Throw away the White Bread and eat THIS instead

Join Dr. Gundry as he reveals the best bread for your gut health – Sourdough. Learn why the fermentation process makes it a superior choice for your digestive system. Tune in to discover how to incorporate this gut-friendly bread into your diet effectively.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @CitizenIndian1947 says:

    What’s the issue with whole grain?

  • @opybrook7766 says:

    Make your own starter !

  • @willw6196 says:

    How do you make your own starter?

    • @GundryMDYT says:

      Hello Will! We do not have any information on making a sourdough starter, but we highly recommend looking for a video on YouTube. 🙏

  • @ForeverChanged7 says:

    Definitely. Make your own starter. Sourdough is my favorite bread. Love it Dr. Gubdry.❤

  • @vivianrios6007 says:


  • @Checkmate34851 says:

    My grocery store bakery section has bread called “take and bake”. It only has four ingredients

  • @whateverwhenever2246 says:

    If you’re desperate for some bread, make your own sourdough bread

  • @CherryMaraschino77 says:

    Please, we need your very own brand of goods at every grocery store in American. So many want to avoid the bad stuff that’s available to us. If you had your own sourdough bread at the store…it would fly off the shelves! No joke. 🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼

  • @Kotyk_Murkotyk says:

    I make my own bread and find it very exciting! Indian groceries have varieties of millet flour. My favorite is ragi (finger millet) flour.

  • @umayalai6319 says:

    ❤use millet flour to do bread that is the best and healthy❤🎉❤

  • @estertorres2554 says:

    Sourdough Bread
    Best for health
    Recipe to make it in home
    with the name & ingredients we should buy, would be wonderful.
    Commercial brands don’t give a damn about your health, they just want $$$

  • @aramagajanian138 says:

    I have been eating an organic spelt long-fermented sourdough bread that I have found in my local health food store. Unfortunately , the ingredients say it’s whole grain. I always toast my bread.
    There is a local supermarket that carries some Izzio Natural Bakery products. I’m going to check that out next, along with a local artisan bakery.

  • @treemanrob says:

    There are plenty of healthy low carb grain free bread recipes out there

  • @eva84 says:

    Try Einkorn flour!!!

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