Dave McKinnon

  • Painted Diva says:

    My fave!!! I love them with my chia seeds soaked in coconut milk.

  • Zero Man says:

    Wow, who knew? 😅

  • nunya says:

    God bless

  • Zabrina the Teacher says:

    I love blueberries 🫐

  • Joseph Ryan says:

    Frozen blueberries at night are my go to

  • Ofelia Meneses says:

    Tus ojos se ven diferentes,

  • Sharon Baltimore says:


  • shordae says:

    I eat them daily yummy 😊

  • Coco says:

    Good job presenting this info. Dr M!🎉

  • some guy says:

    They go really good in a banana loaf

  • Jean Milne says:

    Don’t know if it’s true. But I read that if you freeze them there even better with vitamins. I personally like them frozen different texture eating them 👍

  • melanie sawayama says:

    Thanks for your great videos!

  • Tammy lynn Laws says:

    I love blue berries

  • Mel Mel says:

    I eat them everyday

  • Darenda Haun says:

    It’s my favorite berry. I add to my spinach smoothies . Thanks, Doc, for sharing . 😊😊

  • Chiara Julie Ann Sacdalan says:

    Hi Doc! Thanks for always teaching us what is best forour health. Fresh blueberries are hard to come by in my part of the world, are frozen ones just as beneficial?

  • Susan Y says:

    Blueberry’s are my number one favourite as well as Strawberries almost every morning ❤️God Blessings for this amazing berry 💯🎉❤️

  • Phy Foster says:

    Yes! I forget this sometimes! Thank you for keeping us on our toes. ❤❤❤

  • julia david says:

    Thank you Dr Mandell ❤

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