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    If this doesn’t work try relaxing your whole body starting with your toes. Do each body part up to your head.

    Concentrate on your toes, “my toes are relaxed” say it a couple of times. My feet are relaxed’ etc till you reach your head. You’ll either fall asleep or have an OBE. (out of body experiece)

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    Thank you, thank you & thank you for all your posts!!!!

    Your knowledge and care is appreciated!!

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    ❤your video are good😇❤😇thanks for sharung to us ❤😇❤God bless☝️

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    I took an acting class in college and the professor taught us how to relax laying on the floor like this and it was always so relaxing. Now at 51 I forgot how to do this. I need to learn to relax again. Thanks dr. M

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    A pinch of “ANCIENT” practices when Common Sense was functional.

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    YES❤ YES❤

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    Oh THANK YOU, You are such a kind man. Blessings on You from my heart.💕 England ☮️

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    Thanks to you Dr this really works, i so much appreciate 🙏❤️

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    Thank you so much my brother 🙏

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    The Doctor has really nice skin.

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    Dr Mandell you are such a sincere human being, such a blessing! 👏

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    Just watching you and listening to you is very relaxing. Thanks Dr Alan!

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    Simple and do-able .. thank you for sharing

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    your videos are amazing

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    Thank you we do this exercise thank you blessing.

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    Thank you Sir!😢

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    best doctor in the world

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    🍃”Thank You” 🤗

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    Sorry, Doctor Mandell, I just went to sleep 😴 Love to you ❤

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    مرد حکیم و دانا و خردمند❤🎉

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