Can You Trust A Study’s Findings?

Today, we're zooming in on a study that comes from Stanford University and was recently published in JAMA Network Open.  The researchers put a vegan diet head-to-head with an omnivorous diet in twenty-two pairs of identical twins. The buzz around this study has been immense, sparking conversations everywhere—from social media to professional circles. Adding to […]

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What Causes Wrinkles?

Over time, the skin folding caused by everyday facial expressions etches once-temporary grooves into permanent wrinkles, but only in the context of underlying structural damage. Can light emitted from smartphone screens cause premature aging and wrinkles? I covered some popular wrinkle-reducers in The Efficacy, Safety, and Side Effects of Botox and Facelifts ( ) and […]

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Dr. Berg Tries Carnivore For 2 Weeks

I switched to the carnivore diet for 2 weeks. Here's what happened. INFORMATION ON METABOLOMIC TESTING: Recommended Olive Oil: 0:00 Introduction: What happened when I tried the carnivore diet for 2 weeks 0:40 What do you eat on a carnivore diet? 2:21 Vitamin C on the carnivore diet 4:08 Metabolomic testing 5:30 Will Dr. Berg […]

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