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    Thank you for sharing

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    I wish here in germany doctors are this cool and informative 😉

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    Your videos are every Informative!!

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    Thank you ,have a great day. 😊

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    Amazing… thanks for the confirmation, Dr. Mandell! I’ve actually followed that order for years – and nobody told me about it… I also have low blood sugar – ‘just seemed to work well for me!✝️🙏🏼

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    Your videos are wonderful. I appreciate you!❤

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    Thank you Dr that’s a great way of talking care of our gut❤️🎉

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    Thank you Doctor Allan Mandell.

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    Thank you Dr for your advice 🙏

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    Shalom, God Bless you thank you ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏💜

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    I never knew there was a certain order we’re supposed to eat our healthy foods 🤔

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    Your knowledge is priceless, thank you for sharing ❤❤

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    Thank you Dr Mandell God bless you ❤

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    This order works for me Fantastically when I eat low sugar veggies first – no carrots, peas, etc, and not fruit at this point. I mention this so if you try it and don’t feel good results, go to celery, cukes, “dinosaur” kale type veggies. I feel well for first time in decades – no sugar spikes, sustained satiety for 4hours easy, no cravings for refined carbs!
    I also drink 1T of white wine vinegar (it seems milder to me) in 1Qt water (with a straw- protect those teeth!) throughout the day, usually about ½ before lunch and other ½ before dinner. Dr. M has video about vinegar, too.
    Just putting this out there as one person’s way of managing slightly elevated A1C.
    Thank you Dr Mandel for always sharing great info.

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    I appreciate your wisdom that you share so freely to anyone 🥰

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    Thank you for your advice Dr Mandell.

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