Dave McKinnon

  • Katherine Kinnaird says:

    I drink fresh ginger , finnel, fenugreek and greentea just about everyday even twice a day with cinnamon. Honey is the sweet icing on the cake.

  • John Newell says:

    Thank you, have a great Thanksgiving.

  • Terry Q says:

    I just love your suggestions. Never overwhelming. Easy to incorporate into real living. Thanks, Doc.

  • BAP says:

    I keep all 3 in my home and fresh ginger and tumeric as well🙂

  • Susan Y says:

    Thank You Dr M love these three teas❤️giving me strength and happiness, my favourite is turmeric and ginger together everyday helping me💪🏽🎉so I am soo grateful for motivationaldoc 💯🎉🥰

  • Elva P says:

    Thank you Dr. 🎉 🎉

  • Masseur. Davis says:

    Very easy to do, with many benefits, Thank You.😊

  • Carly Hope says:

    Interesting. I was coming down with a cold and my asthma was really bad. I went and made a cup of turmeric ginger tea. I just drank it down and by the next morning I felt better. I had no idea what I was doing but, I know that things in nature are there to make us well. Thank you for all the tips you give us. 💙

  • Sid C says:

    I always had dry ginger and turmeric and milk.

  • Pam Ballew says:

    Thank you for great information!!!❤❤❤❤

  • Muriel Kearney says:

    Thanks for your infomation god bless you and your mom


    Excellent. Thank you.

  • Mary Decker says:

    I’ve had Fibromyalgia for 30 years. So many of your suggestions are very helpful. Thank you very much, Dr. Mandell. May God continue to bless you.

  • Roberto García says:

    Thanks a Lot, Doc. Now that cold starts Here in Spain, It’s tea time of the year 😊

  • Deborah says:

    Green tea,Tumeric tea,Ginger, been using feel overall better for 4months!!!!thank you!!! I been in severe anxiety ,and neurological issues ,feeling so much better doctor!!! U always give do- able health issues, and God has blessed you in such away we are drawn to.ur teaching especially due to results!!!! I’m grateful for your gifting!!!!!!@ Thank you for your gifting,!!!! Ita amazn most things we overlook helps us most !!!@ its Amazn thx you Doctor !! You are a God send!!!!😢

  • Deborah says:


  • Deborah says:

    Dr. In the church world we say you are anointed,( usually assoc with giftings to make great clarity, and inspired teacher etc. Such great clarity !!! And shows the giftings God has given us that aren’t always medicine only,which also has been a blessing!! However ur teachings are great clarity and do able ,and helpful!!!! Bless your giftings Doctor Amazn how God has gifted you!!!@😢😊😊😊!!!!

  • CJ B says:

    I love green tea & ginger tea! Thanks Doc! 😊

  • Janet Wilson says:

    Blessed morning doctor thanks for the great video God bless you always ❤️🙏👍💯

  • Akua Fayette Hunter says:

    I have all three and use fresh ginger ..thank you you are at the Top of my
    Go to for advice …You truly want to help and I see no GET more Money in your message for yourself…When my ” “Ship comes in ” I want to do something wonderful for your Journey to help us heal 💕🙏🏽

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