Dave McKinnon

  • @SH-tf1zz says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell for reminders and motivation to do better for myself. Much gratitude!

  • @Malika_Deci says:

    I love water if it doesn’t taste good im not drinking it!

  • @Human_on_earth_1 says:

    Thanks Doc for the refreshing the information how water aids in weight loss. Happy Sunday. Happy Morning. God bless all ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’

  • @user-lc4kj1yr5d says:

    Absolutely true 85lbs later.

  • @ClefairyFairySnowflake says:

    This video was very helpful! Thank you for your amazing tips! Stay awesome!

  • @CUCHIE68 says:

    Add some lemon, limes to it helps in aspects , too. Great aDr.

    • @LaidBackLora says:

      Sometimes I mix half lemon and limes in my water.It seems every time I go to grocery store the lemon/ lime bags are always on sale lately.Its a hint โค

  • @trumpybearfan1585 says:

    Yeah anytime I drink more water when dieting. I lose weight faster. Cleanses out all the bad. Keeps my muscles hydrated. I sleep better. And I also switched from tea to hot water. For those of u who have trouble with ๐Ÿ’ฉ I donโ€™t bit it helps. My aunt whoโ€™s Asian always gets hot water with her meals.
    And it works wonders. Sometimes I canโ€™t keep doing cold so I do hot especially during the cold months. And itโ€™s so soothing. No additives.

  • @ms.steveygolden1118 says:

    Ya, all facts BUT you’ll get up several times a night to urinate. Even IF you stop drinking water at 6pm!! THIS is the downside.

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  • @Conald_isAfalseProphet says:

    I’ve been trying this but I rarely ever feel full after a meal. I amore often ravenous and can’t stop eating even after dinner.

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  • @LaidBackLora says:

    Can I make a request on a video of your real opinion of taking “one a day” women’s multivitamin? I just started taking them every day but not sure.

  • @LaidBackLora says:

    Too much sugar sure is extremely toxic

  • @derekseven1647 says:

    The doctor has spoken thanks for the great advice I love water

  • @cholieandresa says:

    Loosing weight wasnโ€™t my goal, it was to stop drinking soda years ago. I started with seltzer water which I love and have occasionally now, and I drink water or lemon water. Ice cold to me is the best.

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    Thank you Dr Mandell โคโค

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  • @happinessduru2165 says:

    Urgent help needed Dr. Mandell. Welldone for being there for us; teaching us how to stay healthy economically without a tear on our pockets. God bless you and all yours richly Dr. Pls out of your tight schedule make efforts to do video on what to do or use to completely eradicate hive/urticaria. my daughter is afflicted from knee downward of her one leg. It’s a sore sight. Have done everything possible still no avail. prayers is most needed by all. God bless!

  • @simonlamphee9905 says:

    Even if you are diabetic?

  • @wendytobey157 says:

    Your skin looks fantastic!

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