The Morning Cup for a Powerful Liver Detox Cleanse! Dr. Mandell

The main foods to avoid are refined sugars, alcohol, processed foods, trans fat, and excessive red meats. Sugars can contribute to fatty deposits and inflammation by causing a surge of blood glucose and a large release of insulin. Alcohol can damage the liver by increasing the accumulation of fatty acids and depletes the liver of glutathione, sulfur compounds, vitamins, and minerals.

The Liver and Its Functions:
The liver is the largest solid organ in the body. It removes toxins from the body’s blood supply, maintains healthy blood sugar levels, regulates blood clotting, and performs hundreds of other vital functions. It is located beneath the rib cage in the right upper abdomen.

Key Facts
The liver filters all of the blood in the body and breaks down poisonous substances, such as alcohol and drugs.
The liver also produces bile, a fluid that helps digest fats and carry away waste.
The liver consists of four lobes, which are each made up of eight sections and thousands of lobules (or small lobes).
Functions of the Liver
The liver is an essential organ of the body that performs over 500 vital functions. These include removing waste products and foreign substances from the bloodstream, regulating blood sugar levels, and creating essential nutrients. Here are some of its most important functions:

Albumin Production: Albumin is a protein that keeps fluids in the bloodstream from leaking into surrounding tissue. It also carries hormones, vitamins, and enzymes through the body.
Bile Production: Bile is a fluid that is critical to the digestion and absorption of fats in the small intestine.
Filters Blood: All the blood leaving the stomach and intestines passes through the liver, which removes toxins, byproducts, and other harmful substances.
Regulates Amino Acids: The production of proteins depend on amino acids. The liver makes sure amino acid levels in the bloodstream remain healthy.
Regulates Blood Clotting: Blood clotting coagulants are created using vitamin K, which can only be absorbed with the help of bile, a fluid the liver produces.
Resists Infections: As part of the filtering process, the liver also removes bacteria from the bloodstream.
Stores Vitamins and Minerals: The liver stores significant amounts of vitamins A, D, E, K, and B12, as well as iron and copper.
Processes Glucose: The liver removes excess glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream and stores it as glycogen. As needed, it can convert glycogen back into glucose.
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