Dave McKinnon

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    Very cool! Thank you

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    ❤❤thank you respected Doctor❤❤

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    One supplement to take what would it be? Thanks

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    Can’t wait to try it tonight.

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    ❤thanks for nice video tip❤😇God bless😇

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    I needed that…yesterday especially. Thanks, Doc!

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    Thank you for all of your wisdom and knowledge. You are Amazing 🌻

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    He forgot to add breathing technique while your using this other technique: breathe in through nose out through mouth.

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    Thanks for the info

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    Oh thank you doc I watching it now & right before going to sleep I’m doing it this now. You great every little helps ❤❤❤

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    Wow! You certainly pick one of the biggest problem that many people are facing and that is sleeping. I will certainly put your exercise technique into practice, Dr. Mandell. Thanks a million.

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    Boy howdie, I could have used this earlier today. Thanks for the info 👍.

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    First thing I noticed was a deep cleansing breath came naturally, and yes, it works

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    رحم الله والديك دكتورنا الغالي 🌹🤍

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    Yeah yesterday was stress and lost.
    “Today lost and found!”

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    Thanks Dr. We follow U and also try to teach others Grateful and Gratitude

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