Dave McKinnon

  • @melissacopeland5147 says:

    Thanks DR. MANDELL ❤🙏👍

  • @nickoletteroden1884 says:

    Love to listen to you and your knowledge of the human body,wish the md’s I see would give me advice INSTEAD OF MEDICATIONS. BLESS YOU ONE OF THE REAL DRS LEFT THANK GOD.

  • @patriciabennett1819 says:

    Will do this Dr.Mandell. Awesome advice.

  • @AmandaBaker-qy7cr says:

    Interesting perspective, got me thinking!

  • @KimberlyMartin-bg8ji says:

    You definitely deserve more recognition for this!

  • @juliawah8674 says:

    I believe in this because I walk everyday after my lunch and dinner, and I am slim , whenever I am lazy to walk I can see myself gain weight , 🙂😆

  • @Boopierthanmost says:

    We have concept of ‘Shata-pavli’ in India, where shata means 100 and pavli means walking.

  • @thelmaaguilar7003 says:

    Thanks for this…a great help..

  • @user-ze3zf4ez2l says:

    Thank you, Df Mandell🙏

  • @joannerudow337 says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell

  • @laveraharper9698 says:

    I like those words, “Try to walk at least 100 steps.” I believe many of us could do this! Thank you, Doctor Mandell ❤️

  • @ingridhemphill308 says:

    Dear Dr. Mandell,
    You really are a good fellow, a constant source of practical advice for coping with health issues. You are on my list of helpful people on the internet.
    Keep up the good work !

  • @arsieglarner3730 says:

    Thank u for the advice, Dr. Mandell. It helps a lot…

  • @sallyward3791 says:

    Love your advice…clear, consistent and helpful!❤

  • @katharinecunningham8561 says:

    Thank you so much Dr I love and learn so much from all your teaching ❤

  • @nellyb.9340 says:

    Fact – once I started going for 1.5 hr brisk walk after dinner not only did I fall in love with long walks but it’s the easiest and cheapest way to stay in shape

  • @WornSteve2751 says:

    Perfect to keep my blood sugar level stable. Thank You.

  • @carolinekinney2364 says:

    Dr.Mandrel, I have been doing the things you tell us for about a year now. I was so sick before I knew I couldn’t live much longer. I give God all the glory and I thank Him for using you to help me go from feeling like I was 100 to now about 45. I just turned 61. Thank you seems so little. So please know that people are listening and doing what you advise us and it’s working!❤God bless you sir.

  • @carlitoreyna5335 says:

    😢i reversed my T2D walking 10-15 mins. every after a meal..in 3 weeks t2d is gone..been doing it for 2 years now..hba1c at 5.7 !!! Avoiding sugar and minimizing carbs more veggies and fruits..am 75…tnx doc..

  • @rayachrawach3886 says:

    Thank you. Growing up my brothers always walked after eating and stayed lean. I didn’t and was overweight, 🙏🏾💕

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