The Breakfast Foods That Could Be Adding Years to Your Face

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Are your breakfast choices making you look older than you are? In this video, we're revealing the top 3 breakfast foods that could be aging you rapidly and making you look older. Watch to discover what these foods are and learn about healthier alternatives that can help you maintain a youthful appearance. Don't let your breakfast age you! Make smarter choices starting today.
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Dave McKinnon

  • @karrskarr says:

    Yeppers, it’s Omega 3 eggs, and sardines for me 😛

  • @phoneuser3569 says:

    You are becoming more and more like a used car salesman. It’s hard to believe what you say when it all sounds like sales propaganda.

  • @AdamKhan-db7lo says:

    Thanks DR GANDER for helping ❤

  • @nomifyle says:

    I ditched all those foods you mentioned years ago except bacon, although I don’t eat it often and not necessarily for breakfast. I never stopped eating eggs.

  • @cherylallen9640 says:

    I have to stop listening you you guys

  • @nics0ul says:

    there’s no way an organic orange is “bad”

  • @almaburns6562 says:

    I wish he would shave those whiskers, they age him.

  • @schnickschnack2000 says:

    Fasting fasting fasting…I don’t take breakfast since I‘m 10 years old. I‘m eating only at lunchtime, starting with an apple. Then, veggtables recommended by Dr. Gundry. But one day in a week I eat everything. I replaced all sugar with birchsugar. My Cakes are sweet and delicious.

  • @mikii863 says:

    Stop listen to this guy fruit & meat are very healthy vegtebles are the anemy

  • @jacobzamorano8483 says:

    I love Dr. Gundry. If you follow his “yes” and “no” foods list, you’ll be in the best health of your life.

  • @mgsa5722 says:

    Have you been eating lots of Sugar in your breakfast too? Bc you have crepey skin on neck too. Plus turkey neck

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