1 Vitamin Like Chemical to Heal Neuropathy & Nerve Damage | Dr Alan Mandell, DC

Millions of Americans suffer from peripheral nerve damage, or neuropathy. It happens from bad posture, poor ergonomics, chronic injuries, diabetics and chemotherapy patients. It also happens to people suffering from auto-immune diseases, certain viruses, and nutrition problems. Sometimes you develop it just because you’re aging. The symptoms are frightening. Your skin may go numb and you can’t tell hot from cold, or you can’t feel your feet and it’s hard to even walk. I will share this Vitamin-like chemical (alpha-lipoic acid) that is proven to help heal damage nerve cells. I wish you many Blessings! Dr Mandell

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Dave McKinnon

  • motivationaldoc says:

    I am happy to share this educational video out to the world. It’s always a Blessing to first help the body with natural healing. Pain medications often can lead to many serious side effects. I have listed in the description the brand that I am using, it’s known to have high bioavailability. Please pass this video on to a friend or loved one. Wishing you many healing blessings. 😊❤️🙏

  • Gayle Moreno says:

    I wish I saw this 14 yrs ago when the doctor didn’t know why my mom was getting nerve damage. Not able to walk any longer. She passed at 82 yrs. If doctors took nutritional classes maybe more patients would be alive. We must be our own advocates. God help us.👍🥰🙏

  • hornet224 says:

    This man is flat out brilliant. Explains functional cures no other doctor can explain.

    • Shelly Holloway says:

      Greetings hornet224. Yes he is hornet224!!!!!!! The Motivational Doc is God The Most High Sent!

    • owemylife says:

      He kept learning about how the body heals rather than which synthesized med to push for which symptoms and which to push for the resulting side effects in order to get paid by pharma.

    • Estelle Schneider says:

      God has Blessed Dr. Mandell to be Hos instrument to God’s Ways of healing..I do believe Our gracious Lord God Does moy want all these CHEMICALS in our bodies..
      Isaiah 55 KJV

    • Annmarie kampf says:

      Um, no, he is not God. But Jesus is. He is The Way, The Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by Him. Whosoever shall call upon His name shall be saved!

  • Free Irish/Mexican American Girl says:

    Imagine the World Health if we all had a primary care physician such as this.

  • Norma Keen says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell. I needed to hear this. I’m Type 2 and have problem with diabetic neuropathy in my feet and hands. You are such a blessing and I thank God for you. Much blessings to you.

    • Cyberfunk says:

      You might want to try B1 also, I had neuropathic type pain in legs and tried higher doses of B1 that I actually got an prescription for it and I feel it helped as the issue is practically gone now. I can’t guarantee it was the B1 and not something else that I did, but I would suggest B1 and walking daily 30min to 1h to see if it helps.

    • Cyberfunk says:

      @R Dillon I haven’t had this problem for a long time anymore and just take regular B1 with multivitamins now. When I had the prescription it was benfotiamine with a very high dose.

    • His New Life says:

      Stop eating processed food and sugar!

    • Noel Deal says:

      @Cyberfunk Thank you for your comment. I recently heard that B1 helps heal nerves but didn’t know it comes in prescription strength.

  • LIGHTBEU says:

    Doc I’m almost positive you have patients lined up out the door wanting an opportunity to be seen by you. What a fantastic doctor!

  • Bobbi says:

    Thank you Dr Mandel, my son has type one diabetes. If only all drs were like you, you want to heal us, not just cover it up! May God bless you and your mother

  • Ninette Page says:

    Dr Mandell,you are simply amazing!! I’m in the UK 🇬🇧 and have sent this video (and many others) to my family in South Africa 🇿🇦 . I’m hoping and praying that this video would help my Father’s peripheral neuropathy in his feet. And I myself have started following lots of the advice you’re giving in your many videos so that I can become healthier again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for people all over the world! You are literally changes the lifes of millions and millions of people worldwide 🌐 🌎 ❤ ❤❤

  • Brian Kress says:

    Drs. Mandell
    Eric Berg
    and Ken Berry
    These are the pioneers in bringing this information public!!!

    • Jessica Jones says:

      Yes! Try Dr. John Bergman as well.

    • Mia says:

      Dr mark hyman as well! I agree, Love dr Eric Berg too!

    • Dianne Messerschmidt says:

      Dr. Mandell, could you address cervical dystonia and anything that would help this condition. I developed this condition after a cervical laminectomy and fusion two years ago from C1 to T3. Thank you for all the wonderful medical information you provide!!

    • SConfidential says:

      Please add Drs. Pradip Jamnadas and Jason Fung to your list. Absolutely a wonderful list you have, there!

    • John Thomas says:

      These are chiropractors, not M.D.s These are not endocrinologists and I would be very, very careful about your reliance on the information that they provide. I’m not saying they don’t know, but their licenses authorize them to practice SUBLUXATION…..not “all things medical” unless it is through subluxation. But it’s a worrisome trend these past 10 years to have chiropractors charging people $10,000 and offer to help them ‘reverse’ type II diabetes. That’s the practice of endocrinology. Just verify.

  • Endtime Awakening says:

    Dr Mendell is a Godsend to many! Thank you for your exhaustive efforts in helping hurting people!

  • The 5-Star Review says:

    We are blessed to have Dr. Mandell. I suffer from neuropathy and nerve damage.

    • Less get it my Daily thing!! says:

      How long have you suffered I heard it can also be a b12 deficiency you have to get tested for active b12 not just b12 I await your response I pray you heal in Jesus precious name

  • Taiwo Sunday says:

    Thank you,Dr Allan Mandell.
    You are a doctor to millions of viewers,all over the world.
    God bless you and give you good health even in your old age.

  • Pamela Busch says:

    I enjoyed this video because I have nerve damage from a severely compressed spinal cord surgery 8-31-21 and the right side of my body is still numb. I am very aggravated and have restless nights due to the burning sensation. I am going to take heed to your advice and trust God for complete healing!😢😢🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    • John Buckley says:

      Hi Pamela. I, too, had surgery for severely depressed, spinal cord and my body is still numb and the right side is worse than the left. Have you started taking this supplement? Have you noticed anything else that might work? I’ve tried just about everything at this point.

    • Vigilante says:

      Amen God Bless you 🙏🏿 Thank you Jesus yes please heal her heal us all Lord!

    • Joe Burton says:

      Hello I have the same thing going on now doctor said I need surgery.. I’m still up in the air with the surgery

    • Cj Howard says:

      And quit all sugary junk food !
      I had neck surgery and was on neurontin for many years until I changed my diet. No sugar, low carbs. Just meat and veggies and healthy fats. No longer need those meds 😊

    • John Drury says:

      Well does ALA work

  • Judith Gayle says:

    Never thought I’d have found a doctor here who makes you understand what is happening to you without you telling him. You are one of a kind. Thank you so much 🙏

    • maria viramontes says:

      His starting to push supplements as a second option If you can’t eat natural foods..AND!!! PEOPLE WILL GO WITH WHAT IS MORE SIMPLIER> Which are the supplements, And he knows this.. Dr mandall goes on to say IF your not eating this foods, This is the best supplements you Can take..He Probably gets a kick back for promoting supplements.

    • Judith Gayle says:


    • Shari Isaac says:

      I don’t think so because he is not suggesting a brand.

    • Tina’s Fun Space says:

      @maria viramontes So what! At least he is helping people. I have SMA and my Dr has Never explained this to me. You don’t think the doctors get a kickback for suggesting pharmaceutical drugs? They do! All the while, just masking with the issue rather than helping so for them it’s a lifelong kick back.

  • Alina Plenko says:

    I am so grateful to you, Doctor Mandell for always with the best remedies and explanations.


    Dr sir you are not only a doctor but also an exemplary human to assist and support many needy across the globe. Thank you Doctor

  • Stacy Stacy says:

    I appreciate that he isn’t trying to sell HIS stuff. He’s educating without ulterior motives. Refreshing!!!

  • Saundra Brown says:

    I love this Doctor! He really has a heart for the people!💖

  • Star Gypsy Soul says:

    My diagnosis list is longer than I am old. But essentially they all equate to “inflammation”. Inside and out my entire nervous system is inflamed and constant high adrenaline fight/flight mode. I love your videos they help me get answers no one else has given me. ❤

    • imacmill says:

      What ‘answers’ did you get?

    • Humgin1234 says:

      Tell me the thing u learned please

    • Tom Lukach says:

      Have you had an HS-CRP test? Erythrocyte sedimentation rate test? My nervous system is beyond damaged. Everyday I wake up and am alive and can walk is an absolute blessing! I hope you get better

    • ROGB ROGB says:

      Someone said it’s important to get ALA wih an R in front of it: “R-ALA”. (It’s more expensive and I’m poor!)
      What do you know about this?

  • Sue Powell says:

    I checked with both of my doctors and both said ALA is safe for me to take so I started on it recently. I have some of the symptoms mentioned. Thank you Dr Mandell. Your suggestions for sinus and bronchial issues had been life changing for me. You are very kind for caring about others to make all these videos to help us improve our health and lives.

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