Vitamin D and the Magnesium Deficiency: IMPORTANT


Most of the population is deficient in both vitamin D and magnesium. Learn more.


0:00 Introduction: Vitamin D and magnesium
0:22 The relationship between vitamin D and magnesium
1:09 The calcium connection
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Let’s talk about magnesium and vitamin D. About 75 percent of the population has low vitamin D levels, and 45 percent have low magnesium levels.

All of the enzymes involved in converting vitamin D to the active form depend on magnesium. Vitamin D won’t work in the body if you have a magnesium deficiency.

Vitamin D is vitally important for the body, and it’s crucial to do what you can to avoid a vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D also supports the absorption of magnesium. Vitamin D and magnesium work synergistically.

Vitamin D and magnesium are also important to support the absorption and regulation of calcium. Magnesium helps prevent calcium from building up in your arteries.

The body needs about twice as much calcium as magnesium. But many people are actually getting about three times as much calcium as magnesium.

Having excess calcium with a magnesium deficiency can lead to serious side effects, including cancer.

Thankfully, the solution is simple. You need to increase magnesium by consuming magnesium-rich foods, like leafy greens.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand the importance of vitamin D and magnesium. I'll see you in the next video.

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    • Dana T says:

      Take some potassium for the water retention.

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      10 lbs is great. Keep going good luck. Yeah you probably need electrolytes. I felt so bad too but honestly the electrolytes are a must. I use Dr Berg great

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      Keep going. Make sure you food is totally free of Seed Oils, Sugars, Carbs and Processed Products. Perhaps eat more fatty red meat. And get quality salt. And get sunshine and good sleep.

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      Yeah it’s a really slow process for some of us. My water bloating was largely due too excessive stress I believe. But also like with the other comments,dirty keto and clean keto are worlds apart. Zero sugar and zero processed anything are key.

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      @Dana TConsider 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar (potassium tartrate), morning + evening.

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    Vitamin D also depletes magnesium so be sure to increase magnesium when you are supplementing with vitamin D or getting vitamin D from the sun or tanning booth. I learned this the very hard way.

    • CytotoxicTrev says:

      Same here, I take the Sports Research supplement for D3 + K2 (Vitamin D 5,000 IU’s plus Vitamin K2 100 mcg), 3x per week. Let me tell you, my stress levels shot through the roof and I started getting awful fatigue until I upped the magnesium!

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    Dr. Berg, can you do a video on Vitamin D intolerance? There is a large group of people who can not take Vitamin D in any form with out feeling a myriad of symptoms, such as fatigue, brain fog, etc.

    • DebbieTDP says:

      The reaction is typically due to a lack of Magnesium – Mg is required by Vitamin D
      Solution take Magnesium supplement for a week and try again
      It might be similar to reaction to the sun – probably previously known
      Red-heads and others – try a smaller dose initially
      See also Photosensitivity (sun allergy) and vitamin D
      Does size too big – at least initially
      Perhaps we need to start with a smaller dose, say 1000 IU, and get used to vitamin D for a week or so
      Might be a reaction to Vitamin D2 Vets determined that D2 should not be given to any mammals
      Solution – use Vitamin D3, not D2

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      Also Dr Berg has a video on this.

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    I had an issue with my bone not wanting to heal. When tested on calcium, it was higher then recommended. Since i take D and magnesium, my calcium is more normal and bone started to heal better. I feel better and have less heart rythm issues thanks to the magnesium

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    Thanks Dr. Berg, I just subscribed to your newsletter. I have digestive issues eating vegetables. Eating mostly meat now. Lots of beef, some beef liver and sardines in water. Will this new diet fulfill magnesium, Vitamin B and calcium requirements? Was Keto for 6 years until recently. Thanks.

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