The Worst Ingredient in the World: Interview with Dr. Chris Knobbe

Did you know about 30% of your calories come from seed oils? Check out this interview with Dr. Chris Knobbe about his fascinating research on seed oils.

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0:00 Welcome, Dr. Chris Knobbe!
0:18 Seed oils vs. sugar
4:44 Diabetes and seed oils
12:36 Seed oils and nutritional deficiencies
14:12 The history of seed oils
17:49 Seed oils and junk food
25:44 How to eliminate seed oils from your diet
27:13 Corn oil and dent corn
30:06 The cost of healthy food

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Chris Knobbe! Dr. Knobbe is an ophthalmologist who has been working on seed oil research for the past 13 years. His research investigates industrial seed oils and their connection to obesity, diabetes, and almost all chronic diseases that plague us today.

Sugar consumption levels did not change much between 1922 and 1987; however, obesity increased by 600%! During this timeframe, vegetable oil consumption went from 78 calories per person per day to 497 calories, respectively! The average American gets around ⅓ of their calories from seed oils.

How do seed oils contribute to diabetes? Simply put, seed oils drive mitochondrial dysfunction, inhibiting the body's ability to burn fuel properly.

Seed oils are rich in omega-6 fatty acids that accumulate in our body fat, cell membranes, and mitochondrial membranes. These polyunsaturated fats cause oxidation and inflammation in the body. They are also nutrient deficient. When you consume foods that lack nutrients like seed oils or sugar, your body has to pull from nutrient reserves, creating deficiencies.

Cottonseed oil was the first seed oil introduced into the food supply. It was initially manufactured as machine oil and lamp oil. It was also used as fertilizer and cattle feed. The goal was to make money and outsell butter and lard, and the manufacturers were very successful. By 2010, the average American consumed 80 grams of seed oils daily.

One of the easiest ways to eliminate seed oils from your diet is to stop purchasing food with a label! Focus on whole foods like meat, eggs, dairy, and produce, and avoid processed foods.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 59, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed this interview with Dr. Knobbe. I’ll see you in the next video.

Dave McKinnon

  • @5fmuke535 says:

    Thank you Dr. Berg, and Dr. Knobbe👑🏆

  • @Marysol1fi says:

    Seed oils are unfortunately in so many foods. Have to prepare everything ourselves to be on the safe side 😮

    • @IRQ1Conflict says:

      Best to do that and know what your eating anyway. 😉

    • @bobbylenz3594 says:

      Store bought products are not food, they are corporate commodities.

    • @xdgs567z says:

      I was looking on the ingredients label of all the processed food in my house and virtually all have seed oils….even the foods at restaurants cook their food in seed oils 😢

    • @user-co5yp2jr8n says:

      I’m in my second year of trying but I did cheat with pizza a few times. I cut out all sugar it was in my tomato sauce snacks and I buy no salt butter, tuna etc I try to only buy real food. If I want pizza I make sauce and mozz in top of something

    • @faza553 says:

      Preparing oneself all food consumed is entirely doable…leads to overall simplification and
      minimalist living –

  • @tripperdan says:

    Ultra Processed (anything) Seed oils rightfully own the “worst thing ever” award. They should be illegal

  • @AkuRoblox-lt7mv says:

    high sugar + high seed oil is the perfect storm for crappy health

  • @valeriexoxo says:

    I feel bad immediately after consuming large amounts of sugary foods.

  • @nahidhkurdi6740 says:

    Here in Iraq, I often hear people with diabetes upon returning from visiting their doctors saying they have to cut the “oils”. When I protest saying that oils have nothing to do with diabetes, they say it was the doctors advice. The doctors advice, however, seems like a blanket statement vilifying all fats which means it is not applicable. Not once I could hear a doctor making the distinction between seed oils and other edible fats.

    • @SpamMouse says:

      I think it’s a case the world over that Medical Doctors see SO MANY people with ill-health they are simply tired of repeating the same guidance every day.

    • @nahidhkurdi6740 says:

      @@SpamMouse At least they could say: get rid of the seed oils instead of saying get rid of fats. But, nah! They have to vilify saturated fat that has been with humanity from the beginning.

    • @user-zy7vv7bm3w says:

      Olive oil is being adulterated, Avocado oil is too costly and not available.. Is cold-pressed Mustard or Sesame oil ok to consume? At least it contains some nutrients compared to the refined version…

    • @SSPro14 says:

      @@user-zy7vv7bm3w well, put it this way, avocado sesame and mustard are not good oil, because they don’t come from Israel

    • @MomoHiOla says:

      Seed oil No. 1 Culprit in Diabeties.

  • @Revert-Catholic says:

    Thank you Dr. Berg and Dr. Knobbe! So enlightening. Cutting out seed oils has been huge for my health! So grateful for this channel.

  • @asb3pe says:

    At 25:45, Ben Bikman PhD has his own similar saying – “If it comes in a box or a bag or has a barcode, its no good for you.” He also advises, if you must food shop in a grocery store, stick to the outer perimeter and stay out of the interior aisles because those are where all the highly processed foods are found. The outer walls is typically the less-processed items such as meats, vegetables, fruits and dairy.

    • @tmill2001 says:

      Good advice to follow.

    • @xdgs567z says:

      True 😊

    • @judithceniza5524 says:

      Correctly said. I went to the grocery store and read labels, and realized that manufacturers are making us sick with synthetic ingredients. We have to practice the basics: plant and cook our food.

    • @georgekritikos957 says:

      Every thing that’s not packaged like vegetables they spray preservatives poison on them and with the butcher and fish market they do the same thing so they can regain their colour. Go fishing grow your own vegetables

  • @mandarinpill says:

    I’m a Chef, I never eat out as I know everything has vegetable oil added. It’s in everything!! Eat at home is best anyway!

    • @Avengedsevenfoldrocks says:

      I couldn’t start a new thread but I did find that app on the Play store it’s called seed oil scout

    • @SpamMouse says:

      We haver to ask if you cook for greatest health or greatest profit?

    • @sunflowers5178 says:

      Please kindly share your personal recipe for daily

    • @TheCherylish1 says:

      Tell me about it. I’m allergic to soy, which is vegetable oil.
      It is in everything chewing gum waffles pancake. Mix any cookie. Any piece of bread in the store even has soy bean oil or vegetable oil same difference I stick to the fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and occasional fish salmon and beef.

    • @Avengedsevenfoldrocks says:

      I found an app that does scout out seed oil restaurants is actually called seed oil scout which I found in my Play store.
      They do charge a couple bucks a month for the service

  • @patriciau6277 says:

    I’ve given up almost everything over a year and a half ago. Now if any of these ingredients are hidden in something I’ve consumed I immediately know it and sick the next day.

  • @celesteshenas2155 says:

    App: Seed Oil Scout. Finds restaurants that don’t use it.

  • @mikeshay4866 says:

    I went on vacation last week and ate too many things i wasn’t used to eating the last 2 yrs, now my body is so sore and inflamed ( i have fibro) its a good wake up call to get back at it

    • @maryfolks9368 says:

      Oh I feel your pain. Anytime I eat anything with sugar in it or carbs, I can barely walk the next few days. 😊

    • @xdgs567z says:

      Same here, 2 nights ago I hung out with friends I haven’t seen in a long time and are out at a restaurant….broke my 4 weeks of intermittent fasting of low carbs and avoiding seed oil, next morning I felt like crap 😅

  • @miltonbates6425 says:

    Seed oils need to be removed from the processed food supply. Replace it with beef/goat/bison tallow, pork lard, chicken schmaltz, duck fat, etc. Animal fats only.

  • @ElitaAli1 says:

    My grandmother lived to be 92 y.o. and she used Lard for everything 😌… Died of natural causes.

  • @lisaross3894 says:

    Thank you gentlemen!! We need more open discussions like this worldwide!! Barbara O’Neill deserves recognition as well!! God bless!!

    • @gqgqgqful says:

      This is true, however Dr Berg and Barbara O’Neil differ on the views of meat 🥩

    • @user-jy7js7tu9y says:

      @@gqgqgqfuldr berg only ever encourages healthy meat though. All meat isn’t created equally

    • @user-pv8tq9ul9d says:

      ​@@user-jy7js7tu9yit’s healthy for him as he lives on a farm growing and eating his own chicken meat eggs and beef meat not commercially grown beef like 1 stock feed lots only feed grains and live on one small paddock 2 grained feed and finished off in green paddocks 😮😮😮😮

  • @ChrissieSM says:

    I am so grateful for Dr Berg for his sound advice and making us aware of what is good or bad with us. Nobody is as clear and concise as he is.

  • @mhpjii says:

    Excellent! An acquaintance complained to me recently about pain in his knees. He wore elastic bandages to alleviate it but it would often flair up. I explained to him about seed oils and he agreed to remove them from his diet (at least from food he prepared at home). Sure enough, two weeks later he had no need for the elastic bandages.

  • @phiberoptik232 says:

    Our food supply regulatory regime is corrupt. Companies and industries have been allowed to provide our society foods with little to no nutritional value in order to maximize profits over a healthy society.

    • @jackcollin1695 says:

      The more people that are unhealthy and stoopid for their health is what the government wants,so they have profits from this victims.hospitals and pharmaceuticals is held by the government.without this victims,they willl lose alot of $$$ and the country will also go down.sad to say but this is a food chain for the country.they fed the country to survive.if all people are healthy and wise for their health,alot of businesses will be bankrupt.

    • @mnn1265 says:

      It is crazy, the government throws large swaths of the population in prison for taking “bad drugs” but has no problem promoting foods that kill people just as surely. It is corporate corruption no doubt… the profitable drugs are just FINE by the way and that’s no big surprise.

    • @kzkonvict4550 says:

      Actually Dr bergs products are not fda approved the ingredients might not be the same as written

    • @madisonbaxter9906 says:

      And like 90% of the food at the grocery stores have seed oils in it! So frustrating !!

    • @isrberlinerin4063 says:

      Very true !

  • @user-wd9ju3fu8t says:

    “Vegetable Oil” & “Plant Seed Oil” sounds HEALTHY. It’s FDA Manipulation!

  • @walkingman9171 says:

    Another thing that has increased tremendously over the years is plastics, its in so many things today and hard to get away from it.

    • @youbetterwakeup2449 says:

      Essentially everything either has plastics in it, or is stored in plastics. Bottled water is one of the absolute worst things, as most of it is just recycled tap water, which that plastic has leeched into.

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