processed foods.

    • Michelle1899 says:

      It’s not crispy, but that particular meal works very well in a crockpot! Due to serious food sensitivities with 2 in my family not able to eat wheat, dairy and eggs (it’s rough!), using a crockpot when I have to work long days has been so helpful. Saves money, too. I wish you well!

    • Henry says:

      Do not eat potatoes.

  • Z says:

    Because the thickeners are in soy, oat, Next Milk etc, I thought they weren’t too bad so I overlooked them in all foods. Thanks for explaining it all. Maybe you could manufacture some of the basics like a milk substitute, a few dairy-like items (cream cheese, sour cream) and one crunchy, slightly salty snack that are safe to eat (and make them available in Canada). It would be your winning lotto ticket because a lot of us are shopping-weary.

  • Kenneth Truong says:

    I’m 28 just started watching what I eat due to health problems. I used to junk out and was at 240+lbs felt sluggish and was depressed. In the last 7 months I started eating healthy researching everything I was eating and when I was supposed to eat it and now I feel healthier and am at a healthy weight 180lbs never realized how much more energized and happy I could feel just by eating healthy

    • AirRuns says:

      Wow 60 lbs in 7 months thats incredible

    • Kenneth Truong says:

      @AirRuns it was a lot of hard work. Instead of eating junk food and switching to fruit and salads instead biking everyday to work although not too far. It sucked but my stomach has shrunk as well. People who didn’t know that I had switched up my lifestyle completely thought I was doing drugs and that’s how I lost so much weight lol

    • AirRuns says:

      @Kenneth Truong nice but my story was that I was 235 in my mid 30s and now I am 175 and I eat very little meat and eggs Lol also I took 2 years to lose that in a slow transition. I feel amazing and can’t believe people are eating like they do.

    • WifiGranny L. says:

      ​@Kenneth TruongGreat job! Not many people have the willpower to succeed as you did. You will be able to help others when the occasion arises. I’m happy for you & pray you have a blessed life.

    • Donna Hollingsworth says:

      Thank you for the information.

  • Kathryn Stone says:

    Thanks for saying these foods! 1. Partially hydrogenated oils, 2. High fructose corn syrup 3. Toxins (BHT), 4. Ultra processed food, 5. Artificial sweeteners, 6. Dirty dozen fruits or vegetables (have organic versions), 7. Flour, 8. Sugar, 9. Refined oils (not olive or avocado) 10. GMO foods (glyphosates on them). Names of sugars: barley malt, maltodextrin, corn syrup, cane sugar… I’ve been eating a little slice of ginger each day and I feel so much better and my lower legs feel “lighter” so my inflammation has gone down in my legs. I was very surprised! Yes, food can be a drug! Sometimes a bad drug and sometimes a good drug. Sugar is very addictive. It’s not a good drug. Good to know that the gums can cause leaky gut. Gluten = glue! Good way to explain it. Food is medicine! I’ll have to try the 10 day detox! Wonderful information about how to eat clean. I stopped drinking soda over 2 years ago. I worry about my kid’s food at school because here in Minnesota they are offering free lunches to everyone. So far my son says the food offered at school has been the same as years before. I raise meat birds in Joel Salatin style.

  • Truth Notfeelings says:

    Probably my two favourite doctors.

    During my education I became very disillusioned with medicine, it seemed like we were treating symptoms not causes and serving big pharma.
    Doctors like you give me hope that I will truly helping people. Thank you so much.

    May God Almighty bless you both.

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