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This Is Causing Brain Inflammation & Cognitive Decline! – How To Reverse It | Austin Perlmutter

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We live in a time with more money, medical interventions, and knowledge than ever before—so why are we getting sicker? While this might seem depressing, there are actually many exciting discoveries changing the future of wellness, like our increased understanding of the microbiome and how it interacts with the brain. This dynamic has profound implications for mental health, reducing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, and even supporting positive behavior in our children. I’m excited to talk to board-certified internal medicine physician, bestselling author, and published researcher Dr. Austin Perlmutter about all this and more on this episode of the podcast.

We explore:

Why don’t we try to prevent brain dysfunction the same way we do with cardiovascular disease and other illnesses?

Neuroinflammation and how to modulate it to improve mood, behavior, and neurodegenerative diseases

Having an “adult in the room” versus our lizard brain

The inundation of Big Food and Big Pharma marketing we’re up against

Psychobiotics: The future of probiotics for brain health

I know you’ll love this conversation as much as I did. I hope you’ll tune in wherever you listen to podcasts!

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Dave McKinnon

  • @marciav.ormsby2377 says:

    Such important information! Take note.

  • @kristinpetersen5709 says:

    Love listening to Mark…he is both brilliant, insightful and amazing at explaining things, AND at the same time he is enthusiastic and funny. I can listen for hours!!
    Not so bad to watch either lol

  • @JUSCHILIN1 says:

    I wish we had doctors of this calibre in the united Kingdom, i always find myself finding research on these studies from across the pond, still glad we live in a time where we have access to this information

    • @Teffi_Club says:

      I wish Mark Hyman was cloned. Most doctors who treated me were not like him.

    • @dfinite4089 says:

      We don’t really have these doctors here, in the USA either. Dr Mark Hyman is an extremely unusual doctor, and the handful of other expert doctors on his videos are just about the only doctors like this. Yes, you can seek out other functional medical doctors, but most of them aren’t all that great at it. It’s really impossible to find this kind of doctor , such as Mark Hyman. You can’t get in to see Dr Hyman either, I don’t believe he is seeing patients. Even if he was, he would be so overbooked…Sp no, it’s not available to us either.

    • @JUSCHILIN1 says:

      @dfinite4089  Well, isn’t that pity! I guess then it’s all praise to you tube for this content then 🤲

  • @charlesschlappe2423 says:

    Very important info. Other impactors also include the invisible frequencies we are bathing our bodies in and the space weather.

  • @coolParadigmes says:

    Very interesting and I would like to point that brain health is very much related to body health, so keeping your body healthy and active is excellent for the brain, like keeping your brain active is good for your body, it’s a whole question of balance! About inflammation? Inflammation is most of the time just a symptom : junk food, dental problems, lack of sleep, lack of exercises, latent infections in organs, pollution, bad habits, bad social circles, etc. External or obvious causes for Inflammation are so prevalent that looking for internal causes should be done only I think as a last step.

  • @irenepalmer7597 says:

    I keep hearing about the Mediterranean diet, but when I watch videos of people who live in those countries, they eat lots of pasta with veggies, of course, and lots of pastries and bread. So I begin to ask, why are we being told in this country not to eat those things, and that is never addressed. We are just told don’t eat, gluten and grains while other countries have better health and they are eating those things. So I did my research and it’s what we do to our grains and what we spray on them. There is a YouTube channel called bread Beckers, and they teach people how to mill their own grains and bake their own breads and make their own pastas. That is what I do. I buy organic grains and keep all of the grain in the bread. Many people are healing with many health issues by doing this. one says do not eat vegetables one says eat lots of vegetables and it begins to drive us to confusion so I learned to do my research and know what works for my body and when I feel good. I eat real food and grains and healthy grains are part of that. I do stay away from sugar, and I don’t eat the pastries that the Mediterranean people eat.

    • @markdlt2989 says:

      Exactly. I usually make my bread (when I eat bread) from fresh milled whole wheat that has not been sprayed. I figure if Yahusha HaMashiak (Jesus Christ to most) can eat bread so can I.

    • @Tinyteacher1111 says:

      I think their pasta is gluten free there. They process their foods differently.

    • @iancoulling5750 says:

      Read up about the “Blue Zones” – areas around the world where there are the most people living into old age (90-100 years). However, most of the inferences drawn by researchers into this phenomenon, were drawn from data up to around a century ago. Their lifestyle and diet was totally different from the last 30-40 years. The fact is that Meditteranean countries, such as Sardinia, did not eat the vegetables that are claimed to be most healthy (they were not yet available, as they were imports from the Americas). Secondly, in some areas, people did not have birth certification at the time and when they later had to register to get their pensions/benefits etc, they increased their age to claim them much earlier! Another point is that wheat, was not so genetically modified in those days and was much lower in lectins (plant toxins created for their defence) and gluten. We are told that whole wheat bread is better for you – but the lectins are highest in the outer chaf! Also, fruits were more seasonal and not bred to be as sweet then. Lastly, there are many critics of the blue zone concept – because of claims that the big money backing for research, came from Big Food and Agriculture.

    • @eraera2022 says:

      @@Tinyteacher1111 yes they have different kind of wheat. My son buys pasta only made in Italy

    • @Tinyteacher1111 says:

      @@eraera2022 Really? I wondered if I bought pasta made in Italy. it would be ok to eat on a gluten free diet. Thank you!

  • @dr.samierasadoonalhassani2669 says:

    To summarise is what we eat, drink, breath, feel, do all epigenetic ( environmental factors). Plus genetics predisposes to mental illness and expressed by bad epi genetics.

  • @dr.samierasadoonalhassani2669 says:

    Always podcast is connected with selling a new book and or selling supplements. So making money to correct illness and making money to cause illness.God blessings to help us all the bad to be good and the good to be better.

  • @dr.samierasadoonalhassani2669 says:

    I know relationships between violence and foods since 30 years when studied Macrobiotic a Japanese school of nutrition. I am convinced any being who do violence or decisions of violence like wars to get money needs medical help and rehabilitation. A healthy human nature is good , kind , compassionate.

  • @dr.samierasadoonalhassani2669 says:

    I was born lived in Babylon , Soumaria and Baghdad did not have tinned beans till I came to UK in 1966.

  • @PraveenSriram says:

    Very important content for everyone to listen 🎧 to

  • @ricardoantonio8268 says:

    I hope Dr. Hyman will invite Dr. Paul Saladino in his podcast.👍

  • @cesarrenteria914 says:

    Mark. I appreciate all the studies you present each week. This time I thank Austin for all his studies and research well ahead.

    Pearland, TX

  • @cates_keto says:

    Super video!! Look after the gut! Everything else follows. We are all on keto (kind of) in our house and our mental and physical health has improved 1 million percent. That’s 6 people taking preventative action which gives us present day happiness! 😊🎉❤

  • @SwampFoxAG says:

    Would love to see you interview Phil Maffetone. He pushes the same dietary message while giving common sense exercise and training methodology

  • @dfinite4089 says:

    There needs to be a revolution in the MD profession. It’s illogical and against Hippocratic Oath maybe, to not treat patients with functional medicine and all this info that is on Dr Hyman’s videos. Truly.

    • @viewoftheaskew says:

      Doctors are paid assassins for Big Pharma

    • @rockonmadonna says:

      US doctors cannot in good conscience take the Hippocratic Oath because they all work for Pharma and Big Food, who run the government along with Housing/Landlords, War Contractors, and CPAC.

  • @makellyjt says:

    As a RD for 30 yrs who’s tried to change menus in schools, hospitals and other institutions- sadly people choose foods they’re used to at home and difficult to educate when feeling like Mark’s dx FLC. Now focus on fuctional & gut strategies in private practice. Great program. ❤

  • @amberphillips4808 says:

    I LOVE Their preventative approach

  • @trend0000 says:

    Dr. Hayman, I like your exprsion of FLC syndrome…I guess I have my real diagnose now….

  • @carolr.556 says:

    There seems to be an issue with many of these podcasts that you have to listen to what is wrong or what the problems are before they discuss the solutions. But, I am really impressed by Austin’s father David, who raised really wonderful children! Real food is basically the answer here..

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