Shocking Effects of Vitamin Deficiencies

Did you know that nutritional deficiencies can cause debilitating health problems? Find out about the missing piece in modern medicine. 0:00 Introduction: Nutritional deficiencies and modern medicine 0:22 Neurasthenia 1:10 Tourette syndrome 1:55 Persecutory delusions 3:03 Restless legs syndrome 4:05 Panic, anxiety, worry 4:46 Sensation of impending doom Today, we’ll discuss the importance of nutritional […]

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You Need to Take More of This

Is your body begging you for vitamin D? Find out the 7 signs of vitamin D deficiency and how to ensure you get enough of this crucial vitamin. 0:00 Introduction: Top signs you're deficient in vitamin D 1:03 Vitamin D testing explained 1:54 Benefits of vitamin D 2:00 Causes of low vitamin D 2:28 Vitamin […]

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