12 Things That STOP a Good Night’s Sleep


These are the top things that prevent you from falling asleep or staying asleep. Learn more!


The Most Powerful Antioxidant is Melatonin:

0:00 Introduction: The importance of sleep for your health
0:24 Side effects of poor sleep
0:53 Top things that prevent sleep
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Sleep has a significant impact on your health. I want to cover the top things that can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

There’s a direct correlation between your sleep and overall heart function and longevity.

A lack of sleep can affect your blood sugar levels and increase cravings and hunger. Poor sleep can also raise your cortisol and affect your mood.

The top things that prevent you from sleeping:
1. High cortisol
2. Low vitamin D
3. Low calcium
4. Low magnesium
5. Low potassium
6. A bad sleeping environment
7. Taking melatonin
8. Blue light and EMF
9. Low vitamin B12
10. Low vitamin B1
11. Low zinc
12. Stimulants

Cutting out sugar and going on a low-carb diet is crucial to help you start sleeping better. Also, avoid eating too late or overeating to help support better sleep. Another great tip is to focus on your breathing to help you fall asleep fast.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the top things that prevent sleep. I’ll see you in the next video.

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    9. LOW VITAMIN B12

    10. LOW VITAMIN B1

    11. LOW ZING


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    0:19: ! Sleep is crucial for overall well-being and health, and lack of sleep can have negative effects on various aspects of our body.
    2:38: 💤 Calcium-rich foods and supplements can help improve sleep quality and combat exhaustion.
    5:24: 🥗 Eating 7 cups of salad per day can help meet potassium and magnesium requirements, which can lower anxiety.
    7:59: 💡 The video discusses the importance of infrared devices, the negative effects of blue light on sleep, and the role of vitamin B12 and B1 in sleep quality.
    10:42: ! Insulin resistance and diet can help improve sleep quality and reduce excessive urine at night.

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    I refuse to take any sleeping pills, and I will not.

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