Use Fasting To REVERSE YOUR AGE & Prevent Disease! (Fasting For Survival) | Mark Hyman

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Fasting is a great way to optimize your health, and it’s more approachable than you might think. It is a free tool that activates all the systems in your body to protect you, heal you, and help you live longer. Fasting can help to reduce inflammation, brain fog, and insulin resistance. It can also increase energy and bone density and activate autophagy, which is the process of cleaning out damaged cells.

In this episode of my new Masterclass series, I am interviewed by my good friend and podcast host, Dhru Purohit, about the many benefits of fasting. We also talk about the different types of fasting so you can determine if one is right for you.

Dhru Purohit is a podcast host, serial entrepreneur, and investor in the health and wellness industry. His podcast, Dhru Purohit Podcast, is a top 50 global health podcast with over 30+ million unique downloads. His interviews focus on the inner workings of the brain and the body and feature the brightest minds in wellness, medicine, and mindset.

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Dave McKinnon

  • Niomi 🦋 says:

    Intermittent helping me heal gut issues..❤ my belly is getting flatter, reducing inflammation. I’m a happier gal.🌻 knowing also other benefits and repair work is going on.

    • B. Tangeman says:

      Do you mind sharing your regimen?

    • Pebbles von K says:

      I can’t rid of SIBO. I’m a vegetarian and eat healthy. But I can’t get rid of it, so I don’t know much about intermittent fasting, but I’m gonna give it a try.

    • LCarefortheworld says:

      That’s very encouraging. Do you know if we have to do intermittent fasting at exact time or it is ok as long as it’s 16-8?

    • Kelly Shelly says:

      @LCarefortheworld you can pick the exact hours to start and stop. Whatever works best for you. You can do 16/8 or 20/4 or OMAD.

    • Lily Miller says:

      @Pebbles von K Have you considered removing gluten from your diet?

  • Missed Noahsarc says:

    I love fasting! It’s not about not eating. It’s about letting your body operate while your digestive system isn’t.

    • Boromir Of Middle Earth says:

      great way of looking at it

    • acoustic61 says:

      I love eating!

    • Missed Noahsarc says:

      @acoustic61 dont we all but your body needs a break from digesting all those leafy greens, fruits and veggies, nuts and legumes and lean meats you only ingest. 😉 because we only eat food that is good for our bodies. Maybe if we ate more junk food we wouldnt need to give our bodies the day off. Isnt comfort food healing? That’s what that means right?😂🤪

    • Aayiah aka LadyLuck says:

      Love to fast which allows my body to heal. No meds are require bc there is meds for everything. More benefits than meds!!!

    • Aayiah aka LadyLuck says:

      @Missed Noahsarc yes all the foods gonna take time to process so fasting allows time for it to cleanse and heal.

  • Adi C says:

    I’ve been practicing 36 hour fasts once every week. It’s not as hard some people think, and it can work wonders for your health.

  • mary nguyen says:

    Thank you Dr Hyman. We get educated from your videos to help us to live better and healthier. Your video is very informative, simple, and easy to follow. All my respect and appreciation 💕

  • Cientxa says:

    I am in my 4th day of fasting today, Sunday, since Thursday. Last night I remembered 3 dream sequences vividly for the first time in 25 years! I used to fast regularly when I was young to stay slim and I dreamed regularly and vividly. Someone on here mentioned that a 72+ hour fast detoxes the brain, that encouraged me to fast again.

    • User says:

      Do you take anything while fasting? Like do you get dizzy ? Please answer last time I did 2 days and couldn’t hold it anymore my face turned yellow, I also do OMad for about 2 months now lost 12 kg

    • TexasPatriot915 says:

      B vitamins / magnesium
      Pink Himalayan salt
      Black coffee
      Apple cider vinegar

    • MJC says:

      @TexasPatriot915 f

    • Flor Tajaon says:

      Ask only 72 hour not eating?

    • fitfilful says:

      ​​​@UserIntermittent fasting. It’s better to eat one huge meal per day then take small meals or like a snack for the rest of the day. I choose leafy greens, fruits or a detox drink for my snacks especially when I suddenly snack on a slice of cake, cupcake, cookie or brownie or ice cream. I think it’s depends on what has been eating because someone obese cannot just directly go to fasting…they have to make a gradual process…

  • Ocean says:

    I do intermittent fasting every day. I eat just one meal( ONE MEAL A DAY: OMAD):23:1 .I feel so energetic and I have beaten type 2 diabetes with no medications. Brilliant Dr Mark

  • Lucas DaSilva says:

    Ive been doing 20 hr fast or OMAD. Im down 12lbs but this week im trying for a 3 day fast. Started at 309. Now 296. Goal is 215

  • Patrick Realestate says:

    Great content Dr Hyman. I do 23-1 and sometimes 22-2 depending on how fast or how slow I eat. I also do a 2 day water fast on Saturdays and Sundays. I feel AMAZING!

  • Maria says:

    I’ve been practicing 36-48 hours fasting on weekends for the last 8 months.My blood work this week amazed me ..
    Cholesterol dropped from 139 to 114 with the first 4 fasting, now it’s 88. Triglycerides dropped from 95 to 43 .
    But what amazed the doctor the most was my ALT : 8 months ago the doctor asked if I drink often because my liver was showing some damage, since I don’t drink he diagnosed me with non alcoholic fatty liver, ALT was 31 and dropped to 17 .!!!!
    All that with no medication, only water fasting

  • Honky Monkey says:

    When I first started fasting I was 45 years old. I am now 32.

  • patrick Walsh says:

    Fasting is like a REBOOT for your body PLUS you actually appreciate the food more when you do decide to eat. I’m at work now and I’m almost at 48 hours fasting and I’m not hungry at all. I’ll eat later today at the 55 hour mark. I’m sure your liver appreciates a break too. ☘️

  • Adam Riccinto says:

    Completing day 6 of fasting. I don’t have a specific number of days as a goal. I’ve never been this emotionally and spiritually fit. Working to listen to my body and the Holy Spirit as to when to break my fast. Been practicing OMAD and lo-carb/carnivore way of eating for a long time.

    • jesse newman says:

      It seems to be the wisest move to practice fasting, I know this from learning to fast starting when I was 17. The first thing I noticed was my mental clarity and a lot of Gods peace, fasting is a strange thing because you can rest but in the spiritual and physical realm you are advancing at light speed.
      Hallelujah that’s why instituted fasting as a spiritual discipline
      He knew it would be beneficial in both ways and recently they have found that fasting stops cancer and there has been cases recently where people stoped terminal stage 4 cancer hallelujah! Big pharma has been keeping this secret they can make money of prescribing fasting

    • bass jace says:

      diminished returns after 72 hours, be careful with stress on the body, cortisol goes through the roof.

    • Arpi Grace Tarkhanian says:

      Fast pray meditate and heal your body 🙏♥️🙏

  • Self Made says:

    I’ve been pulling off 14-16hr dry fasts with easy chances of going longer while being active(on the clock💰, push-ups, squats, jumping jacks mainly, nothing intense), it really does depend on your body & how you utilize & train it

  • Tomeka Smith says:

    Fasting has changed my life completely! I had a ton of inflammation and now inflammation is reduced tremendously!!

  • adhkar channel says:

    Fasting is highly encouraged in Islam, not only fasting for the month in Ramadan, but also fasting twice per week and three specific days during the month. Yes there are health benefits, but the reward in the Hereafter is greater if a person is fasting for the sake of God (Allah) and not simply for worldly gains. Alhamdulillah (All praises is for Allah alone) for Islam.

  • Lia Menasce says:

    About three months ago I had compelling medical reasons to change my diet. I came across the theory of the fasting diet and decided to try it. I changed my diet to avoid sugar, processed foods and carbs and adopted a new pattern of eating only between 12 noon and 6:00pm. Only water and an occasional coffee allowed for the remaining 18 hours of the day. The effect has been astonishing! After the first month my medical consultant pronounced me free of type two diabetes. In three months my waist line has gone from 38 to 30 inches, the same as I was at 20, and my body has returned to the shape it was at that age, my skin has improved and many minor inflammations have disappeared. I had no idea which of my efforts produced these effects until I watched Dr Hyman’s video. The observations he makes in this video match my experience almost exactly. The most surprising thing is that once I got adjusted to the fasting diet it became very easy to keep to as snack cravings disappeared entirely.

  • Linda Martinez says:

    As part of my 15-year fasting journey, in my early 60s I discovered that beginning my fast after the 6pm meal, by the time I wake up the next morning I’m already 12 hours into my 72 hours fast. Fasting is a mind game and I am happier knowing I only miss 2 full days of food – by the third day I eat dinner and break the fast – usually with a clear zucchini soup. I appreciate Dr. Hyman repeating that we need to listen to our bodies and do what works for us… we learn the hacks along the way. Bon chance!

  • Marilyn Summit says:

    I used to eat constantly. Not big meals but all the food added up, also added weight on my body. I did this for years. I found intermittent fasting and I lost 58 lbs so far with 23 lbs to go. I could never lose that much before gaining it back.

  • gordo w says:

    At age 60 I looked 70. Age spots on my face and body, 50 pounds overweight, sick with high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, gout, joint pain… Now at age 65 after 3 years of low carb/Keto with intermittent fasting and fasting days, I look 50-55 years old. I lost 50 pounds and am down to a 32” waist, at 6’0” and I am now at 180 pounds. She lost 35 lbs. We totally cleared out our fridge and pantry, getting rid of all processed foods and oils. We use only coconut, avocado, olive and MCT oils, collagen powder, some supplements, like cod liver oil, and a variety of D, K, E, B- Complex… No more bread, pasta, or high starch vegetables. We buy whole natural foods and enjoy cooking healthy and wholesome meals. I do the cooking. We feel good and exercise regularly, and our sexuality has skyrocketed.

    • Brenda Connell says:

      How do you do this when your a fussy eating all your life. I’ve been trying to fast for 17 hours. And I struggle. I also have a job as a baker! How do you do it ?

    • gordo w says:

      @Brenda Connell You educate yourself by learning all that you can on the right foods, recipes, choices…and what are the wrong foods and choices. Clean out your house of all the bad foods, oils, condiments, flour, sugar… Don’t eat out unless you know the food is appropriate for low carb and is quality, like a good steak with asparagus and some cauliflower… You have to devote yourself entirely. It not just fasting. Intermittent fasting is the next important step after replacing the foodstuffs. Once you are eating right and skipping the one meal so that you only eat super healthy for 6-8 hours, allowing for 16-18 hours of fasting in between, you will have made a big leap. The whole, healthy food you eat, fills you up faster, and satiates you longer. Watch YouTube videos by Dr. Fong and Dr. Mark Hyman and others. You either believe that you can do it and do have the strength, or you don’t. About the bakery, I cook delicious dishes for the week on fasting days or during my fasting hours.

  • PeteezyThaKetovore says:

    I’m currently on Day 7 Of My 9 Day Water Fast 🙌🏽

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