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Dave McKinnon

  • Nello’s Nook says:

    What about A2 plain yogurt?

  • Deborah Beynon says:

    Thank you Dr. Berg.

  • Shulamite says:

    I will *NEVER* cut out eating meat (within reason) I love my my oxtail, rice & pease too much!😋🇨🇦🇯🇲

  • Fred Lost says:

    Mmm I love frying my steak, eggs and cheese with butter. Good for bulks also I add some nuts at the end. I maintain at 30 carbs a day.

    • Exmuslim Cool says:

      How is your ldl 😅😅😅

    • Zee Ski says:

      ​@Exmuslim Coolprobably better than yours

    • Don’t Fit says:

      @Exmuslim Coolwhy are you worried about ldl?

    • Sheryl777 says:

      @Don’t Fit One reason it might give people thought (high ldl) is because when the ldl gets too high or even possibly just the cholesterol in general, too many doctors are ready to jump on you insisting that you use statin drugs, even sometimes (as with my daughter’s case) calling you on the phone yelling at you because you won’t take statins and they say you are damaging your health because of that. Needless to say, my daughter found another doctor who believes in the keto or carnivore way of life! Had some other tests related and they all came out fine (with the new doctor). Doctor said my daughter didn’t need to worry (at this point) about her cholesterol being too high.

  • Marianne Gana says:

    Thankyou for sharing such helpful info for people to get healthier 🎉🎉🎉❤❤

  • Yvonnie Holness says:

    The Doctor has spoken👏👏👏

  • silleecat says:

    I love my cheese and red meat. I don’t love chicken. I’m glad I’m hearing this to reaffirm my choices are good. 😅

    • Dawn Elder says:

      Love homemade wings without the weird sauce. I always got the wings growing up as no one wanted them back then. When I first lived on my own I could buy large packs cheap.
      Then they became the fad food at bars and jumped out of my price range.

  • djkenny says:

    My Uveitis reacts poorly to dairy and red meat. I’ll stick with fish and eggs.

  • Seven Chambers says:

    Just because Dr. berg says it’s okay to eat red meat doesn’t mean your should eat burgers, bacon, fast food, etc. Also, most meat from the grocery stores is corrupted and not high quality meat.

    • Solution Girl says:

      So true..only do Grass fed or Grass fed & finished. Bacon I eat moderate but sugar and crap free.

    • Don’t Fit says:

      ⁠@Solution Girlbuying grass fed beef is very misleading as all beef is grass fed. It’s grass finished that you want if you can find it and afford it.

  • Paivi Project says:

    Okay, this is good to know. I rather eat steak & eggs anyways👍👋

  • Sojourner says:

    My food allergy test showed an anaphylactic allergy to all meat, all grains, and eggs. I already knew, obviously bcz of constant trips to ER. Epi pens. Meds, etc. But it was really good to see it in print with the official allergy test. So, I use nuts & dairy for my protein. I am lean and strong. 🙂

    • Dakota D. says:

      Is it even possible to be allergic to red meat? It is literally the least reactive food for humans. What specifically in it would you be reacting to?

    • KuumbaOnline says:

      You were probably eating grain fed meat , if you ate grass fed grass finished beef it may be a different for you

    • Sojourner says:

      @KuumbaOnline  dangerous to advise on someone’s medical condition – inappropriate. You couldn’t possibly be more inaccurate. No advice needed or was summoned.

    • Sojourner says:

      @dakotad.8609  a board-certified allergist can say for sure on the meat allergies. As far as I know, proteins are the allergen.

  • avidrain says:

    My mother told me that the beef we buy near us is way better than the chicken we buy in supermarkets coz we see the cows eat grass. They always butcher every Sunday so we know it’s fresh and healthy as well. The chickens on the supermarket I heard they inject something so they grow fast and they eat corn so not that healthy.

    • Dawn Elder says:

      When I go into town I drive by so much cattle in the fields. The land is not suited to crops.

    • Don’t Fit says:

      Well your mothers a smart women but no they don’t inject supermarket chicken with something to make them grow faster. It’s just Cornish X chickens. They are a crossbred chicken that just grows very big very fast.

    • avidrain says:

      @Don’t Fit Idk, other chicken brands here in the supermarket, they put signs that say they didn’t inject anything to their chickens so does that mean other brand of chickens were injected? Maybe it’s different in other countries? Anyways, we do grow our own native chickens before, we stopped now though.

  • Basket Of Cures says:

    I love my pasture eggs and raw cheddar cheese 🧀 😋 , I eat it everyday , especially raw cheese + green apple 🍏 🤩 yum …..

  • Mary Sh says:

    Thank you, Dear Dr. Berg. Hope everyone watches your channel and learns valuable information and knowledge you share.

  • M.H. Ploni says:

    Every week I eat salmon (twice), beef, beef liver, chicken, chicken liver, eggs. The cost? Way less than fake physicians, hospitals and pharmaceuticals. Got to look now for a high-quality cheese.

  • Małgorzata Kitka says:

    🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👏👏👍👍 in actually crazy times some normal and right information. Thank you doctor.

  • Jon Snowden says:

    Im finding myself referring to Dr Eric in my life more often. Chicken breasts with thigh meats too, and an Antarctic krill supplement. My adult male vitamin has the bioavailable B-12 he mentions. Its the small factors.

  • Linda Ritchey says:

    You are a joy to listen to. Your information is always useful. Thank you.

  • selena coul says:

    I’ll never give up my grass fed/finished steak. ❤ thank you Dr. Berg. 40 pounds and counting. ❤❤❤

  • Nancy says:

    Thank you Dr. Berg!

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