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    😮I am your sister from Yemen, and by God I only spoke out of hunger and distress. My mother, my brothers, and I welcome Ramadan with lessons and tears. We are in a situation that only God knows about. God is sufficient for us, and He is the best disposer of affairs for those who brought us to this situation. By God Almighty, I did not write this appeal out of distress and distress. Poverty, O world, they have felt it So, I hope for you. By God Almighty, Lord of the Great Throne, he ate what I had in the house. By God, my brothers, he is my brothers by sitting in the house. Who has no food? By God, we are in a very difficult situation. We have 4 people entering the house, and my father has died, and there is no one who can depend on us and who lives in it.We live in a rented house because we cannot pay the rent we owe. ””””””””””””””””””””” ””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ””””””””””””””””””””””””’ ””””””’ My brother, my first words are: I swear to God on the Book of God that I will not lie to you, nor deceive, nor deceive. I am a Yemeni girl displaced from Taiz. My family and I, Ait Al-Shahrb, have 20,000 Yemenis among us, and now we owe 60,000 for 3 months. The owner of the house is one of the people who does not have mercy, by God, my brother. He comes every day, insulting us, talking about us, and moving from the house to the street because we were unable to pay him the rent. The neighbors saw us crying and came back.They came back to talk to the neighbors and we were given the weekend. So we made him swear by God. He will take us out into the street. Have mercy on him and us. Our country is due to this war and we do not find food for our day, and my brothers and I live in a difficult life. Our father died, may God have mercy on him, and we have no one in this world who was with us in these harsh circumstances. My younger brothers went out into the street and saw…The neighbors eat and stand at their door in order to give them bread even if they break it. By God, to whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, they closed the door and expelled them and came back crying. They are dying of hunger. No one has mercy on them and a holiday is returned. I have made a living, and now if one of us helps us with a kilo of flour, I swear to God, I am dying of hunger. My brother, I am an alien to God. Then, I ask you to help me for the sake of God. I ask you, by God, to love goodness and to help me, even if you can, by messaging me on WhatsApp.On this number 00967772168484 and ask for the name of my card and send it and do not be late and may God reward you with all the best, my brothers Sagar, see how they are and help us and save us before they throw us out in the street, you will be lost or we will die of hunger. My family and I ask you, by God, if you are able to help us, do not be late and may God reward you well.`/–~~« ««~~♡~♡~♡~~•~•~♡~♡~♡~~♡~♡~♕~♡~♡♡♡~~~~: ~: ~! ~! ~! ~;💔💔💔💔 ~’}Π]]]]]😢😢😢….g.g..g.😢😢😢

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    ❤thanks for this tip&to care our health😇God bless You😇

  • @calimesmerizer1 says:

    The acid doesn’t deteriorate the lining of the stomach, even when diluted with water?

  • @ericac.4316 says:

    I been taking this Every morning for the past 8 years. First drink I start off with before starting my day. I love it!!

  • @sharond2814 says:

    I drink a shot glass of this daily! Straight. I learned a little trick that makes it bearable. Most have a habit of sucking in air after taking a drink because it’s so damn strong. But i learned to take a FULL breath in first, then down the shot, then slowly exhale that full breath! It makes it soooo much easier, smoother!

    • @erwynbalbuena9900 says:

      You do a full sit shotglass worth in one shot?

    • @user-ry8nj8le5b says:

      Can be too strong to the stomach and damaging to the enamel of the teeth! Better dilute 1 teaspoon on 1 glass of water. Slowly ad to up to one tablespoon in a glass of water.

    • @peti1940 says:

      @@erwynbalbuena9900 See below! From one teaspoon up to one tablespoon – never more – diluted in a 250 ml glass of water.

    • @sharond2814 says:

      @@erwynbalbuena9900 Yes. A one shot shotglass.. All at once. (Like i used to do 45 years ago in my old tequila drinking days) But definitely not in a empty stomach.

    • @sharond2814 says:

      @@user-ry8nj8le5b Actually i started doing this because I used to get awful heartburn and was taking Nexium for it. Then I learned how damn awful these proton pump inhibitors are for you. I learned about ACV to treat heartburn so I did this everyday for 2 weeks. My heartburn cured. Haven’t had heartburn or had to use any medication at all for it in over 15 years. I was deeply shocked and impressed. Never in a empty stomach though. And I swish out my mouth good, even after I eat fruit.

  • @mistiinseattle says:

    Wow good to know. I take it intermittently (it helps stop leg cramps) but get neglectful in doing it. I really like that so many of your health tips are natural. The one where I did need to check with my doctors (taking ALA for leg cramps) they both approved.. I was waking up with them every night and have not had one sense. And wow your sinus clearing stuff works!

  • @connierussell6966 says:

    I want to tell anyone that is suffering from a fungus on the skin called teania versicolor that this apple cider vinegar will cure it. Rinse in a half water ratio two times a week ❤️hope this helps someone

  • @roseandaya2724 says:

    Thanks Doctor

  • @user-ps6gu5xo4k says:

    I mix water, ACV, raw honey, and cayenne pepper together and drink it every morning. 👍

  • @RealGrayP says:

    Add this with raw honey and lemon water so good.

  • @jimmatzek5895 says:

    I do the gummies… Blood work coming back better

  • @normamorales1568 says:

    Love your video’s always take us blessing.

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    Doctor I have very slow rate hair growth on top of the scalp and hair is becoming thin also but at the same time thick hair with normal growth rate is on the sides could you please make a video on this problem????

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    They sold the company!

  • @kellercrucita550 says:

    Dr, muchas gracias y que se mejore de sus ojos.

  • @avocadotoast119 says:

    Can you tell us how much it should be diluted please. Also is it better sipped through a straw to protect teeth. Thank you.

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    Love Acv in my water 💧 first thing in the morning on and empty stomach

  • @marlysgoodyear7970 says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell for letting us know about ACV. It is very important information. 🙏❤🙏

  • @danielstehura9657 says:

    I mix 2 shots Patron Tequila 1 tablespoon Agave and 1 oz Lime Juice and 1 Oz Organic Apple Cider Vinegar everyday for the last 70 years and have Zero Stress!

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