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The Ultimate Longevity Routine: Diet, Supplement, & Sleep Tips You Need To Know | Bryan Johnson

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Believe it or not, data can empower you to live a longer, happier, and healthier life. In this episode, I’m joined by Bryan Johnson, a health optimization pioneer. Bryan shares his meticulous approach to tracking and measuring every aspect of his health to make informed lifestyle choices. We break down his structured diet, supplement regimen, and sleep optimization techniques, all designed to enhance longevity and well-being.

In this episode, we discuss:

The importance of rigorous measurement and data-driven interventions to optimize health

Maximizing nutrient density and minimizing unnecessary calories

How chronic inflammation and insulin resistance drive disease and accelerate aging

The Blueprint program, a systematic approach to health optimization that others can follow, incorporating diet, exercise, sleep, and supplements

Don’t miss our fascinating discussion of the “don’t die” philosophy and how it could revolutionize our approach to health and aging.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @Norseman311 says:

    Bryan is good people.

  • @MissInfinity says:

    Finally! Been looking forward to this interview happening!

  • @wlpc1919 says:

    This guy gives off serial killer vibes

  • @theodoraplachkov5383 says:

    What happened to his facial hair. It looks like it disappeared

  • @andreavanda5402 says:

    He saw poverty in Equador and wanted to help the impoverished by focusing on himself and how he could outpace death. 😂 Sounds like he needed an excuse to solely and obsessively focus on himself and not be called a narcissist.

  • @stephenschuster9929 says:

    Are you really living if you spend every waking moment trying to live longer?

  • @freedomfasting says:

    He looks so much better before he started doing this protocol. He hasn’t improved visually in the last five years, but it sounds like he’s having fun 🎉

  • @sunnygirl9691 says:

    I agree with what he’s saying about food. Eating amazing whole foods is very enjoyable. I love sweets etc but it’s true they never actually make you feel good.

  • @fuatsea3396 says:

    Everything must be balanced, what you eat, what you do, what you want.

  • @pmtreacy10 says:

    Entropy will win

  • @stefanie7588 says:

    This guy gives me strange vibes whenever I see him. I believe he is one of the aliens living among us.

    • @user-xh4mj6eu3k says:

      what an insult – I wonder if others feel the same about you

    • @weylandyutani9622 says:

      @@user-xh4mj6eu3kdepends on your view of aliens. It’s an insult if you view aliens as wierd, ugly or strange but it’s a compliment if you see them as more advanced, knowledgable and wise.

  • @tiffanyphipps4812 says:

    So excited for these two to finally speak!

  • @danielballard3364 says:

    Just a bit surprised cause i remember Mark mocking Bryan and his efforts not too long ago in another podcast.. but seems he finally got intrigued enough to interview Bryan himself..

  • @anng.burgess9093 says:

    Awesome!!! ❤❤❤

  • @lakeaffex8762 says:

    The wages of sin is death. What is Bryan’s solution for his sin?

  • @ricardoantonio8268 says:

    Wow Dr. Hyman, I thought you are not going to invite Bryan in your podcast. This is 👍 good!!!

  • @chandreshoza1849 says:

    Highly informative

  • @frankwhite1816 says:

    Been waiting for this one for a while! Thank you! Bryan is a controversial figure but he is undeniably fascinating. I can’t tell if he’s a good guy or just a super eccentric Meganerd. I have learned a lot from him, though, to be fair, and I want to believe that he means well. His lack of faith and focus on himself is a bit disturbing, however. I mean, if he wanted to help the poor in Ecuador why not focus on helping the poor in Ecuador? Two million dollars a year would probably feed a lot of hungry Ecuadorians, right? Strange that his takeaway from that trip was to focus on his personal health and longevity with the longshot outcome of maybe helping people live longer, healthier lives. He could improve thousands of lives today by helping to end world hunger. Am I wrong here? Is it just me seeing this?

  • @sepertude says:

    about time 🙂

  • @Growinmyownway says:

    I just joined function health because it gave me access to get affordable bio markers to see if I want to follow some of Brian’s protocols and if my bio markers will change

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