The Perfect Weight Loss SNACK! | Dr. Gundry Podcast

Dr. Gundry delves into the compounds of Brazil nuts that make them an ideal choice for healthy snacking. Learn how Brazil nuts can support your weight loss journey and optimize your overall health.

Dave McKinnon

  • @adrianpierce3047 says:

    but limit the amount eaten per day says the internet

  • @classicgameplay10 says:

    they dont contain lectins ?

  • @AntiDoctor-cx2jd says:

    I really don’t think brazil nuts help you lose weight. Just supplement selenium lol. Actually high oils are the only thing that help me gain weight when I’m low. I can’t gain weight on carbs.

  • @mariaosorio8225 says:

    I’m allergy to all nuts😢

  • @elea45hinee57 says:

    How many max we can eat all day?

  • @shijithkumarp7837 says:

    Are you a Vegan ?

  • @deb3612 says:

    😮 not allowed for my blood type

  • @f.r.o.gcreations5688 says:

    Why not memorize what you are going to say? Instead of looking down at the card every 3 seconds to read? Good presentation skills makes what you are saying more credible.

  • @mbrathnayakerathnayake5510 says:

    How about dates or plums ?

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