Dave McKinnon

  • @laveraharper9698 says:

    It works! I have it nightly! Marvelous ❀ Thank you, Doctor Mandell ❀️

  • @Human_on_earth_1 says:

    Thanks Doc for chamomile tea idea to de-stress , sleep peacefully and good digestion.

  • @tanderson9115 says:

    It really does work, thank you Dr. M❀

  • @dkdivittorio says:

    i am so grateful for you, thank you so much!

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    Love my chamomile tea 🍡 at nite very relaxing and comforting ❀❀

  • @NormaFord-ut4sm says:

    Im a new subscriber. Love Camomile Tea😊❀

  • @user-ct6id9es5z says:

    Thanks Dr.Mandell ❀

  • @user-jy4cc4iy9o says:

    I’m always greatful for all your help. Godbless πŸ™

  • @HA-mn7si says:

    I drink chamomile tea every evening to wind down.

  • @ssmouse77 says:

    I know I love chamomile tea when congested or have a tickle in my throat so I can fall asleep. I wasn’t aware of these additional benefits. I add honey. There are people that don’t know it is caffeine free and have not used it because they don’t think they will be able to fall asleep. They are really missing out.

  • @bianchaesson1441 says:

    It’s also great for the kidneys, and lovely for the skin!!😊

  • @arielmichael says:

    Chamomile Tea is too weak for me so what I do is use another Tea with it- Lemon and Ginger. It works well. I am grateful,Doctor.

    • @kimcantswim174 says:

      I would’ve thought lemon (which acts like a pick me up) would counter the sleep inducing qualities of chamomile. No?

    • @arielmichael says:

      @kimcantswim174Β  Not for me. In fact,the good doctor suggests drinking some lemon with apple cider vinegar as a Night tonic in one of his videos as well. Namaste!

    • @kimcantswim174 says:

      @@arielmichael I have lemon with acv just minutes before my morning run. Having it at night might be a very big leap for me. But maybe I’ll give chamomile and lemon a day in court.

  • @claudiusthomas7442 says:

    Thank You So Much Dr.

  • @YA-st2ye says:

    πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» thanks so much Doc!

  • @user-yn6xl7po8r says:

    Tankiu very much .I will look for the Tea.God Bless.

  • @juliemcdaniel499 says:

    Good 2 know, Thank u Doc ❀

  • @dianrd2644 says:

    Thank you I really need toget rid of stress

  • @barbaraburnette9641 says:

    I knew it worked for making me sleepy. But I didn’t know about all the other benefits! Thank you, Dr. ❀️

  • @rodicamihai4733 says:

    Multumesc ! Va salut din RomΓ’nia! Va doresc SΔƒnΔƒtate !!!β€πŸ™

  • @emeldajames7976 says:

    Good morning
    Dr Mandell
    Thanks for sharing
    God bless you

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