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While calcium supplementation can be an effective way to ensure adequate calcium intake, several concerns make obtaining calcium through diet a preferable option for many individuals. One major issue with calcium supplements is the potential increased risk of cardiovascular events; some studies have suggested that high doses of supplemental calcium may contribute to coronary artery calcification and heart disease. Additionally, excessive calcium from supplements can lead to kidney stones by increasing the amount of calcium excreted in the urine, which can crystallize and form stones. Supplements might also interfere with the absorption of other essential nutrients like zinc, magnesium, and iron. Furthermore, the body often absorbs calcium more efficiently from food sources due to the presence of other vitamins and minerals that aid in its absorption, such as vitamin D, magnesium, and phosphorus. Consuming a varied diet rich in calcium contributes to overall nutritional balance and provides other health benefits from whole foods, such as fiber, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. Therefore, it is generally recommended to prioritize dietary sources of calcium over supplements whenever possible.

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Below is a list of 40 calcium-rich foods to help you diversify your diet and meet your calcium needs:

1. **Milk**
2. **Cheddar cheese**
3. **Parmesan cheese**
4. **Plain yogurt**
5. **Kale**
6. **Spinach**
7. **Collard greens**
8. **Fortified soy milk**
9. **Fortified almond milk**
10. **Fortified oat milk**
11. **Fortified orange juice**
12. **Fortified cereals**
13. **Sardines**
14. **Canned salmon (with bones)**
15. **Tofu (made with calcium sulfate)**
16. **Chia seeds**
17. **Almonds**
18. **Sesame seeds**
19. **Tahini**
20. **White beans**
21. **Chickpeas**
22. **Dried figs**
23. **Rhubarb**
24. **Kelp (seaweed)**
25. **Bok choy**
26. **Broccoli**
27. **Swiss chard**
28. **Turnip greens**
29. **Mustard greens**
30. **Edamame**
31. **Watercress**
32. **Black-eyed peas**
33. **Hazelnuts**
34. **Brazil nuts**
35. **Pistachios**
36. **Sunflower seeds**
37. **Sesame oil**
38. **Molasses**
39. **Prickly pear cactus (nopal)**
40. **Quinoa (fortified or naturally occurring)**

Incorporating a diverse range of these foods can help ensure you get an ample supply of calcium along with other essential nutrients for overall health.

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    I tell people about clogging the arteries..they say to me..that’s’s also calcium..just diagnosed with osteopenia..weight lifting..resistance and calcium in natural form..supplements gave me kidney stones years ago..bam I stopped

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    Carnation Instant Breakfast( powder) has a bunch of Ca.
    I noticed kidney stone pain after a short time ,while I was
    ” addicted” to it. I was making my coffee – mocha.
    I stopped the mocha and the pain stopped.

    But I was stubborn..started
    ” using” again.
    Pain returned.
    Then I gave it up for good.

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    If you’re going to take calcium supplements, you *must* also take Vitamin K2, Magnesium, and Vitamin D3 supplements. That combination is what’s going to get calcium to be absorbed correctly by the body. Learned it from Doctor Lair Ribeiro, who also states that just taking calcium supplements alone could be fatal.

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    So glad you’ve addressed this issue. After my bone density scan showed severe osteoporosis, I was put on vitamin D3, 2000IU daily, taken after my morning Boost supplement, 3 Boosts daily for natural calcium. The importance of not taking a calcium pill was explained, and coincides exactly with your information. Good work.

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      certain exercises could help with osteoporosis , youtube has videos on it .

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      It sucks that Boost costs as much as it does. Idk if it’s a better alternative to Boost but…

      I buy Carnation Instant Breakfast and it says that per tablespoon for calcium there’s 25% in the mix only and 50% when made with low-fat milk. An entire bottle of Boost has 25%. I don’t know a whole lot about calcium, I just know that having to drink 3 boosts a day must get really expensive so you may save money by buying the mix in general regardless of brand. I can’t say for sure if Carnation Instant Breakfast is better than Boost overall but I never see the Boost powder in my local stores so I buy the canister of Carnation Instant Breakfast for less than $8 and my choice of milk. Groceries are ridiculously expensive nowadays so I just wanted to throw this out there because when my doctor wanted me to drink Boost and also eat Activia yogurt, it became too expensive and there was no way I could meet that request. 3 Boosts a day is 90 Boosts in a 30 day period so it must bruise your wallet to do this. If you are rich it doesn’t matter but if you are like me and need to try to save money you may want to compare Carnation Instant Breakfast and Boost and see which one is most beneficial and affordable. πŸ’•

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      @@xbrandi12345x you’re absolutely right. I’ve taken boost since I was in my young years, to maintain weight. genetics gave me my mom’s build and metabolism. I was able to stay at 100-105, 5′ tall. I’m 71, still at 103, now just trying to get full nutrition. I noticed the price skyrocket during COVID. Ridiculous prices, but I depend on it.

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    I take calcium, I take vitamin K2 by MK7 which takes calcium to areas it should be absorbed. Magnesium, D D3 etc all on a daily basis

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    I have early osteoporosis, and I take Cacium with vitamin D. It absorbs well if taken with L-lysine. It’s the same thing with D3, absorbs well with magnesium Glycinate. I also take a K1/K2 supplement on its own and always with food.

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