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The Toxins Lurking In Our Water Causing Disease & How To Prevent It For Longevity | Dr. Mark Hyman

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Microplastics, tiny pollutants that infiltrate our environment, are known to have serious implications on our health and ecosystems. In today's episode, we explore how microplastics contribute to conditions like obesity and cancer and we identify the top sources of exposure. Listen now for practical steps to detoxify your body and reduce microplastic exposure in your everyday life.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @cameronsarmiento4102 says:

    Great. Now I cant drink water

    • @Ghost_Hardwar3 says:


    • @annaslawinska1445 says:

      Boiling water removes mp 90% or adding zeolite powder..any bonding agent polyphenols or minerals..

    • @lianam3262 says:

      @@annaslawinska1445 Really ?

    • @annaslawinska1445 says:

      @lianam3262  yasss, of course not in plastic kettles standing in plyester shoes in plyesters sport gear using 3kg of petrooleum skin hair products and plastic britas…pinch of zeolite, charcal, diatomescus earth…some macha tea with dash of lemon…and natural minerals combo celt salt crystal, sea mos or shilajit…u can remove even 5 stages of neuroplastic from 🧠

    • @ccc4102 says:

      Indeed. Lick your plate for a meal and a bowl of steam for water. 😏

  • @EscapeTheMatrix...... says:

    Drink beer 🍺👍🏻💪🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

  • @aija1085 says:

    Thank you for your best advice information 👍👍👍

  • @Miri_ad says:

    I drink tap water, but i live in germany. But I run it trough a britta filter first. I hope that this is enough 😊

    • @lianam3262 says:

      In Germany( EVEN in this highly respected for its HONEST attitude to any work / duties ..EVEN in Germant a while ago in water were found traces of medicines , that people intake internally ( there were mentioned quite ” a bit ” of them ” It was a shock for me .

    • @Miri_ad says:

      @@lianam3262 Thx for the reply.
      Yes, i know that 🙂 But brita filters contain activated charcoal. So I think that medicine also gets filtered out. If not, what would be the best solution?

    • @StarceySMMA says:

      i use it too im sure its fine tastes lot better than tap water@@Miri_ad

  • @joannewistaria5777 says:

    That was packed! Thank-you

  • @pandabun2053 says:

    I’m just going to live in a glass box ….

  • @hryder03 says:

    I live in Pennsylvania, Florida and have traveled cross country to California every summer in a RV. We filter our water in a Brittany and then that water gets filtered into a BERKEY. It’s a traveling size and goes everywhere with us.

  • @akosreke8963 says:

    I hear the new visa card comes in shades of vanilla?

  • @charvankerck3426 says:

    We have our own distiller, under 100 dollars. can process a gallon in under 3 hours. only uses small charcoal filters that last months and cost very little . Berkey can’t ship to Iowa or Cali.

    • @kennethhledford6526 says:

      What brand of distiller?

    • @charvankerck3426 says:

      @@kennethhledford6526 I tried Vevor. works good. we used Sears brand for years .till it gave out . then started buying distilled, but still in plastic. bottles .

  • @vasilikispitadaki7477 says:

    Amazing advice!! Thank you so much!!

  • @carole3445 says:

    Here in Canada, all water bottles are plastic

  • @jamkpa says:

    Great topic.

  • @John-ls2gp says:

    I’ve been drinking bottled water for as long as I can remember, will be 70 next year. I delivered plastic pellets for 3 decades as a trucker. I’m still here and able to take care of myself. This is ridiculous, life is toxic. Get use to it or get it over it.

    • @goldstar846 says:

      well lucky you john. stuff everyone else hey who is sick and doesnt know what is up.
      Your all good man. congratulations.

  • @kristinpetersen5709 says:

    Would LOVE a tour of your home pointing out what you’re using!

  • @pamhergenroedersulu says:

    Exhausting trying to live a healthy life . Now what is it ?

  • @JnIII16 says:

    Another brilliant video!

  • @ethimself5064 says:

    Rarely in the past have I used them. For decades I have used a Brita and now looking for something better without removing the minerals.

  • @tj1947 says:

    But does it slice and dice?

  • @happycamper9421 says:

    Here in the wilderness (42 years now) drinking “pure” spring water, gravity fed down black plastic pipe into epoxy coated steel water tanks down 1000s of feet of PVC pipe to the sink in the cabin. No filter. Oh my word. I thought I was living fairly clean. Berkey filter here I come. Thank you.

  • @ethimself5064 says:

    Anyone know of a pitcher water filter made of sturdy glass?

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