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At every meal, we make choices of what to feed our bodies—and our brains. Too much sugar and refined carbs, not enough good fats, inadequate intake of the right nutrients, and exposure to toxins can have a negative effect on our brains and even contribute to disorders ranging from brain fog to depression to Alzheimer’s. Nutrients are the fertilizer for the brain. When we get the right kinds, our brain can flourish and grow, even generating new cells in older age, long after science previously thought was possible.

In this episode of my new MasterClass series, I am interviewed by my good friend and podcast host, Dhru Purohit, about using diet and lifestyle to support brain health. We also talk about why it’s important to treat the body when it comes to treating brain issues, and I share my own experience using Functional Medicine to heal my own brain.

Dhru Purohit is a podcast host, serial entrepreneur, and investor in the health and wellness industry. His podcast, Dhru Purohit Podcast, is a top 50 global health podcast with over 30+ million unique downloads. His interviews focus on the inner workings of the brain and the body and feature the brightest minds in wellness, medicine, and mindset.

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Dave McKinnon

  • Ben R. says:

    Thanks for this interview and presentation.
    Have you considered the possibility that brain health, at least for many people, could, at least in part, be maintained or even restored by the cautious use of vitamin B supplements or more foods rich in vitamin B, such as nutritional yeast and bee pollen?
    Dr. Abram Hoffer, among others, published much on this subject.
    You answered this question at the end, thanks.

    • GZ 💚💚 says:

      I believe this.

    • Corny Pinkuni says:

      Thanks for mentioning him. I will take a look. I recently learned of genetic impact on b vitamins as a result of not being able to methylate b vitamins. Does he touch on that? Or does his work predate genetic awareness?

  • gill hall says:

    Excellent interviewer who manages to keep his questions concise and direct!, this works well for Dr Hyman as he is so enthusiastic and inclined to talk so quickly that we cannot always absorb the excellent info he has to impart. This is by far the best interview ever with this great Dr. Thank you so much.

  • BCSTS says:

    Thank you so much for this interview! I really enjoyed hearing Dr. Hyman’s full personal story. This is the best Dr. Hyman presentation I have ever seen, focused & well thought out….great knowledge without clever, side comments that distract! Dhru Purohit has done an amazing job with intelligent questions & direction of conversation! I read Dr. Hyman’s book, The Ultra Mind Solution, years ago….& still think it is probably the best book ever to address this topic generally!

  • Jade Wins says:

    This is such a valuable video. I’m only 3:16 and I’ve taken notes on everything he said we should be staying away from and eating. I’m definitely watching this again & sharing it to spread the word.

  • Casper Insight says:

    May Good health be restored to all who have been humbled by health issues ~ Health is Wealth ~ Abundant Blessings ✨💙✨

  • Cynthia Scott says:

    I watched Dr. Hyman during the time I broke out with the worst case of Eczema. I had Eczema for over 30 years. He talked about mercury and silver fillings in the teeth. Also taking Chlorella tablets to detox it out of the body. 5 months before that I had the silver fillings removed from my mouth. So I took Chlorella tablets, ate the best I could and the itching stopped and no more Eczema. I thank Dr. Hyman for Truth. Great Doctor 👍

  • OurLadyofPerpetualVictimhood says:

    I listen to these videos every single day to help combat my sugar addiction. Presently in therapy for body dysmorphia as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    Love this video. Thank you for sharing and educating us! I will be checking out all of dr Hyman videos, I just love his relaxed and to the point style, I just wish our mainstream medical community would get more involved with holistic, functional medicine and finding out the cause of a disease instead of just treating it. This is why videos such as these are so important and knowledge is power. Thank you and God bless♥️

    • Jesse Byrd says:

      😳 wow

    • Dorim Keeping says:

      Such a powerful interview, but was saddened to hear him say “ I’m not saying vaccines cause autism”. If you could lift your head a little higher it just might come out of the sand ! Otherwise a great witness for functional medicine. 😊

  • Nanette Alegado says:

    Thank you so much doc for all your hardwork. I gain a lot of information from you especially from someone like me who’s suffering from psoriasis for more than 20 years now of my life. I gained a lot of understanding and knowledge about auto immune diseases because of health experts like you.

    • Rhonda Reese says:


    • Karendal Sadik says:

      Psoriasis is awful. I’ve had it on my eyelids. It’s environmental in my house. I’ve tried to do what I can to take out toxins.

    • M J says:

      Number one non-dietary cause of eczema, in my experience – emotional stress. Dietary toxins like sugar, salt and oils and deficiencies like that of B12 and Vit D make it worse.
      If you must scratch the itch, use a soft towel and a rotary motion. Do not rub vigorously up and down with bare fingers!

    • Margot Sesnorio says:

      @M J

  • Fezzy Pepper says:

    I am a retired emergency department registered nurse. I also had a heart attack at 61. I am now 66. I am constantly seeking out new research and watch hundreds upon hundreds of videos with subjects like ketogenesis, atophagy, decreasing the amount of processed carbohydrates and sugars, fully research the old paradigms regarding cholesterol, have stopped my statins, have gotten away from the SAD diet… and continue to research. I am convinced at this time that I know more than my cardiologists and my primary care physician who all refused to change their belief systems regarding the old paradigms. Trying to find a new cardiologist that isn’t stuck in the Dark Ages with the old paradigms has been futile. So at this point I’ve learned to take care of myself and do what I believe is correct from all the research that I’ve done. I keep my cardiologists just so that I can schedule an echocardiogram every now and then and get an EKG. This is an example of the sad state of our Healthcare System.

    • Sally Paulinski says:

      What did you discover about cholesterol? Mine is high about 8 but don’t want to take statins either

    • Colin Joseph Sant says:

      I don’t do retirement im still doing 6 and sometimes 7 days at 8 to 12 hrs a day. Heart attack same as you 61.Statins in the bin all other junk in the bin low carb diet, in 6 weeks 45lbs loss arthritis 60 percent improvement energy obviously good. The problem with blood tests and mineral etc tests is they’re evaluated by people 20yrs in the past😊

    • z z says:

      I had my heart attack 11 months ago. put on statins. started forgetting. my cardiologist said there is no connection. found out there is. also started getting chest pain and problems sleeping. stopped statins 3 weeks ago. went to herbalist instead and changed my diet.

    • Colin Joseph Sant says:

      Sounds like my athletes foot 8 years intermittent full blown raw meat between every toe plus a peculiar skin rash like hives looked like i was dying from the feet up. ONE WEEK AFTER DITCHING THE STATINS completely healed up within a week. Well its 8.28 GMT and I’ve just a few more jobs to do😂

  • sherry baldwin says:

    You have given so much clarity to this issue. I’m 70 and had a Scan and got the diagnosis. My doctor is concerned because I told her the meds were more dangerous than the diagnosis, and I’m not taking them. I’m so glad i found this video. Thank you so much.

    • Cathryn P says:

      There’s a video saying how to reduce dementia symptoms 40%. EONutrition has good videos on thiamine, the key B vitamin for nerve conditions, he recommends this vitamin for any kind of problems related to the brain. You can improve!!

    • ruhi says:

      Hi Catherine m suffering from autoimmune disease I daily feel like m dying each day slowly 😢 pls if any supplement can give me hope to live like before pls tell 🙏 😢

    • FeBia Ivy says:

      What is MCT ?

    • Jennifer Brown says:

      MCT is medium chain triglycerides which is found in coconut oil

  • Shannon Fair says:

    Fantastic podcast, thanks so much for keeping it so simple and very informative 🎉

  • Ralph Kassing says:

    I have recently added MCT during fasting. It is definitely brain food. I find myself very clear headed and memory is enhanced as well as increased energy for about 5-6 hours on 1 TBSP of MCT in my coffee in the morning when fasting. I was skeptical at first but hooked now. Just during fasting though.

  • Josh Tri says:

    This man describes exactly what I am going through and tells me exactly how to mend myself. Thank you very much for your knowledge. 🙏

  • sarah lombardo says:

    I think this is a fantastic video due to the fact that you break down this complicated information into easily understandable for us “every day” folks! Because I’m starting out on this dietary journey (day 8), I’ve needed to hear your videos several times over! I learn something new each time! Thank you so much!

  • Mary says:

    I love cold plunge . I take slow inhale while counting to four through my nose and slow count to six exhaling through my mouth with my eyes closed for twenty five minutes 5-6 times a week after my workout with weights . Been doing this for almost two years and it’s completely changed my life.Reducing inflammation is the key.

    • Hero22 says:

      Never take a cold plunge if you have been in the hot outdoors My friend, an MD did and went into cardiac arrest Luckily his wife was an RN and did CPR and he recovered in ICU

    • Hideous Health Habits says:

      Amen on the inflammation.

    • Hideous Health Habits says:

      I didn’t know that could happen..I’ve wanted to at least turned water down to cold for a minute but my water doesn’t get that cold. 😮😢😢

    • Trenchant bluejay 538 says:

      Cold plunge for 25mins?!!?!?!?!?!!!?!?! Not a chance. Shivering strong after 10 unless you are wim hoff.

  • Designs by Treeza says:

    DHA 2:55
    MCT oil. 3:22
    Phytochemicals 3:30
    Hydration 4:10

  • Dibo Akale says:

    About depression ❤very very true. Myself daughter has lupus which made her extremely fatigued. The psychologist insisted she had depression and was trying to force us to give her antidepressants. We had to fight back. We asked her to look into my daughter’s chronic health condition and we could find ways of helping her but she was insisting and that was it. We stopped seeing her and took matters in our hands. Now two years after my daughter is in awesome shape. We eat healthy and have activities for her and the family ❤❤❤

  • PlaceboFXMakeup says:

    I’ve been dealing with those severe bloating and gas symptoms you mention for YEARS. Also crippling fatigue, brain fog, POTS, Hashimoto’s, and a newly discovered gluten intolerance.
    I swear that food sensitivity test I took last month was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Beginning of this month I cut 100% of gluten out of my diet, and that seemed to prime my brain for a big lifestyle change. Last week I also decided to cut out all added sugar, and a few days ago I cut out all sweeteners. And while it feels overwhelming and confusing, I’m also super excited. So far I think I’m still detoxing from all that crap. My gas and bloating is worse, and I’m getting a lot of nausea and headaches. But I know that it’s gonna start getting SO much better over the coming months.
    My naturopath also just started me on a spore based probiotic last week, and I’m eager to see how that helps.

    • florenceswalks says:

      Im about to have a food Intolerance test cuz I have the same symptoms that youve mentioned
      Thanks for your comment
      Its encouraging
      I cant wait to find it whats going on

    • Coach says:

      Same here and I have hashimotos I cut gluten corn soy starches dairy. I lift 3 times a week and walk 5 days a week while doing OMAD! My symptoms have gotten so much better! I barely bloat!

    • Karen Seitz says:

      I did exactly as you’ve done. When faced with a possible autoimmune, I kicked life into gear, dumped gluten, sugar, all processed foods. I eat twice a day and do some IFasting. My first meal of the day around noon is a smoothie with ten cups of veggies and fruits and ice. No dairy. My food sensitivity tests showed levels of intolerance for wheat, shrimp, almonds, dairy, and egg whites. Lost 20 lbs without trying or exercising hard at all. Get your microbiome straight first . Sounds like leaky gut.

    • Dan says:

      Throw quiting alcohol and caffeine.

  • Nicholus Sibusiso Vilakazi says:

    It’s my 6th day and I am beginning to see a ton of difference 😊. This is powerful.

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