The ROOT CAUSES Of Alzheimer’s Disease & How To PREVENT IT | Dr. Dale Bredesen

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It is possible for those who are struggling with cognitive decline to regain brain function and take back their lives. Despite what the conventional medical model has taught us about cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s, these disorders are actually within our power to stop, slow, and reverse.

In this video, Dr. Dale Bredesen shares inspiring stories from patients who have reversed cognitive decline and are now thriving. He also discusses the contributing factors that lead to cognitive decline and much more.

Dr. Bredesen is internationally recognized as an expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, and the author of the New York Times bestsellers The End of Alzheimer's, The End of Alzheimer's Program, and his latest book The First Survivors of Alzheimer's: How Patients Recovered Life and Hope in Their Own Words.

He has held faculty positions at UC San Francisco, UCLA, and the University of California San Diego. He has directed the Program on Aging at the Burnham Institute before coming to the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in 1998 as its founding president and CEO. He is currently a professor at UCLA.

Dave McKinnon

  • Arlene Adunni says:

    I love the shift many mainstream medical practitioners are making by moving towards a more holistic approach to understanding disease pathology. It was never supposed to be just about pill pushing.

  • Claudette Sechler says:

    Thank you so much for presenting this informative interview. Since I carry the AP04 gene, I try to learn as much as I can about Prevention. I only know what has helped me and that is intermittent fasting, clean eating, (we all know what that is) exercise, supplementation, and loads of fun, grateful and 70 never felt so good!

    • Sally Aversa says:

      I do IF and keto and I lost 50 lbs. I’m 71 and I agree with you!!

    • ksc says:

      I agree with you both. I do IF and generally eat healthy foods (more complex carbs than allowed on keto) exercise, sleep well and have fun. Gratitude is an important one too!

    • POLY LIVING says:


    • DJ says:

      How much is that. apo4 test ? Alzheimer’s runs on both sides of my family and I’m pretty sure I have it or I’ll get it soon. I find that sugar turns my brain off. It makes it impossible to concentrate or remember or add two and two. But I seem to crave sugar like a drug addict.

    • Angeles Rivera says:

      GOOD FOR YOU🌺 I’M ALSO 70✨💫🎊

  • treasure the time says:

    Interesting research. For those not following the jargon:

    1. There are reasons for cognitive decline
    2. Those reasons are identifiable and treatable.
    3. There have been 5 primary causes identified by the research.
    4. His recommendation is to start by getting an assessment done. Your primary care doctor is probably the best place to start. If he or she doesn’t know about it can’t find the information, contact the presenters group or provide your physician with their information.
    5. Although the 5 causes are different with different treatment protocols, EVERYONE should be:

    A. Exercising.
    B. Reducing blood sugar spikes by eliminating highly processed, high carbohydrate “foods”.
    Ç. Getting enough quality sleep consistently
    D. Identifying vitamin d deficiency and getting proper nutritional support (testing done by physician).
    E. Reduce anything that leads you to chronic inflammation. Increase meditation, relaxation, visualisation and stimulate your mind with reading, puzzles or anything the stimulates cognition.

    F. Take care of your oral health.
    G. Learn about maintaining a healthy “gut” and incorporate those practices into your life.

  • Michael s Hildebrand says:

    I am a construction engineer after 32 years my wife left me and my son 🤯 meningitis survivor he’s on no medication he has seizures I’m not a brain surgeon but I’ve been playing with his food naturally grown no chemicals this is crazy but I’ve been able to decreasing seizures by 90% 🤷‍♂️

  • Scott S says:

    My wife and I have neurological disorders caused by chemical poisoning.
    We were exposed to contaminated water and soil on military bases.
    My wife has an autoimmune disease and I have Parkinson’s disease from the chemicals crossing the blood brain barrier.
    We literally can’t afford to eat any junk food so we eat healthy to try and preserve the little cognitive reserves we have left.
    I’ve learned so much from my down the rabbit hole research about neurological
    diseases caused by toxin exposure.
    The neurologist doesn’t know what exactly my wife has.
    She passed all the antibody bio markers
    but failed EMG torture test.
    So I had to figure it out on my own.
    I boiled it down from 90 autoimmune
    diseases to 5 on her symptoms alone.
    The several medicine’s she was prescribed made her symptoms worse.
    They were medicines used to treat MS.
    So I had her try a little of my Parkinson’s
    medicine and that didn’t work either.
    Since her symptoms are really close to
    Guillan Barre syndrome (GBS) and she was having paralysis of the 7th Cranial
    Nerve I decided it was caused by
    inflammation of the brain.
    I can bring her out of it with CBD!
    CBD reduces inflammation and resets the immune response.
    And she is improving slowly everyday!

  • shirley lake says:

    Dr. thank you for all of your efforts,studies and life’s work. I appreciate you to the maximum.

  • d falco says:

    Oh to be able to see a real doctor who both knows what Dr. Bredesen knows and wants to actually improve health, rather than just mask symptoms.

    • Kacye Leightly says:

      viralshield then what do physicians call themselves doctors? You’re being arrogant.

    • Randy Green says:

      But if they actually treat the disease/situation they can’t continue to treat these symptoms. Making money is what the medical industry is now.

    • d falco says:

      viralshield interesting point. Thing is, in my culture, I’m accustomed to both calling, and hearing others call, the person seen for health reasons, “Doctor.” You make a valid point that not all phd’s are medical doctors, or physicians. That point has little to do with the meaning of my statement, as I see it, but good observation.

    • KENNY C says:

      Professional prescription writers.

  • SwaveWorm says:

    I have been noticing how I forget things more often now and it somehow coincides with my chronic nasal problems. I thought, it must be because the inflammation is blocking my breathing when I sleep. Apparently, it’s more complicated than that. This makes absolute sense to me and although it seems familiar, it is also quite decisive (if that makes sense).

    It is really nice to know that we are actually advancing our knowledge to combat against these diseases.

    • AnnWith APlan says:

      SwaveWorm – Did you get rid of the nasal problems?

    • AnnWith APlan says:

      @gary sekerak – Interesting. I learned there was a Dr years ago who used some kind of electrical frequency or something inside the ears and helped people get their hearing back. I wonder if there is such thing as a nasal humming device. : )

    • SwaveWorm says:

      @gary sekerak wow. I just hummed while I watched that doctor lady in the video. I’m feeling some relief. I’m gonna try it for several days to see if it works for me.

  • Sandra Lewis says:

    My cousin who is in her 70s has dementia, most likely caused by NPH. The family thinks this has been an issue for at least 25 years. She lives with me now and I’ve had her on a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep regimen for 6 years. She is lucid and coherent but the damage has been done. There’s no coming back from this. Prevention in the form of a clean diet, unprocessed and organic, plus exercise and good sleep could have helped if her condition had been recognized sooner.

    • Patrick McKinley says:

      Hi 👋 Sandra, can I talk to you for a moment?

    • SherlockHolmes82 says:

      What kind of diet is she on? Cheers

    • Sandra Lewis says:

      @SherlockHolmes82 She eats a ketogenic diet with high fat, very low carb, and optimum protein…and mostly vegetarian.

      Coconut oil, ghee, walnut oil, olive oil, greens, greens, greens, vegetables, green tea, coffee, nuts, sprouts, Alaska canned salmon, our own free range bird eggs and goat milk. A typical meal might be a boiled egg and sautéed greens for breakfast, a lentil tortilla rollup with peanut butter and a green salad for lunch, and salmon patties for dinner with steamed broccoli and sautéed cabbage. We grow everything possible, raise egg laying birds, and keep a few milk goats. We also eat heirloom corn masa and bean tortillas. Mostly chemical free bounty from a backyard organic garden.

    • Spearo says:

      @Sandra Lewis awesome

    • diane hall says:

      Sandra Lewis- Well done! We are a working family farm- organic. All of us are 70-something. I have looked closely at all the popular diets. I have chosen to follow a low carb-low sugar- clean whole foods Mediterranean diet with good results. I do take some helpful tips from my now extensive library of Keto/Paleo/ High fat/ Gut health/etc. diet lifestyle books, as well as my grandmother’s Vermont farm cookbooks. ~ Diane

  • Yan Zi says:

    Great info! Thanks for sharing. With Dr. Bredesen’s explanations, Alzheimer’s disease is no long a mystery. Also, he mapped out a clear path for everyone to avoid going into this dreadful disease. Excellent work!

  • Terrie Phillips says:

    My dad died of Lewy body dementia in 2001. He was a life long biker and construction worker. He was extremely healthy and in his late 60s (he died at shortly after his 70th birthday) he could jump on a horse and ride like the wind, he’d take my sons dirt bike and do donuts all over the yard! He loved life!! We finally got him in to see the best neurologist we could find and I’ll never forget the doctors first question, Mr. Taylor, have you eaten deer, elk or moose from Colorado, Wyoming or Montana in the last 20 years? He wasn’t a hunter but many friends were so yes he had eaten those meats. I started reading everything I could find on having meat in the diet from that moment on. Everyone remembers mad cow disease (BSE) but there are others like chronic wasting disease found in deer, elk and moose. These are also indestructible prions which cause misfolded proteins in the brain and are fatal and the scariest part is they believe the incubation period to be months to 20 or possibly more years. They are still saying CWD has not transmitted to humans. I mention this because I believe food is medicine. When meat is eaten you must think about what food and water that animal ate and drank. BSE came from cattle who were fed infected sheep parts. Cattle are not meat eaters.

    • Deborah Klinlger says:

      Cattle are not meat eaters!!!!!

    • 19Murad77 says:

      First, my condoleances for the loss of your father (mine had alzheimers when he died 10 years ago).

      Years ago I’ve read something even more disgusting about the possible cause of mad cow / kreutzfeld Jacobs disease (in addition to cows being fed remains of infected cows and sheeps).
      For years the food pellets given to cows, that includes many products of animal origin, also included bones coming from the Indian subcontinent. It was supposed to be of animal origin but it also included human remains collected for instance on the banks of the Gange after funerary ceremonies.

      Moreover, something like ten years ago, I watched a documentary about the Kuru disease in Papua Guinea, transmitted through ceremonial cannibalism of infected dead relatives. Some people got it very quickly, some decades later.
      It suggest that the Creuzfeld-Jacobs cases might still explode. The ones who developped it in the 90s being genetically vulnerable to it and developped it quickly, but many others might still follow.
      The big mad cow flare up was already 30 years ago, so I hope that it’s just not the case.

      Doing only a quick search, I got the trailer of the documentary :

    • gewloom sre says:

      Did he eat bread, corn and sugar? Did he drink alcohol and frizzy drinks? did he snack often. I just would like to see his general diet and how often he eat.

  • RV Boondocker says:

    I’m a neuropsychologist and have been screaming about medicine being a century behind. I love the Silicon Valley analogy. Thank you for making this video! Plant based eating is magical. You don’t want to take any pills at all if you can avoid them. The pharmaceutical industry does not want you dead but they don’t want you healthy either. The goal is to keep you on pills. Instead of treating symptoms, treat the cause. That rarely happens in any setting.

    • Josh Pickles says:

      All the cancer patients on my ward keep dying despite being vegan. What gives?

    • Jean paul Tongeren says:

      I had a psychosis 4 times, and I am on pills. I read in a research that Omega 3 will cause schizphrenia/psychocis not to occur. I never ate Omega 3, walnuts, Fish., when I was younger so point is food can fix alot of health issues.

    • DeLaVille says:

      @Josh Pickles too many carbs. They would be better served adopting a very low carb diet with healthy fats that do not include seed oils which are highly inflammatory.

    • RV Boondocker says:

      @Copy&Paste 😇 Personal truth is not science

  • Steve MacLeod says:

    As a layman I find it interesting how much this aligns with folks who end up with trauma, often causing C1/C2 rotation, which then causes internal jugular vein compression issues, which is actually also carotid sheath compression too, so the vagus nerve and parasympathetic nervous system plexus can be impacted, causing inflammation, excess cortisol, and a host of other issues, but which can also reduce the drainage of the brain and so the mastoid and sinus areas as well, not to even mention the higher intracranial pressure issues this causes, which then can impact the brains large particle removal system, the Glymphatic system, and of course lead to many brain toxicity issues, like failure to remove the hyperphosphorylated tau (tangles) and amyloid beta aggregate, which then can even cause giant arachnoid granulations as they are only intended to be a filter for smaller debris. I realize these issues are still only starting to get attention, but I agree with yuo that it would be great for neuro medicine to “catch up”, you mentioned it being behind about 100 years, if we consider that the Glymphatic system is only getting attention since about 2010, and was first published about in 1810 by Italian anatomist Paolo Mascagni, I think you are being generous, but hopefully this can improve.

  • Gundog55 says:

    Wow! I’m 66 years old and diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Researching it I found all kinds of videos on the micro biome relationship. I cut carbs, adopted an intermittent fasting diet, exercising, yoga and meditation. I began taking magnesium citrate which eliminated muscle cramps, zinc w/copper, attempted to eliminate sugar from my diet. All of these put me from a stage two to better than when my neurologist first saw me. I’m up to 70 push ups at a time, I walk/run four miles of trail 4 times a week and am in better shape than I’ve been in ten years. Inflammation has decreased significantly. I’m not going to beat PD but I’m giving it a good fight.

    • Neena Inzary says:

      Take glyconutrients

    • Pam Carpenter says:

      Good carbs are very important for you you need to eat whole fruits, whole grains, legumes, and starchy vegetables very important. And leafy greens are also good for you. Lots of broccoli. Don’t cut carbs you need to eat them.

    • Pam Carpenter says:

      And also you need to cut back on meat, eggs and dairy I feel so much better. I’m in my sixties and I feel like I’m in my twenties when I eat whole food plant-based diet.

    • SNOWY OWL says:

      @Pam Carpenter
      WRONG !

  • Sabrina PIttsley says:

    He’s so right about using diagnostic means, trying to figure out what the root causes of things that cause diseases. Most doctors today don’t have the time, due to meeting patient quotas or they are too lazy or don’t want to be sued for making a wrong decision/diagnosis. It’s easier to mask up symptoms and do a band aid diagnosis with a pill and hope for the best.

  • niklar55 says:

    I’ve had more sickness caused by doctors, than I’ve had cured, so I have a rather jaundiced view of doctors.
    However, this doctor, Dale Bredesen, has recognised the multiplicity of causes of diseases, and may be one of very few to do so.
    One thing he mentioned that I think is critical, is that most modern foods, grown in ”factory farming” situations are severely deficient in essential nutrients. In my opinion, many so-called diseases can be traced to poor nutrition.
    Some of the more obvious historical ”diseases,” (which should be called sicknesses, rather than diseases, because they are not caused by infectious agents,) are, Scurvy, caused by Vitamin C deficiency, and cured by adding lime juice to the diet. Another was hyperthyroidism, caused by lack of iodine, cured by adding iodine to salt. etc.
    ”Modern” farming has replaced crop rotation, a proven method of good farming, with chemical fertilisers, which produce wonderful looking crops, but are ineffective as a food source, due to their deficiency of essential nutrients. Growing the same crop in the same ground, year after year, never gives the soils time to break down and release the nutrients.
    Crop rotation was being used, over 1000 years ago, and had evolved over thousands of years. ‘Modern farming has abandoned it, for nothing, except pure profit.
    As for Alzheimer’s, doctors have dissected it, described it, in enormous detail, but have achieved very little in the way of curing it so far.
    However, with this report hope is on the horizon!

    • G S says:

      agreed, excellent

    • m R says:

      He’s been able to reverse symptoms (not cure) of this disease in hundreds if not thousands of patients.

    • niklar55 says:

      As for Dementia, many doctors think that dopamine deficiency is a symptom of it.
      That’s rubbish! It’s the root cause of it!
      My ex partner started showing signs of it, and I got her better, TWICE!
      However, she eventually refused my help, returned to her family, and then broke all contact.
      Very sad.
      So, how did I get her better?
      Easy, dopamine is made from serotonin, and serotonin is produced in the muscle tissue. So, as people age, their muscle tissue diminishes, and so does their serotonin.
      5 HTP is a supplement, that the body makes serotonin from, so by taking extra as a supplement, the body can keep its serotonin/dopamine levels up to requirement.

    • niklar55 says:

      @m R
      If a body is malfunctioning due to age or other damage, then it’s possible to compensate for the deficiencies, by supplying the deficient components, but that doesnt fix the real problem.
      Only when its possible to fix the problem will a full cure be affected.
      At least this man has made an effective attempt.

  • togle184 says:

    Dr Dale Bredesen is the most well informed and best communicator of any speaker in a podcast on YouTube. His presentation on thoughts and conclusions developed after exhaustive research on Alzheimer’s disease, were absolutely mesmerizing to watch. He alone has managed to restore my faith in our medical system in America, at least in the area of research. What a treasure it must be to have him as your professor in college. I’m so thankful that such brilliant teachers can still be found in our institutes of advanced studies. Remarkable man!

  • E Magee says:

    Brilliant and well spoken. Dr. Bredesen has a talent for speaking and explaining the disease. Thank you for the education.

  • Helena Hayes says:

    You talked about infection which got into the brain. You are right. I suffered significant cognitive impairment for unknown reasons. Didnt know what day it was. Lost my job because I couldnt function. Ended up in court due to thousands of dollars of parking tickets that I couldnt pay, because I couldnt remember where I parked my car, or didnt remember I had a car and took the bus home. My car would be found days later.

    Turned out it was due to mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings. Got them out. Went on the Andy Cutler protocol to get this amalgam out of my body and brain – a very cheap protocol that is available online where the supplements for this protocol are sold (living supplements). The person who devised this protocol was a Phd biochemist who himself had amalgam poisoning. I brought his book for $30 over a decade ago and followed the instructions. Last time I looked, that cheap looking book was selling for $140.

    Its a very slow program. But after two years, I had a number or supposedly irreversible conditions cured. I wanted to exercise my newly acquired brain power. I went to Adelaide University Law school in South Australia (one of the toughest law schools in Australia) and acquired a law degree, then the Australian National university and did the required post graduate qualifications to qualify as a lawyer and barrister. Helena Hayes is my real name. If you look up the graduates list for both theses universities you will find me there. If you look up the roll of law society in south Australia, you will find me listed as a barrister and solicitor there. Unfortunately, I didnt practice as only 10% of graduating lawyers get jobs here in South Australia. Law firms want 23 year old super models who fit the mold. I was in my 50s when I qualified. But the story is nonetheless a lesson for anyone here.

  • barney smith says:

    0:00 intro
    4:01 reversal is possible
    14:42 causes
    16:39 things to avoid
    17:33 how high carb alters brain
    18:13 inflammation is pro alzheimers
    19:37 deficiencies and ppi contribute to cognitive decline

  • >