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Top 10 FOODS Proven to LOWER BAD CHOLESTEROL Naturally (Prevent Heart Attack & Stroke) Dr. Mandell

High cholesterol means you have too many lipids (fats) in your blood. This can lead to plaque growth (atherosclerosis)
Clogged arteries result from the build-up of a substance called plaque in the arterial walls. It is also medically referred to as arterial plaque. This plaque can reduce blood flow or even block it altogether.
Clogged arteries increase your risk of developing other health complications like a heart attack or stroke.
Some of the most common risk factors for clogged arteries are:
High levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) or low levels of HDL (good cholesterol)
A high blood pressure
Smoking tobacco
Diabetes or elevated blood sugar levels
A family history of atherosclerosis or clogged arteries
A sedentary lifestyle

Most cases of clogged arteries do not exhibit any symptoms until a heart attack or blood clot presents itself. However, in cases where 70% or more of the arteries are blocked, you will notice the following symptoms.
Severe cases of clogged arteries may exhibit symptoms like:
Shortness of breath
Chest pain or angina
Palpitations of the heart

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Dave McKinnon

  • Vanessa Belmont says:

    *Let’s take a moment to appreciate how many hours and work he put into this video?* *It’s amazing and I think they deserve way more than that* βœ¨πŸ’›β€οΈ

  • claudette grant says:

    Goodmorning Doctor Mandell Happy Sunday, thanks very much for your knowledge have a wonderful restful day with your family and stay safe, much love and blessings always πŸ™πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • Isha Keister says:

    It’s a brand new day
    Thank you Dr Mandel
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts

  • Theresa Carpenter says:

    Ty! I know I need to work on my heart health so I’m certainly going to try to include these foods in my diet. I sincerely appreciate you sharing this!! 😊

  • Jolene Burger says:

    Thank you for the knowledge and tips you give❀

  • Steven T says:

    I have family history of high cholesterol and just had my LPa tested and it was 326. Normal is between 40-80

  • Natalie. my profile is fun says:

    Every video is a masterpiece. Keep chasing your dreams!

  • Mary Doughten says:

    Thank you doctor for all the great information you provide!

  • Cassie Callingbull says:

    Thank you Dr for all the information. It’s very informative. I just found out I have high cholesterol. I also have RA, hypothyroidism, and may have a fatty liver. I have pain on the right upper stomach. Had some tests done. Thank you for sharing and I will sure use this information to change my diet and exercise more. God bless πŸ˜πŸ™πŸΌβœοΈπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Lorraine Avellino says:

    Keep sharing your knowledge Dr. Mandell as it is so much appreciated more than you could ever know. ❀️ Many Blessings to you and your Family, if you ever come to South Florida to give a seminar please let us know. You are appreciated.

  • Jeff Mc says:

    I’m glad you made this video. Earlier this year I had a doctor’s appointment. The doctor stated he was going to put me on medication to lower my cholesterol. When the nurse handed me the prescription. I asked he if there was a more natural way to lower it. She looked like I was speaking a different language! I believe in healthier methods than pill after pill. Thanks for sharing! I have changed my diet to include most of the foods you highlighted on your video.

  • julia david says:

    I eat and do all these things Dr. Mandell and my ldl came down 18 points in 6 months. I’ll be doing labs again in May 2024, and I’m looking for 19 plus points down πŸ™ I’m 66 and have always eaten good foods but definitely had some bad foods being a cake decorator for 30 years. This is a lifestyle plan. Thank you, Dr. Mandell

  • Adlih Kristopher says:

    Good morning Dr Mandell appreciate the work that you are doing so you can share it with us so we can take better care of our self. God bless you ❀❀

  • Linda TERRELL says:

    Oats, fatty fish (Salmon) , Nuts, olive oil, Avacado,beans, whole grains, berries,leafy greens, dark chocolate in moderation.

  • Judy Lake says:

    Thank you so much, Dr. Mandell for this timely message. I’ve recently been diagnosed as statin resistant, and I’m looking for alternatives to lower my LDL.
    This video is a great help.

  • Jamel Croley says:

    Thanks for all you do Dr Mandell.

  • Macrocosm(nouveau riche) says:

    β€κ°μ‚¬ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€ μ‚¬λž‘ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€

  • mark hirsch says:

    Doctor Mandell is a leading health expert. Love your channel. Keep producing great videos with amazing information. I appreciate your Motivation!!!

  • Diane English says:

    Another informative video. Thank you for all the work that goes into making and sharing this information with us.

  • K. Prince says:

    Thank you, Doc!
    1. Oats
    2. Fatty Fish
    3. Nuts
    4. Olive Oil
    5. Avocados
    6. Legumes
    7. Whole Grains
    8. Berries
    9. Leafy Greens
    10. Dark Chocolate

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