This is one of my favorite books on D3: Vitamin D is worthless, so there’s no need to do any more research on it. Of course, I’m being sarcastic! Watch this short video to find out the truth about vitamin D. DATA: 0:00 Introduction: Vitamin D research 0:40 Professor Bruce Hollis and vitamin D 2:49 […]

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Fix Knee Pain at Home in Minutes! Dr. Mandell

Our knees take lots of stress from walking, running, bending, sitting, being overweight and having poor posture. Degeneration of the joint, commonly known as arthritis occurs from these excessive loads and improper weight bearing of the knees. Many knee problems (that is commonly overlooked) come from our patellae which is our kneecap. When the kneecap […]

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Your Body Is BEGGING For Vitamin D!!

Check out this fascinating interview with Professor Bruce Hollis, a pioneer in vitamin D research and an expert on vitamin D deficiency. DATA: 0:00 Welcome, Professor Bruce Hollis! 0:53 The 2 systems in the body that use vitamin D 2:40 The forms of vitamin D 8:30 The problem with vitamin D research in the United […]

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