The Worst Type Of Food Causing Weight Gain, Disease & Inflammation | Dr. Mark Hyman

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It's easy to overlook the connection between what we eat and how we feel, but in a country where more than 1 in 5 adults are battling mental illness, suicide is on the rise, especially in children, and drug overdoses are at an all-time high, we need to stop and ask why? Why are we witnessing such unprecedented rates of mental illness? The answer lies not only in our modern-day, high-paced, stressful environment but at the end of our forks.

In this episode of my Health Bites series, I discuss why our brains are so broken, the root causes driving neuroinflammation, and how this drives disconnection between our prefrontal cortex (the adult in the room) and amygdala (our reactive, child-like brain), causing our anxiety and emotions to take over. We’ll also discuss the research clearly showing how our toxic SAD is a key driver of our mental health crisis and how you can eat (and supplement) your way out of many mental health issues.

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In this episode I discuss (audio version):
The state of the impact of our Standard American Diet on mental health (2:20)
Why are we dealing with unprecedented rates of mental illness? (4:46)
Top inflammatory foods and factors that are setting our brains on fire (6:34)
What is metabolic health? (9:34)
The impact of metabolic dysfunction on our brains, mood, and overall health (14:04)
How is UPF driving poor metabolic health? (16:22)
The link between leaky gut and leaky brain (21:47)
How inflammation impacts the brain (23:33)
Research on the link between junk food and mental Illness (28:01)
The link between junk food consumption, violence, and aggression (32:38)
The link between UPF, social functioning, and ADHD (36:58)
Practical steps to fix your brain (39:36)

Dave McKinnon

  • @ethimself5064 says:

    We The People or We The Corps?😱

  • @user-ib7st9qv8b says:

    Well my name is Annemarie, my muscles are stiff, extremely painful, they say it is all in my head, I react to hot , and and cold weather, very high cholesterol, so stiff I just want to lay down, the moment I start walking I stiffen up, can you please give me any advice thank you 🙏

    • @TW-er6ol says:

      Annemarie, it’s not in your head. You Are in pain, it’s not your fault your dr. doesn’t know why. My theory is: almost all of our diseases and illnesses are an allergic reaction to our lives. Find a functional medicine doctor who can tell you what you are deficient in and allergic to.
      I truly hope you find relief.

  • @bluekreed says:

    My son od in 2016, although not intentional, anger and pain still lingers. Why do these drs quickly prescribe substances and stop them without tapering properly? He resorted to street drugs sadly and it was laced with fentanyl! I try to raise awareness and hold fundraisers. I don’t wish this pain on any parent. Thank you for being a caring and informative Doctor Dr. Mark! Im fighting for my health now.

  • @ghaniyaal-yafei6244 says:

    Thank you Dr. Hyman. Best advise ever. Can we beg you to speak a bit slower so we can catch with all the amazing things that you are saying 🙏🏽

    • @woodlandsperson says:

      I’m elderly and have trouble catching everything too. Then I discovered YouTube settings lets you change the playback speed so I drop it from “normal” down to “75%. It doesn’t distort the sound enough to bother me and I also use captions on those channels that provide that option. Hope this helps.

    • @capecyn says:

      I was going to advise the same thing ​@@woodlandsperson

  • @StyleshStorm says:

    The mRNA vaccine long term consequences is probably contributing to some of these numbers.

  • @marywoodard4241 says:

    Speaking of presidented or unprecedented, I’ll be SO glad when Trump , or whoever is qualified for straightening out this frgn country, & make ppl. such as this guy, & there’s millions more, to get these ppl. to get to the point of what they’re on here for in the first place.
    There’s SO many worse than this Dr. tho !

    • @carendudley8968 says:

      Why are you on here…..don’t like the message simply STOP watching and listening…..switch channels…….leave the rest of us millions to watch and listen in peace thank you 😂

  • @LivingMidnight says:

    I read Mark Hyman’s book Ultrametabolism many years ago, changed my diet to avoid ultraprocessed foods and focus on whole foods instead. Its been so long since then and, judging by how I’m aging compared to my peers, he was truly worth listening to then and clearly still is.

    • @Jean-ti2mj says:

      Stress causes y not to eat not eating leads to electrolyte inbalances mineral and vitamins vit d defeiencey calcium magnesium sodium deficiencys neurotransmitters not working PROPLY thru not eating healthy food does feed your brain thiamine works all parts of body thru brain

  • @mayawidyasari6827 says:

    I am better now because I regularly consume Omega 3, anti oxidant, vit C, and Vit E regularly. Lemon water. Sometimes I take propolis. My diet is better than my childhood diet (Indonesian junk food). But I still consume sugar daily. Smoke cigarettes. Start to gain weight. And develop belly fat. I could do better than this. Diet. I should be conscious about my diet. Magnesium do wonders for me, Mr. Hyman. Thank u very much. ❤

  • @aliceb6847 says:

    Mental health crisis isn’t about diet. Have you looked at the world we live in?

  • @shelleyhuskey1216 says:

    Mark: Some people are visual learners and get a message when you show them how the body works and what an inflammation brain looks like, the vessels that are impacted and what those look like, how the blood flow and oxygen plays a role in this as well. I think your information would be better if packaged differently. For example, make a video showing the food that is bad, and why it is bad…..including breaking it down to the ingredients and then teach people how to cook a similar meal using fresh ingredients that provides the nutrients their body needs. Then you are teaching them how to fish so to speak instead of just throwing facts at them. I understand your message and I eat much better today than I ever have, but even I get tired of my meals and want a new meal. Show me how to make a new dinner salad that is going to make me feel satisfied all night.

  • @parisconstantinou8299 says:

    great health educative speech like always!thank you!!!

  • @erindabney2758 says:

    Know what’s depressing?? The overwhelming cultural pressure to “be happy” all the time.

  • @lcmlcm2460 says:

    Wait 93% OMG. The true pandemic is our food intake obviously. Thank to channels like this, we all can learn. Thank you ❤

  • @lmr691 says:

    My changed diet you talk about has improved my health, removed all prescription meds and am at a healthy weight plus in great health ever. I read labels, limit processed foods and sugar, flour products. Thank you for presenting this important information.

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