Want Your Kids To Be Healthier? #shorts

For thousands of years prior to our current generation, food centered around more than just the act of eating. Food was about family, sharing, celebration, and community. Today, only 30 percent of families manage to eat together regularly.

Shawn Stevenson joined me on The Doctor’s Farmacy to talk about the real impact this shift has had on us and how eating together helps to protect our health.

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Dave McKinnon

  • R M says:

    Growing up we all ate dinner together. There was no excuse.

  • Denise Eugene says:

    I fed my child world class healthy meals fresh fruits and vegetables daily! Then watched her become influenced by friends who parents were either unable to provide or didn’t care! High carbs and sugar now affects her health and yes we ate as a family daily fast foods a treat . My daughter said she felt denied ! How do you combat that.

  • Mo M says:

    Growing up, born in 1958, my parents were adamant about eating at the family table for each meal. It does make a difference. Too bad everyone’s face is constantly in THEIR PHONES ! They’re a curse 😁 regarding every aspect of human togetherness ! They’re also unhealthy but good for some things. Limits ⭐️

  • Juan Gonzalez says:

    Welp, Uber eats messed that up😂😂

  • Green Tea says:

    No TVs, no phones. Just sit down and eat together. Talk to each other for 20 minutes

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