Why Peptides Are The Secret to Better Health and Longevity | Dr. Edwin Lee

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Peptides are gaining popularity for their remarkable health benefits, but what exactly are they and how can they help you? In this episode of “The Doctor’s Farmacy,” I sit down with Dr. Edwin Lee to demystify the incredible world of peptides. We delve into how these tiny proteins can regulate every function in your body, from hormone imbalance to tissue repair, and even cognitive health.

In this episode, we discuss:

The crucial role peptides play in regulating our wellbeing

BPC 157, a peptide that shows promise in accelerating healing from injuries and reducing inflammation

Epi-thalon, a peptide with potential to improve sleep quality and reverse some aging markers

The future potential of peptides, including ongoing research and clinical trials, to unlock further therapeutic uses and improve patient outcomes

The importance of using peptides under proper medical guidance to ensure safety and efficacy

Learn how peptides can optimize your overall health and longevity, and why they might just be the future of medicine.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @rebeccafarris1497 says:

    Very interesting. How can we self- apply.

  • @susanferguson4271 says:

    So, those who were given peptides at stage 4 cancer, would it be a better option to include it as treatment at a lesser stage, to promote remission or recovery?

  • @bjoburn7821 says:

    Explain what peptides are ans how to Get them Be on Purpose Would be Helpful

  • @susanferguson4271 says:

    Any additional considerations for the senior senior group; advanced geriatric group?

  • @silviepaskova7311 says:

    Dr. Vladimir Khatskelevich Khavinson, a distinguished scientist and respected figure in his field, passed away on January 6th, marking a significant loss to the scientific community nearly half a year ago. His contributions and legacy remain influential despite his passing.

  • @Oraklet_v says:

    Really interesting! Would love an episode on epilepsy 🙏

  • @Cottonsie says:

    love his sense of humor and constant jokes, both actually

  • @kcsunnyone says:

    I signed the petition and this is a great interview and I have shared it with family members. My only criticism is that it is impossible to find the show notes for this show on your website with all the dang pop-ups and requests to sign up, join etc. Super Super Annoying.

  • @vickiebonano2092 says:

    Amazing information.

  • @bettyluvs211 says:

    Amazing information! Recently discovered BPC-157 and it’s use. Thank you for the information about a few of the other peptides. Let’s keep these available.

  • @bettyluvs211 says:

    FYI there is NO information in the show notes 🙄, come on guys…..

  • @rosauracepeda9073 says:

    PLEASE allow your expert guests TALK rather than showing off about your knowledge. 🙏🏽

  • @RockyMt._views says:

    I wish it was a monthly offer in Dr. Offices, iv drips of vitamin, mineral, amino acid, etc… available. Just trying to buy real minimally processed or fresh organic produce is an impossible wish for most of us. Love your videos but sometimes really struggle to concentrate with talking over each other and interrupting each other. Your passion for functional medicine overflows😂. Thank you both!!

  • @moevans1914 says:

    I don’t see the value of peptides unless they are readily available the mainstream public. Where do you find doctors to help you get these peptides?

    • @conceptualclarity says:

      Toward the end of the interview there was a mention of some list of doctors on his website or some website so if you look at the Auto generated transcript that might help you find it quicker

  • @segolene001 says:

    Such an exciting topic for the future of medicine 👏🙏

  • @habibakrawi-mh6fc says:

    I ove this discussion

  • @iqbalzaidi says:

    I have been taking glutathione with vitamin c intravenous injection or drips for many many years and always felt a sense of wellness. BTW I am in mid 70s. Any comments from the doctor or any viewer

  • @lookup9078 says:

    Mark interrupts and speaks over Dr. Lee. (Odd behavior)

    David Sinclair😖He is not what he appears to be.

    • @Missgypsea says:

      Agree. It nearly ruins the entire show because a listener, I was sometimes wondering why Dr Hyman was interrupting so much rather than listening to the discussion!

    • @michelledigioia3604 says:

      love him but he interrupts all his guests

  • @NatashaBower525 says:

    Love peptides! BPC 157 and TB 4 have been life changing for me.

  • @michelledigioia3604 says:

    i heard the same thing about pharma not wanting peptides out in the market because of their efficacy. My doctor told me they are lobbying hard to not let them go mainstream

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