1 Shot…Opens Arteries on the Spot (Prevent Heart Attack & Stroke) | Dr. Mandell

Clogged arteries result from the build-up of a substance called plaque in the arterial walls. It is also medically referred to as arterial plaque. This plaque can reduce blood flow or even block it altogether.
Clogged arteries increase your risk of developing other health complications like a heart attack or stroke.

Some of the most common risk factors for clogged arteries are:
High levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) or low levels of HDL (good cholesterol)
A high blood pressure
Smoking tobacco
Diabetes or elevated blood sugar levels
A family history of atherosclerosis or clogged arteries
A sedentary lifestyle

Most cases of clogged arteries do not exhibit any symptoms until a heart attack or blood clot presents itself. However, in cases where 70% or more of the arteries are blocked, you will notice the following symptoms.
Severe cases of clogged arteries may exhibit symptoms like:
Shortness of breath
Chest pain or angina
Palpitations of the heart

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    1. Shot a day ❤
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    1crushed Galic clove
    1/2 tsp honey 🍯
    a dash of cayenne pepper.

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