What Causes Wrinkles?

Over time, the skin folding caused by everyday facial expressions etches once-temporary grooves into permanent wrinkles, but only in the context of underlying structural damage. Can light emitted from smartphone screens cause premature aging and wrinkles?

I covered some popular wrinkle-reducers in The Efficacy, Safety, and Side Effects of Botox and Facelifts ( ) and The Efficacy and Safety of Fillers, Chemical Peels, and Laser Skin Resurfacing ( ).

See also How to Naturally Reduce Wrinkles with Food ( ).

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • @ngoodwin101 says:

    Thanks so much for sharing much appreciated ❤ senting lots off love from the uk

  • @user-cs1fm3vo7y says:

    I have a big wrinkle for years, right wear it sit, ever since birth.

  • @pickledbeaker5916 says:

    and that’s why Beaker never smiles!

  • @physicianskitchen says:

    Dr. Greger in his beauty era

  • @verayou8050 says:

    Как всегда ниче непонятно но очень интересно 😂

  • @lorah3005 says:

    👍 🖖

  • @lint8391 says:

    My mother has been going on about the adverse effects of UV (sunlight, tanning lamps) for years. Nice to have confirmation that she was right about this all this time.

  • @veganchiefwarrior6444 says:

    i have deep lines above my right eyebrow but i cant actually raise that eyebrow on its own so i just figured it was either a lack of muscle and blood flow on that side, i do sleep mostly on that side, also the room light is on that side i wonder if thats caused it.. i also used to stand in the sun for hours trying to get tanned as possible every day and have smoked sinse i was 14 yet luckily everyone cant beleive my age presumably because ive been a strict vegan for 10 years, those lines do make that side of my face look alot older tho, my fully white friends who arent vegan and dont go in the sun much at all have those lines going across there whole forehead, im getting there but im about to buy some retinol and vitamin c creams to try stop it lol, my biggest worry at the moment is this alopecia in my beard tho, using topical steroids but the spot just seems to get bigger and bigger, pretty much ruining my life as its still obvious when clean shaved as i have thick dark beard hair, its possible stress has caused it but after some googling i fear i could have thyroid problems maybe from smoking, it came on right after i quit weed and still smoked tobacco, im slowly quitting tobacco now, also eating 2 sheets of nori a day but that hasnt seemed to help either, they say the people with the most blessings have the most curses and thats me right now

  • @hobbyfarmer1452 says:

    People with more body fat have fewer wrinkles than people with low body fat. The fat beneath the skin helps.

  • @lemonadestand4386 says:

    I use Dr Greger’s suggestions and also use Frownies paper face adhesives as well. Re the time period for the study, daily use 30 days is what you start with and then every other day use. Using them the right way and consistently produces results. How deep the wrinkles are to begin with also makes a difference. Frownies help me reduce forehead furrowing and help me be more aware in general of my facial expressions. You notice the softening of the wrinkles immediately after you take them off, and as you make more facial movements during the day, you can get some wrinkling again. I find it is most effective on forehead lines and 11 lines between the eyebrows, and you can use it around the mouth if you use the right configuration.

    I also use a LED/RFD face wand, LED mask, Retin A, and castor oil. Castor oil has been touted as nature’s botox and I have seen a real difference in the softening of my laugh lines with its use. Added to helichrysum oil, in two weeks I saw angry red spider veins fade to pink, although I haven’t seen a big reduction in the bluer/purplish varicose veins.

  • @aroundandround says:

    So what should we do?

  • @DoctorRevers says:

    Stay hydrated, use moisturizer, limit sun exposure, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, stay off your phone.

  • @veganchiefwarrior6444 says:

    can you please touch on alopecia in the beard, i wrote a list of what could be causing mine and i had moisuturizer (dht blockers), fragrances (edc disruptors), hay fever (alergies), lost a pet and quit weed (stress) smoking tobacco (since young, mixed with weed but now on its own till i quit that 2) daily workouts (physical stress) caffeine, kale, soy protein isolate, sunscreen, and maybe a lack of zinc and iodine (now eating 2 sheets of nori most days and have started eating walnuts) i just hope so bad its just stress and i havent developed hashimotos or something cause i aint taking no thyroid medication for the rest of my life lol the alopecia patch is still spreading and ive been using topical steroids for a month, its near half my beard at this point

  • @charlesschenk6290 says:

    Doesn’t smoking aggravate the formation of wrinkles, and the same with too much sun exposure to create tan skin?

  • @mchagawa1615 says:

    Fascinating! Thank you <3

  • @VeganLove1 says:

    Thanks Dr Greger☺️

  • @Albopepper says:

    No, no, no. Those references shown at the end of that video are junk. The first one was focusing on “digital camera photoflashes.” It wasn’t focused on just passively sitting and reading a screen. The second study used a “monolayer of AG13145 fibroblast cells.” This was not in a human being. I just fired up an iPad and had it display a white image. I took my Apogee Quantum Light Sensor and placed it right up against the display. At 1 cm. Also 0 cm. The screen was emitting <1 umol/m2/s of light. The photon emission was *so low* that it registered as 0 umols.

    You'll get way more blue photons shining on your skin just by sitting next to a lamp. I turned on a reading lamp and measured the photon flux shining on my chair. It was 17.7 umols. Compare that to ZERO from a white iPad display at point blank range. This is a joke! A complete lacking of understanding about light science.

  • @stephaddiction says:

    Smile lines 😢

  • @laurieparis2203 says:

    Sleep position isn’t a major contributor to wrinkle formation, that award goes to Sun exposure, smoking, alcohol use, and poor diet.

    But it is a minor player. Wrinkles from sleep position form over decades, on the same principle that expression wrinkles do … repeated folding of skin. In addition to the face, they also can form on the cleavage of side sleepers with ample breast tissue.

    Just sleep on your back, no $200 pillow necessary. 😊

  • @mik290667 says:


  • >